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  • AMR (AAMRQ.PK) CFO Bella Goren weighs in on the record-setting quarter turned in by American Airlines' parent by pointing to the progress bankruptcy court helped it make in restructuring, particularly with labor groups. Shares of aspiring AMR-buyer U.S. Airways are off 1.2% for the day, as analysts ponder if the price tag for nabbing a post-bankruptcy AMR just went up.  [View news story]
    You mean taxpayers aren't out billions in bailout monies as in GM breakeven stock price of $53? But just imagine if they do go belly up, all of those customers will have no where else to go when they want to fly (like down to the Frontier, SW, Delta, et. al., ticket counter). lol
    And all those skilled pilots and AA employees will have no alternative but to die lonely and destitute (unless they apply with burgeoning increased sales at Frontier, SW, Delta, et al). lol
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  • Buy Peabody Energy For 230% Upside  [View article]
    Romney 2012. BTU-Coal-2013.
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  • Just one unconditional order was made for offshore wind turbines in H1, three less than the same period in 2011. The financial crisis has curbed lending, while delays in connecting existing farms to the grid have prompted utilities to hold off on new projects. Those losing out include Siemens (SI), which has suffered writedowns on offshore projects, and GE.   [View news story]
    It doesn't matter if it's a money losing subsidized unreliable energy source if it makes me feel better about myself and superior to you. BTW, how's Ge's Aurora, CO solar plant coming along that Immelt just announced less than a year ago?
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  • Coal Is Dead; Long Live Natural Gas  [View article]
    re: "One possible policy change that might help coal mining is that the environmentalists (climate change IS happening) and the EPA manage to stop hydraulic fracturing of natural gas, which will curb natural gas supply and make dirtier coal a viable option again—a bit ironic, isn't it?"

    No. Enviromentalism and 'climate changeism' is a disease of envy characterized by self hatred, narcissistic arrogance and spittle.
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  • 3 Bottomed Out Stocks With Over 50% Upside To Buy, 2 To Avoid  [View article]
    tony- you had me until "John Surma is an advisor for Obama on economic matters". Wonderful.
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  • Coal Mining Stocks Being Accumulated By The World's Largest Money Managers  [View article]
    Appears they're looking forward to a change in November?
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  • Beaten up coal names get beaten up some more in wake of the reportedly imminent Patriot Coal bankruptcy filing. Arch (ACI -8%), Peabody (BTU -5.4%), Alpha Natural Resources (ANR -8.5%) The coal ETF, KOL -4.2%. Isn't this the sort of thing that happens at bottoms?   [View news story]
    Romney 2012-Coal 2013
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  • 5 Reasons Why General Electric Shares Should Be Heading Lower  [View article]
    The solar panel factory, announced just a few short months ago as part of their long term strategy in Aurora Colorado, will save GE along with Jeffrey Immelt's conviction regarding wind mill power…Oops! Egg on my face! So much for green long term planning. Oh well, who cares. It sure made Jeffrey feel important when he announced it.

    "Last week, as news was breaking that Colorado-based manufacturer Abound Solar had filed for bankruptcy, a solar branch of General Electric in Aurora was informing its local employees that about half of them would be laid off. Westword learned of these major layoffs -- which could affect more than sixty employees -- late Tuesday, from a former employee of the company.
    This is a major blow for Aurora, which is where the company called GE PrimeStar was planning on opening a large solar-panel manufacturing plant; Governor John Hickenlooper touted the deal at this year's State of the State address in January."
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  • Initial Jobless Claims: 374K vs. 386K consensus (prior week revised to 388K from 386K). Continuing claims +4K at 3.30M.   [View news story]
    non seasonally adjusted jobless claims drops as more drop out of the workforce.
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  • Initial Jobless Claims: 374K vs. 386K consensus (prior week revised to 388K from 386K). Continuing claims +4K at 3.30M.   [View news story]
    Dam! Markets are not listening to anony's brilliant take…again. Must get depressing.
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  • General Electric: Dividend Dog Has 25% Capital Appreciation Potential  [View article]
    More wind mills would be good.
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  • Coal company shares soared today, perhaps thanks to a Bloomberg report describing Europe's exploding demand for coal despite tough EU restrictions on carbon emissions. Coal is now more competitive to burn in Europe than gas, and more of Europe's coal may come from the U.S. PCX +33.3%, ANR +6.4%, BTU +5.4%, ACI +3.8%, JRCC +9.8%.   [View news story]
    Europe's dystopian decline will be good for coal (or wood).
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  • Several Republican-led states, including Texas and Iowa, are considering opting out of the expansion of Medicaid under the Healthcare Act following last week's Supreme Court decision. Florida Governor Rick Scott has already pledged to not take part. Still, former White House budget director Peter Orszag thinks most states will opt in.   [View news story]
    Add Bobby Jindal to the 'opt-out'.
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  • General Electric: Ready To Rise  [View article]
    Not one word about wind mills? This is GE's driving force for future growth. Couple this with solar panels ……….
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  • GE Nearly 60% Undervalued, Peers Also Solid  [View article]
    "I anticipate entitlements seeing most of the reductions over the long-term". It's called redistribution. Those with over $35,000 income have stolen it from the poor. Obama 2012!
    Jul 2, 2012. 08:38 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment