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  • rodh7858
    $BRFS: Bought today for $17.84 near 52-week low. Its a consumer staple giant in Brazil, bullish option flow.
    Jan 24, 6:30 PM
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    • ca7711: have you already sold out of it?
      Feb 12, 12:42 PM
    • rodh7858: No I'm holding, I only have 1 leg in & plan to DCA in coming months. Brazil is out of favor now so need to patiently build position.
      Feb 12, 1:00 PM
    • ca7711: rod agreed. BRFS is getting hit by the high inflation that is dwarfing their GDP growth. Usually, this is a short term thing
      Feb 13, 2:12 PM
    • ca7711: I also plan to add over the coming months. What are your thoughts on the board and operations officers changes in NOV/DEC timeframe?
      Feb 13, 2:13 PM
    • ca7711: any speculation on what the fallout consisted of?
      Feb 13, 2:13 PM
    • rodh7858: My thesis behind $BRFS & Brazil ETFs is twofold: 1) Upcoming World Cup & Summer Olympics that shd boost stocks AND ..
      Feb 13, 7:03 PM
    • rodh7858: 2) Bullish option in $BRFS for June
      Feb 13, 7:05 PM