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  • gdwigan
    Added more SPN at the close. Way overdone IMO. Solid earnings last week. Solid plan for growth in the coming quarters. CPX integration key.
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    • BTD70: If I had room for another position, I would have done the same. SPN under 25 is a good by imo.
    • gdwigan: Holding $90 WTI is key in the short term. Still, SPN along with all Oil related stocks really bounicng around today. If we keep breaking 24
    • gdwigan: and try and test the 52 week low ~22 I will continue to aggressively accumulate. Too many positives looking ahead to the next few quarters.
    • gdwigan: Although, I'm so mad at myself for not selling that earnings pop around ~28. Need more discipline. Maybe I was too impressed by the call.
    • BTD70: LOL, join the "hindsight portfolio up 200%" club, lol.
    • gdwigan: Hahahahaha. Now that's a club with tons of members!