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2011-- I am an English 67 year old photocopier repairman who lives in Sydney with his Japanese wife and 2 teenage daughter and 3 small dogs in a rented large old house in the midst of a nascent woodland less than 10 kilometres from the airport. Apart from the fact I cannot afford to retire having eaten up my retirement funds over the years paying rent I enjoy the adrenalin flow I get from solving obscure copier problems which are apparently infinite. I assume the Universe does this on purpose just so I won't wander off and explore the highways with my thumb which was my favourite pastime for some 4 years prior to going into a successful detox unit and then marrying again. Such are the advantages ...More
  • Description: Independent trader. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Gold
Pariis Pty Ltd CashRamSpam is an excellent example of the use of the self funding micro payment system for generating commerce on the Internet with out the constant use of c/c's or bank accounts. Until micro payment systems become ubiquitous on the Internet then its full potential as the world's biggest market place ...More
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