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i am 60yrs. young married with a 15yr. old son and have been retired for almost 5 yrs. i am very opinionated and have well above average luck.successful stock choices to me are 40% skill and knowledge and 60% luck and intuition. too much analysis results in "analysis paralysis". my stocks that i will hold for at least the next 3 yrs. are wfc, tol,cx,nsph and evtn. i am excited about the potential of all these stocks, but especially tol since it deals with high end housing. these buyers will not even blink at the soon to be mandatory 20% down payment when buying a home. look for this stock to climb significantly starting april 2011. the high end earners skated through the recession like it didn't happen and never have to ...More
  • Description: Full-time Investor. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Developed International Markets, Dividend stock ideas & income, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
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