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  • Axion Power Concentrator 381: Nov. 16, 2014 [View instapost]
    I suspect Dr. Gesang is looking to be part of some deal to get Axion's PbC into Asia (China).
    He is an elephant hunter because he holds a truckload of AXPW.
    China speaks in terms of multi-gigabytes for energy generation and storage. Their market is bigger than USA and Europe combined.
    Axion's PbC is better than any carbon paste battery made in Asia today so if it could be introduced it would be a big seller.

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 381: Nov. 16, 2014 [View instapost]
    I posted about this in APC 380 but it didn't seem to ring any bells.

    Tianneng has 20,000 employees in 8 operational plants.
    2 more factories are scheduled to open next year in different provinces. They say they employ state-of-the-art mfg'ing lines, the best new tech from around the world.
    They secured over 500 patents in China in 2013 and applied for over 1200 patents in 2014, receiving 750 to date.

    Their "lead carbon super battery" was pictured in an article (that I don't remember where and can't find now) with the words "PbC" on it in large type (this excited me).

    On their website is extensive material about their many batteries, though not much technical information beyond the basics. As JP has made abundantly clear, lead carbon is not suitable for EVs because EVs need energy batteries, not power batteries.
    Their PbC's will be used primarily for electric bicycles, scooters, and 3-wheeled cycles, AND GRID STORAGE.

    Kandi has signed contracts to buy the graphene LI-manganese batteries in Kandi's patented side-slide swappable configuration. Kandi has always said they would design EVs to allow using new battery tech when available.
    They plan on using the new design batteries in their new models, the City Beauty, the City Cowboy, and the Cyclone which are scheduled to be ready 1H 2015.
    Their is an indication that these models will be suitable for export around the globe (thru the JV with Geely).

    On Tianneng's website the information is clear enough to see they are using a carbon paste wrapped around the negative electrode. It is a better battery than no carbon, but not as good as Axion's PbC. They are selling incredible numbers of carbon pasty batteries.
    If they licensed Axion's tech or became a strategic partner, the China market alone would dwarf anything here.

    Tianneng is traded on the Hong Kong Exchange and here on the OTC (TIAN).

    So far my KNDI investment is up about 400%, AXPW is down. But I am confident AXPW will rise like an Ophoenix.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 380: Nov. 11, 2014 [View instapost]
    Tianneng Power International Co., Ltd

    A China battery company to supply Kandi/Geely with new technology graphene Li-manganese battery...500 Km range..."half the cost and twice the life"...

    But, they also have a "...lead charcoal super battery..."

    From the pdf:
    The day of the launch of three new batteries to power a new generation of lead include carbon super batteries,

    graphene and long-life lithium manganese-based cloud battery, which will be followed by three new products for use in electric vehicles. Day to power has been guided by the market, compared with developed market demand for high energy, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly battery, the launch of three new battery, possess these characteristics. Days to research and development of
    high-magnification lead carbon batteries, lead-carbon batteries in the original technically improved,
    so that the battery life of more than 800 times the loop, one charge mileage can be increased to 280 km, and with fast charging capability, the fastest energy within 1 hour 95% of the battery is fully charged.
    Days can lead charcoal super battery, the first half of 2014 has given wind, Jiangsu cars Chery and the use of technology, is the first day to the commercial production of lead-carbon battery businesses.

    The new energy battery technology conference also attracted the attention of international capital markets, more than 60 investors and the Hong Kong media to listen to the meeting process. Day to power the future will increase the resources tilt, focus on the development of electric car batteries, lithium batteries and recycling business, the company's product mix qualitative change in five years.

    I wonder if there's any connection or relationship between Ophoenix Capital and Tianneng Power International Co., Ltd.
    Since they are both in "Asia" they probably are aware of each other.

    I am still holding all my AXPW shares...didn't have any means to participate in the offering or buy shares/warrants afterwards but I would have if I could have!

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 359 August 17 '14: 10-Q For Q2 2014; S-1 For $15MM Share Issuance; Changed Loan, IP-Secured MDA; David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO [View instapost]
    I got a call from Leary at Maxim Group yesterday.
    Pleasant 15 minutes conversation.
    Aidan seemed very interested in all I knew about Axion, batteries, grid, storage, FR, MLPs for PowerCubes, etc.

    He answered my questions directly and without hesitation.
    I asked if the offering was over- subscribed yet and he said "...there is no offering at this time..." meaning that my question was not valid until there is an offering.
    So basically they are gathering the investors who would be interested in participating.
    Axion wanted all shareholders to be able to participate.

    Some Answers:
    offering will be after Labor Day, and after the R/S.
    There will be no minimum amount to buy.

    I was interested so A. Leary emailed me a document (maybe a prospectus, I haven't read it yet).
    I would have to open an account at Maxim and fund it. When the offering is announced and the price is established I presume that then I could decide to buy, or not.

    Seems JP is right on the money regarding this whole deal. Middle of Sept. R/S, uplisting, offering to Funds and shareholders...concurr...
    The only wild card is announcement of a design win.

    MHO: If PbC sales are announced at the time of the offering the pps will rise, quickly. If not, the pps may start to dip slowly, and continue to decline until/unless a sales announcement.

    I have to think the sales announcement will be part of this packaged plan, otherwise , what's the point?
    I don't believe Axion's management are scammers.
    I believe they have worked hard for many years and are finally on the brink of success.

    For me the risk is worth taking as the upside is huge.
    I could cool my heels until after the plan goes down but trying to hop a fast moving train requires skill and timing.

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 359 August 17 '14: 10-Q For Q2 2014; S-1 For $15MM Share Issuance; Changed Loan, IP-Secured MDA; David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO [View instapost]
    I am positively excited about the next few weeks for Axion.

    Sold a little KNDI for 388% gains.

    Bought more AXPW this am for 9 cents in a ROTH.
    Not that I'm a strict bottom-feeder...just that someone must have needed to raise cash and was forced to sell so I am just helping them out :)

    Thanks to all the usual smart posters for keeping the information current.

    Still Long AXPW KNDI
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 350 July 17 '14: David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO; Share Reverse Split And Authorized Share Reduction Approved; Definitive Reverse Split Consent Solicitation; Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available [View instapost]
    Been long KNDI since under 4.00. Thanks to JP and his statement that KNDI had the best chance of EVs to succeed in its home market of China and due to its unique concepts.

    Been long AXPW ...averaged down ...current avg. pps is .185. Thanks to JP and his continued support of AXPW and ePower, NS, etc.

    500% gains in KNDI so far for me...I fully expect 500% gains minimum in AXPW.

    Still holding long.

    I am planning to visit Kentucky one of these days to meet JP and personally thank him .. heck, I may even be compelled to hug!

    My IRA's are looking great now .. I may avoid the trailer park retirement scenario.

    Thanks to all for this great forum, except those who continue to piss in our well. Go piss on an electric fence instead, then come back and buy more AXPW before you miss the train.


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  • Axion Power Concentrator 340 June 06 '14: Definitive Reverse Split Consent Solicitation; Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available; Q1 '14 Filing Released;Axion Receives 4 Powercubes Order [View instapost]
    Good morning,

    I voted all of my shares in all accounts FOR both of the proposals.

    Anyone seen the 999 outside the shop yet?
    Anyone seen a green semi running around Kentucky?
    Any day now...


    Long AXPW KNDI
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 327: Apr. 28 '14: Q4 & EOY 2013 Results & CC; CFO Resigns; David DiGiacinto Joins BoD; PV With Storage Financials; Petersen Worksheet Suggests PIPE Effects Nearing End [View instapost]
    "Jay is confident enough in the drivetrain that he went out and bought four more 2003 model year Sterling day cab tractors for the ePower demonstration fleet."

    Does this mean ePower will be placing an order for PbC batteries for the 4 new trucks...soon?
    Apr 28 10:01 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 282: Nov. 10 '13: Axion & Norfolk Southern At ASME Rail Conference; John Petersen Joins EPower [View instapost]
    The first commercial PC sale...

    I'm now glad I got my new 15,000 shares on Monday and Tuesday.
    Like so many others I was waiting and watching but I had to decide what camp I was in...Optimist or Pessimist.
    I've slowly accumulated just over 91,000 shares and don't plan to sell any time soon.

    The cc may provide news of more imminent sales...we have the first one though and that is a milestone. I'm sure there are many more buyers waiting to see how the PbC system performs and if as good as touted they will be beating a path to New Castle.

    It's time for all the naysayers and Pessimists to take a break and be quiet, at least until after the cc.
    Allow us long-suffering Optimists to bask in the glow of the moment, it's our time.

    Thank you TG and Vani and all the great staff at Axion.
    And thanks to all the posters on the APH who kept the dream alive.
    Most Special Thanks to JP for sharing his knowledge for so many years which encouraged me to participate in this wonderful opportunity. Happy Belated Birthday JP!

    $1.00 pps by years end is still my dream...

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 282: Nov. 10 '13: Axion & Norfolk Southern At ASME Rail Conference; John Petersen Joins EPower [View instapost]
    Interesting video from Volkswagen showing their R&D on new Li-ion batteries.

    VW's e-UP EV and electric Golf will be selling soon. I wonder how well they will compete against Tesla.

    Something in the video caught my attention. VW has a new idea they are testing...using a silicon and CARBON mix to improve the Li batteries.
    CG simulation of an automatic roll sheeting process was informative.

    Last week I read an article about Ford's Li R&D efforts. They are predicting improving safety by 50% and reducing price of batteries substantially. Ford is hopeful and I'm sure as long as they get grant money they will continue working hard.

    It seems it isn't easy or quick to make a better battery.

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 280: Nov. 01 '13: Axion & Norfolk Southern At ASME Rail Conference; John Petersen Joins EPower [View instapost]
    The below info was just posted at
    re: "...KNDI now controls 1,338,500 shares of AXPW..."

    Does anyone know if this info is true?

    Very interesting if nothing else.
    Maybe Kandi wants to try the PbC (or similar) tech in their EVs? Or, they have a different plan up their sleeve?
    Or, they simply believe AXPW is a fantastic investment?
    Or, Kandi will continue adding shares of AXPW to become a major holder?
    Or, attempt to buy up Axion?

    Here's the post:

    "So, I have been aware for quite some time that Mr. Hu would prefer lead-acid batteries to lithium. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper, easier to recycle, and have residual value when recycled, as opposed to Lithium batteries which are expensive to dispose of.

    Lithium is also in limited supply. Lead is not.

    The disadvantages of Lead batteries for automotive applications are charge acceptance rates and energy density, and especially weight.

    Axion Power International makes a patented and proprietary Lead-Carbon battery with charge characteristics that actually exceed the specs on Lithium batteries in some regards.

    I introduced the two companies to each other last year.

    I am now quite interested to see two new "institutional" investors listed for Axion (AXPW).

    2.22% of outstanding shares are now owned by Mr. Hu (Xiaoming), and 1.41% of outstanding shares are owned by Mr. Zhu (Xiaoying). In other words, KNDI now controls 1,338,500 shares of AXPW.

    What would it do to Kandi's bottom line to cut the battery cost in half?

    Just wondering...

    -Bonzo "
    end of post.

    Any opinions or speculations to run with?

    Nov 6 11:36 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 278: Oct. 25 '13: Axion & Norfolk Southern At ASME Rail Conference; John Petersen Joins EPower [View instapost]
    could be...
    politicians stems from the ancient language:

    "Poli" meaning "many" and "ticians" meaning "blood sucking creatures"
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 279: Oct. 29 '13: Axion & Norfolk Southern At ASME Rail Conference; John Petersen Joins EPower [View instapost]
    The Smart looks a lot like the basic Kandi EV, or vice-versa.
    I consider Kandi as the Ford of China, or the Volkswagen of China.
    New price of basic Kandi model is about $6,300 and under $3,000 after subsidies (only available in China).
    The wonderful thing about Kandi is the buyer never buys a battery so never has to be concerned about the longevity!
    When you are running low on power, after about 80 kilometers, you swap the 2 used batteries for 2 good fully charged batteries.
    This takes only about 2 minutes at the QBEX stations because the batteries are located under the rocker panels. A robotic arm on each side of the car does the heavy lifting.
    15 QBEX stations are operating now, unknown numbers of stations are under construction now, the goal is to have a QBEX station every 5 kilometers in the pilot city.
    When the cars are parked in the "garages" they are used for B2G and V2G to smooth the State Grid utilities power inputs from Wind and Solar farms. There are other business models as well, such as public car rentals and long term leasing.

    JP, fill my hopium pipe and tell me PbC's could be economical in Kandi electric taxis. They need to cycle 10 or 20 times a day when business is brisk. What if they can put regenerative braking in the electric taxis? What then? Huh?

    PbC may not be the best technical fit but could they be good enough? Cheaper and safer than any lithium product?
    Is the fear of reverse engineering and stealing the IP too great to take a chance?


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  • Axion Power Concentrator 278: Oct. 25 '13: Axion & Norfolk Southern At ASME Rail Conference; John Petersen Joins EPower [View instapost]
    People lie. It's a fact.
    Politicians lie.
    Lawyers, tax preparers, and accountants lie and their clients lie too.
    Judges and prosecutors lie.
    Cops and crooks lie.
    The very first human beings lied.
    And yes, Investment Advisors and Analysts lie.
    And yes, even I have lied (not to profit so much as to protect someone or to avoid my own embarrassment).
    In fact, I have become so cynical in the past 50 years that I presume someone is lying until proven otherwise.

    John Petersen I follow and trust, for now.
    Konrad, not anymore.

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 278: Oct. 25 '13: Axion & Norfolk Southern At ASME Rail Conference; John Petersen Joins EPower [View instapost]
    "If you came to the conclusion that you could not trust; that the management would not pull a fast one; isn't selling out the proper course?"
    Apparently not, folks here have been raggin' about TG for a long time but most seem to holding their positions.

    The problem I have with Konrad is that he was short KNDI BEFORE he wrote (copy/pasted?) the misleading (false) info. Then, he was long. Yes, that's right...he didn't sell out his whole position. He first profited from the short position, then he took profits again when the shares ran up! So, he isn't writing about investing in a promising company, a la JP and Axion, he simply chases quick profits up and down. Therefore, I concluded his writing is geared toward quick trading his own position.

    Konrad's conclusion was based not on anything Kandi did/said but only the fact that some other Chinese companies were fraudulent.
    So, possibly guilt by association? And indeed, no one, I repeat, NO ONE, has ever accused Kandi of any wrongdoing.
    Kandi has been a profitable company (EPS = .13) for many years and no law firm has found any grounds for a suit. Believe me, Kandi has been scrutinized to the max just because they are a Chinese firm traded on NASDAQ, like some other really fraudulent Chinese firms, but there the similarity ends.

    I retract my statement, "Credible analysts and authors do not own shares of the companies they write about."
    I should have proofread that more, it does not portray my true sentiment. One of the reasons I like JP's articles is precisely because he has skin in the game.
    The difference is JP does not mislead or obfuscate...he tells the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly...he states he is long and only long. His articles don't hide the truth even if that truth hurts his position. And it has hurt but he holds his shares.
    So, unless JP is the sharpest liar of all and has been shorting AXPW all along to profit, I can trust his analysis that someday Axion will be profitable.

    "You may not like that Konrad went short."

    It's not that Konrad was short but that he published a misleading (false) article that helped him, and the other major short, take a profit that way. There outta be a law against such manipulation.

    How would you like it if a disclosed short published an article today about Axion that stated he couldn't trust Axions's CEO because, well, look at Enron, that CEO was a crook, so...?
    And in the article this person wrote all about the terrible PIPE financing and the possibility that AXPW might sink to 5 cents and then bankruptcy would be likely. To bolster his negative argument he would reiterate that Axion has had no significant sales and has no strategic partnerships and no prospects of any sales because nobody wants a dumb old lead acid battery so Axion is a bad investment. In this article the author would INTENTIONALLY neglect to mention the developments with BMW, NS, PC's for grid storage, and the fact that ePower loves the PbC, is using them already, and is building trucks as fast as they can and wants to eventually order tens of thousands of PbC batteries.
    Fair and balanced analysis? Obviously not, but weak hands would sell as fast as they could and the short would laugh.
    (He who laughs last laughs best).

    This is what Konrad did with the Kandi article, left out all the good and included only innuendo. Kandi's pps had run up to new highs so was naturally going to drop. Konrad garnered the maximum profit from his short position. Then made another profit the next time the pps soared. He may still be playing the trend this way.

    It's not that Konrad went short that wrankles me it's that he wrote that article which helped his short position but did not convey the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    Konrad writes for Forbes. He knows about DD. There is as much public discussion available about Kandi as there is about Axion. Kandi is not operating in secrecy. No one, not even a law firm, has questioned their years of financial reports. So how could anyone insinuate that Kandi's CEO might be a crook? There's no evidence of that.
    That's like saying Axion's CEO might be a liar and a crook so AXPW is a bad investment. That would be an absurd opinion.

    Sorry, long story but that's why Konrad has lost credibility with me.
    He might be good to follow for quick profits but as an investment
    advisor I will avoid him. I like to invest in companies that will do good for society and the planet and that usually means being long until their product proves its worth.
    I don't like the idea of shorting. To me that's like kicking someone when they're down or taking advantage of a widow's misfortune.
    If I become wealthy it will be because Axion and Kandi have products that people want and they execute their businesses well. I will sleep good at night believing, in my own mind at least, that I helped bring about some good in this, our fallen world.

    Thanks Froggey for responding to my comment. It forced me to take the time to respond and I needed to get a rant out.
    Today is the last tax deadline for my clients this year and I am almost done and looking forward to a few quieter months.
    Fishing is still good here in Wisconsin, my home state.
    Muskies are huge and the walleyes are oh so tasty!


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