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High Yield Dividend Portfolio; I target a minimum 30% return on stock price *and* a minimum 7% for dividend yield. Early retiree, father, and grandfather. Seeking alpha n00b. Opinionated SOB. Radical liberal conservative libertarian (I VOTE FOR NONE OF THE ABOVE!). I'm actually a Marxist - of... More
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PandA Trader - High-Yield (7%+) Dividend Stocks with High Annual Return (30%+) & Other Adventures in Trading the Day
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  • SCMR And $10.00 Special Dividend

    One of my blog readers asked;

    Question: For a stock like $SCMR which announce a 10 special dividend on Oct 1. is it worth playing?

    Since I was not familiar with this symbol because it's not a regular dividend paying stock, I had to do a little research.

    This is my answer;

    Thank you for commenting!

    Whether you play it or not, you must weigh the risk versus the reward.

    Currently, the stock is trading at $15.45 so that is your risk.

    The reward is $10 for that risk.

    But, there are other considerations; you need to be a holder of record on October 1st, which ordinarily means you must already own the stock 3 business days before, and that is normally on the ex-dividend date.

    But, this is a 'special dividend', subject to special rules. The 'ex-dividend' date is actually the day after the dividend is "PAID". Confused? Yeah, me too.

    The last time they did this, back on 12/1/10 they declared a $6.50 special dividend, the stock closed almost $6.50 lower than the previous day ($30.01 vs. $25.25), and then closed @ $27.27 on the pay date.

    The very next day, the ex-dividend date of 12/23/10, the stock opened @ $20.50 and closed @ $20.82.

    Now, consider that the stock had a 3-year high of $34.31 back on 10/15/10, and then went to those price points already described.

    I don't know what the price action will be for this latest special dividend, but you should probably check out their website; and other sites as well.

    I would recommend and for starters.

    So, I can't really tell you if it's worth playing, but if you feel lucky sometimes you just gotta roll the dice. I probably won't take a big bite on this stock, but I might nibble at it a bit. (I just bought 25 shares on a roll of the dice!)

    Thanks again, and good luck!

    So, was this the right answer? Was it a good answer? I don't know. I took a nibble, though.

    We'll see…

    Tags: SCMR, dividend
    Sep 22 4:33 AM | Link | 2 Comments
  • Ex-Dividend And Payment Dates, 10 Day Outlook

    Today was the ex-dividend date for AGNC, and there were quite a few questions about it, most of them quite similar to this; "If I buy it now do I still get the dividend?"

    Short answer: No.

    Longer answer: The ex-dividend date is not the only important date for a dividend stock. It's almost as important as the day *BEFORE* the ex-dividend date. Then there's also the record date, the pay date, and of course, declare date.

    Here's the way ex-dividend dates work; the ex-dividend date is the date that determines whether or not you get the dividend. But, and this is important, you need to own the stock the day *BEFORE* the ex-dividend date. Then, when the ex-dividend date rolls around the stock is said to trade "ex-dividend" which means except, or excluding, the dividend.

    The record date is simply 2 days after the ex-dividend date, but it has to be 2 'business' days after.

    The pay date is the date the dividend is actually paid.

    Declare dates are significant because that's the day the company announces the next dividend, or series of dividends, along with the corresponding ex-dividend dates and pay dates, etc.

    Looking ahead from today, there are a number of important events coming up;

    Ex-dividend dates:
    9/19 agnc
    9/20 IVR TWO
    9/24 CYS

    Pay Dates:
    9/28 SFL TCRD TICC

    It's already too late to buy stock in AGNC IVR or TWO in hopes of capturing a dividend, but you can still position yourself for CYS AMTG ARI CMO FULL and PSEC.

    This is, of course, germane to my high-yield, high-return dividend portfolio and there are other stocks that I did not include simply because they are not in my portfolio or on my watch list.


    Sep 20 7:14 AM | Link | Comment!
  • High Yield Dividend Portfolio Buy List For 9/19/12: AGNC AMTG NRF RNF

    My 'lofty' expectations for the High Yield Dividend Portfolio; I target a minimum 33% return on stock price *and* a minimum 10% for dividend yield.

    There have been quite a few changes in my screening lately, and the results have changed considerably. I screen for a 45% return and a 75% return as well as the 33% return. The results from the 75% screen also show up in the 45% screen, and results from both of those screens show up in the 33% screen. All screens look for a minimum 10% dividend yield.

    I put all results in a spreadsheet and I also still track price trends over 4 time periods; 1 year, 21 weeks, 3 months, and 21 days. All stocks are in an uptrend in each of those periods (except RNF because it's not quite a year's worth of weekly data). Here's today's watch list;

    (click to enlarge)

    Notice the 2 dark green symbols, they were on the 75% screen.

    Notice the 1 light green symbols, that was on the 45% screen.

    I have added 3 new columns to the watch list; Buy Signal (Linear Regression Reversal), K (number of times "Kicked" or 'struck out' and did not pass screening), and R (number of times passed screening Recently).

    There's no way to infer which symbols passed the most recent screening except by comparing to a previous watch list. Since the watch list is updated in real time here on the blog, there's no way to determine the most recent 'passing list' unless I tell you (or paste a picture every day like the one above).

    Here's the 'pass list'; AGNC AMTG NRF rnf

    That's right, there are now only 4 stocks passing the initial screening. Part of the reason all of these dividend stocks got hammered today probably has something to do with the slew of downgrades that were issued. From my 'tweet' this morning;

    Here come the downgrades $BKCC $CODI $PSEC $AGNC $MCGC and more. 'Tis the season, I guess. Hey, get ready for #HFT #FlashCrash #manipulation

    These watch list symbols (with their ex-dividend dates shown) are sometimes showing 'buy signals' on the 3 month daily charts, so I would probably be most predisposed to purchasing those. Or not, depends on my mood and the 'market mood' and the market is one moody bitch. But, I digress…

    You could also look at the ex-dividend dates if you felt like capturing some dividend. You could also just buy everything with a 'buy signal'. It's up to you. I might do all of the above, or maybe not. It all depends on my mood in the morning. So, to break it down, this is the list I'm going with for today's update (so far…);


    I think today is the only the second time that the 'pass list' is also the 'buy list' with all 4 symbols flashing a 'buy signal'.

    There are other symbols flashing 'buy', but they did not pass the most recent initial screen.

    I may be removing some symbols from the watch list soon, probably as early as this weekend. I think I might remove; ARI, CMO, CODI, CYS, FSC, MFA, PMT, SFL, & TCRD unless they pass an initial screen before this weekend. I have to think more about this, though. "Don't be hasty" as Treebeard would say.

    RNF is an MLP, and should not be used in any IRA due to tax complications. I read that on the internet. So, even though it's up about 100% for the year, I'm going to pass on buying *any* MLP stocks (except *MAYBE* for my regular brokerage). Note: I bought some today…

    AGNC ex-dividend is 9/19, so it's now too late to buy it to capture the dividend.

    IVR and TWO ex-dividend is 9/20.

    CYS ex-dividend is 9/24.

    If you use sharebuilder for your broker, and you have setup an AIP (Automatic Investment Plan) you have to realize that sharebuilder buys only once each week, and it's generally on a Tuesday, so the dates to look at first for capturing dividends are from Wednesday through next Tuesday if you invest weekly as I do. If you don't invest weekly, then you must look further out if you primarily want to capture dividends.

    Always be aware of ex-dividend dates:
    9/12 sfl tcrd ticc
    9/14 MITT
    9/17 bkcc
    9/19 agnc
    9/20 ivr two
    9/24 cys
    9/26 amtg ari cmo FULL psec
    10/5 KCAP
    10/11 fsc

    Tags: AGNC, AMTG, NRF, RNF, dividend
    Sep 19 3:00 AM | Link | Comment!
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