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  • The Bulletproof Case For Going Long On Volatility  [View article]
    I agree that waiting in the VXX can be costly; however by the judicious selling covered calls the loss can be lessened. If your goal is to profit from a spike in VXX share prices it appears that writing the options too close in the money can also add to loses. This results from occasionally having to roll the close in calls to higher strike prices at a significant cost. However writing the covered calls out far enough gives the ability to roll them to a higher strike price, normally at a gain, but in the instance where the share price rises the roll out to a higher strike price is at minimal loss. Thanks to the author and other contributors for a worthwhile discussion.
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  • Debt Musings And Misconceptions  [View article]
    Excellent. If only the nation had the will to take this well said advice.
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  • Buy Exelon: The Dividend Cut Is Priced In  [View article]
    My only regret is that I couldn't press Like for your comment about 15 times.
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  • Gary Gorton's 'Misunderstanding Financial Crises'  [View article]
    What I think is being said, is that a recession and a panic are not one and the same but a panic would normal result in a recession as well. Also, the mild recessions of 91 and 2001 were not accompanied by a panic: i.e. no run on banks occurred. Great article.
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  • Improving Covered Call Returns By Using Covered Vertical Credit Spreads  [View article]
    I enjoyed reading the article and comments as well. I plan the use your
    method in the future and look forward to reading your follow up article.
    Articles like these provide a great opportunity to learn more about option strategies.
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  • What Solar Panels Have In Common With Your Tablet Computer  [View article]
    Another good thing about SSDs is that they work both during the day and night. Probably on cloudy days also.
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  • Energy, Imagination And Politics: A Toxic Cocktail For Your Portfolio  [View article]
    I am happy to have stumbled upon your excellent article. I am definitely a follower now.
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  • Will Warren Buffett Save The Sinking BYD Co.?  [View article]
    robbieboggie: Actually my experience with BYD hasn't been all that bad. I bought in after the news of Buffets purchase of 10 percent of the company and sold out in early 2010. Last sale in Feb 2010. However I did try to trade it a bit in 2011 without particularly good results. At this point not convinced that plug electric vehicles are ever going to be affordable enough to be used as transportation by the majority of drivers. However, I think other technology, particularly in 2nd generation biofuels could ultimately be very successful. There seem to be a lot of startups with a lot of bright minds working with exciting ideas in the area of biofuels.
    While I own a home in Florida, I bought it a number of years before the huge run up.
    As far as finding bottoms, I find that pretty tough. Sometimes I have thought I was averaging in a bottom only to convinced I was trying to catch a falling knife. And of course the Chinese market in small caps in general has been very tough in the past couple of years.
    I have to admit that I like Seeking Alpha a lot. Lots of great articles and comments as well.
    Currently my investment tends to be fairly conservative. Dividend stocks, covered calls and sometimes strangles. But I haven't given up on the idea of a great growth company but I would feel more comfortable to be investing in growth along with a growing economy.
    Oct 5, 2012. 09:43 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Warren Buffett Save The Sinking BYD Co.?  [View article]
    robbieboggie you may be right that this is the last opportunity to get a great price on BYD shares, but given the performance of BYDDY shares, over the last approximate 3 years, I think there might be an opportunity to buy the shares at an even lower price at some point in the future. But even at a lower price I think I going to let you buy the shares and good luck to you.
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  • Intel Is A Solid Pick Worth Over $35  [View article]
    Many invest in utilities and they don't grow very fast but they do often pay nice dividends. Also Intel's share price doesn't make it prohibitive to write covered calls or even sell puts for that matter. Not very feasible to buy 10 shares of Apple and then write a covered call for 1 contract and 100 shares. It seems to me that often lower priced shares are more easily invested in and traded by smaller investors.
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  • Will Warren Buffett Save The Sinking BYD Co.?  [View article]
    Ok, so lets say Buffet can sell his shares anytime he wants. I have another slant of BYD the company. My observation is simply personal and doesn't come as the result of any exhaustive financial work. A few years ago I noticed that BYD was trying to sell cars in Costa Rica. I actually set in a couple of models on display in the San Pedro Mall. A couple of years later I saw another BYD in front of a Budget Rental location in San Jose. I have been to Costa Rica many times but the one thing I never saw was a BYD automobile being driven in Costa Rica. I have seen many other brands, especially Toyota, Suzuki and Hyundai, but never a BYD.
    They just don't seem to be able to get their foot in the door. I know it sounds overly simple but given that it appears they have a hard time selling their cars, it may have some effect on their share price. And even if there is great liquidity for their shares in the Hong Kong market it is not going to make up for poor performance in the market place by BYD.
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  • Will Warren Buffett Save The Sinking BYD Co.?  [View article]
    Gee, thanks for the lesson. All this time I thought Hong Kong had been a colony of the United Kingdom, which they returned to the People's Republic of China in 1997. Now I know that it was a country in Asia. Once again, I could be wrong, but I doubt if there are many large investors on any exchange looking to take Buffet's very large position in BYD off his hands. Of course if the price was low enough a buyer could quite possibly appear. But who knows maybe Buffet still sees value here. He has been right a few times.
    Oct 3, 2012. 01:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Warren Buffett Save The Sinking BYD Co.?  [View article]
    Seems to me the question is who would Buffet sell the shares too. Need a greater fool and not too many of those around. The trading volume on BYDDY and BYDDF is quite modest. Trying to unload all those share would probably force the price way down. Every once in a while many of us are subject to a great story that turns out to be anything but. As I remember Buffet's partner Charlie got Warren all giddy about BYD. And now it seems like they're just stuck with it. I dumped my shares a long time ago. Pains me even to think about it.
    Oct 2, 2012. 07:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold is marking time today after a big 3-month run, but the RBA's surprise overnight rate cut makes it the latest central bank entry in a race to devalue currencies, and one wonders if the PBOC won't be far behind. Gold remains a currency no central bank can print "with a keystroke," says Janney's Mark Luschini, remaining bullish on the metal.  [View news story]
    He exits as the head of the Federal Reserve. Lots of easy money just like Bryan wanted.
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  • Toyota Remains The World's Best Run Car Company  [View article]
    It would appear to me if the majority of Americans are ready to buy hybridized autos, then Toyota is in a good position. But I am guessing that given the added cost of hybrid cars the majority of Americans will continue to buy non hybrid vehicles. If this is the case Toyota appears to have some serious catching up to do. If I am not mistaken, in the Toyota Division, there are no engines offered with direct injection. Furthermore there are no 8 speed automatic transmissions offered. In many model comparisons
    of Toyota versus Hyundai, Ford and others you can see Toyota offering 4, 5 and 6 speed automatics versus others with 6 and 8 speed automatics. Furthermore when you compare mileage ratings you find that Toyota suffers as a result of not keeping up with others in the development of modern drive trains. Couple out of date drive trains with perennial stogy styling and inferior mileage and you have a line of cars which need to be sold on past merits not current merits.
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