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  • FCC docs turned up two more 4G spectrum bands - the 800 MHz. and 1900 MHz. bands - in the North American GSM version of the iPhone 5 (previous) on top of the ones named by Apple. Their inclusion suggests spectrum-hungry AT&T (T) plans to launch 4G LTE services in those bands in addition to the ones it has promised to support. That, in turn, could be a sign Ma Bell is looking to ramp its 4G capex and/or acquire companies owning spectrum in those bands - could PCS or LEAP be targets?  [View news story]
    so if T wants to acquire the spectrum. Where can they go to buy It? Who owns it today?


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  • Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT +6%) has been especially volatile over the last 2 days - shares fell 12% yesterday before bouncing today. Likely playing a role are reports CEO Robert Pera has bought the Memphis Grizzlies for ~$350M. Herb Greenberg, who last week voiced concerns over Ubiquiti's accounting, wonders how many shares of Ubiquiti (market cap $1.1B) Pera will have to sell to buy the Grizzlies, and how much of a distraction the purchase will be.   [View news story]
    it's curious to me that the only recent comments re' UBNT that appear on Seeking Alpha are of the negative variety. One of the recent posts contained a material inaccuracy ( as far as I know) when the writer noted that the brokerage firm upgrading the stock to buy had a $18 target ( when UBNT closed at $18 + that day) while -again- as far as I know the actual p/o was $35.

    In any case, Herb Greenberg has highlighted the negative slant on things (presumably helping those hedgies who are short this name).

    But of course, where there is smoke -usually there is fire. So there are obvious revenue recognition issues and all sorts of wild accusations against distributors who have "ripped off" the product and stuff like that.

    Where the truth is is beyond me. I think the products are of interest. But with virtually no commo from the company during this massive price collapse, it is hard for me to understand how valuable this company is - or isn't.

    But the shorts are doing a great job and presumably making some nice money here. Congrats to them.
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  • Sell-Side Analyst on Fannie: A History of Being Wrong  [View article]
    years ago the good folks at the Value Line Investment Survey added technical analysis to their fundamental approach to securities prognostication. And guess what? They found that paying some attention to technical aspects of the securities pricing helped them ( Value Line) make better forecasts.

    Many fundamental analysts pay attention to technical characteristics of securities they follow. If the analyst(s) who rated FNM a buy all the way down paid any attention to technical aspects they probably would have been a little more circumspect in their recommendations.

    I am NOT saying that technical analysis is the be all and end all- hardly-it is just another tool to use in evaluating the overall risk reward when investing
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  • Intermediate-Term Market Outlook Shifts To Bullish  [View article]
    I also would be interested in any further explication of Vince's model and related strategy

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