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Mr. Saurabh Singh is a Gradute of University of Allahabad and has earned Masters in Business Administration from Barkatullah Vishwa Vidyalaya, Bhopal, India, in the year 1998 along with certificate of merit awarded to him by University. In MBA program he specialized in two domains, i.e., Finance Management and Marketing Management. He has been Accredited as Management Teacher by All India Management Association. He happens to be a Fellow of International Society of Management, India; Member of All India Management Association, India; Institute of Supply Management, USA. Till date he has guided Postgraduate Management Research of over 70 (seventy) students pursuing their Masters' in Business Administration.He can be ...More
  • Description: Professor. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Gold
Stock Market Returns of Three Asian Giants: India, China and Japan In year 2000 financial markets provided strong cues conveying the end of the era of United States' economic supremacy. New issue born was as to who will fill this void. The giants from Asia were significantly ahead of all others contenders when compared in any term viz economic, geographical etc. The added ...More
Europe will b bak 2 its dark ages [6th-16th Century]. Even Gods won't attempt to save den 4m turning nomads. Its an't over statement. Nov 16, 2011