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  • SodaStream: The Great Barrier CO2  [View article]
    Members of Wall Street don’t necessarily need to ask you about the quarter to quickly decipher how it went, particularly if they are in the same room as you. One can read body language and detect discomfort/insecurity even when no answer is given. It’s only natural to be less enthusiastic about your company when you’re preparing to announce a lousy or even a lukewarm quarter. Conversely, it’s hard to not to be brimming with confidence when you have a homerun quarter waiting in the wings to be announced.
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  • SodaStream: The Great Barrier CO2  [View article]
    sodastream met with seth golden during their "Quiet Period" right before earnings!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Downtrend In Focus  [View article]
    Seth golden pathetic wannabe with capital ladders, a pseudo firm that does not even have a phone number--sethy, your bias and lack of intelligence are both blatant
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  • Green Mountain Roasters Investor Day Recap  [View article]
    i feel that sethy golden is what one refers to as a pseudo analyst
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  • Did Green Mountain Coffee Peak On NASDAQ-100 Inclusion?  [View article]
    dum dum stone fox leaves out the fact that green mountain was removed from the 100 last year, and that they were not touting it then- this is an obvious hit piece on green mountain
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  • Did Green Mountain Coffee Peak On NASDAQ-100 Inclusion?  [View article]
    you forgot to say gmcr was booted from the index last year- i do not recall you recommending it then……hmmm, any agenda here?
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  • Green Mountain Coffee: Illegal Insider Trades Signal More Risk Ahead  [View article]
    notice how Jason has still not replied to shapion

    Jason makes Seth Golden look like a genius
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  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Sales Outlook  [View article];_ylt=Ai6vl2u5C1Z7I.Rd...
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  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Sales Outlook  [View article]
    who to believe- seth golden pseudo analyst or ....

    We are raising our target price on BUY-rated Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (NGS: GMCR) from $63 to $92. We expect Green Mountain to benefit from a number of recent initiatives, including the introduction of its Keurig Vue Brewer in February 2012, which enhanced its line of single-cup brewers, and the renewal of its March 2012 agreement to manufacture and distribute Starbucks-branded Vue packs for use in Keurig brewers. In addition, in May 2012, GMCR signed an agreement with Eight O' Clock Coffee to distribute Eight O' Clock Coffee, Tetley Tea and Good Earth Tea in K-Cups and Vue packs. It also signed a distribution agreement with Costco in November.
    Our higher target price and estimates also reflect the company's strong brands, including Tully's Coffee, Diedrich Coffee, Van Houtte, and Timothy's World Coffee, and the impact of more favorable coffee prices. Coffee prices are expected to stabilize in 2013 after several years of increases which should result in higher volumes and earnings
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  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: An Early Look Before Earnings  [View article]
    Contact: Barbara Kimmel, Executive Director FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel: (908) 879-6625
    Cell: (908) 310-3777
    Email: barbara@trustacrossame...
    April 15, 2013
    Trust Across AmericaTM (TAA) leaders in information, standards and data, and the “Who’s Who” of trustworthy business, today announced the results of its 3rd annual study of over 2000 public companies, naming Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) as the Most Trustworthy Public Company for 2012. Barbara Kimmel, Executive Director states: “We are pleased to see Green Mountain top this year’s list. According to a recent article in Triple Pundit - While sales have surged, GMCR has worked closer with suppliers and expanded its offerings of sustainable coffee products. And while GMCR has a strong reputation for ethics and doing good in the communities in which it works, the company is doing things right internally as well with an employee retention rate of 90 percent.”
    But Kimmel cautions that, “as in years past, the most trustworthy company scored no better than an 82%, or a B- and only 24 companies scored a 70 or above. There is work to be done, even in the most trustworthy companies.” While there are several honorees across the insurance sector, the 2012 top companies represent 11
    different industries and are headquartered in 11 states.”
    Trust Across America’s “Top Ten” (two companies tied for 10th place) is:
    #1 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), a leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers #2 Progressive Insurance (PGR), one of the largest auto insurance groups in the country
    #3 Hartford Financial (HIG), a leader in property and casualty insurance
    #4 Western Digital (WDC), a long time leader in hard drive technology
    #5 Teradyne Inc. (TER), a designer and manufacturer of automatic test equipment
    #6 Capital One Financial (COF), a diversified bank offering financial products
    #7 Nike, Inc. (NKE), a global marketer of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment #8 Unum Group (UNM), a leading provider of employee benefits programs
    #9 McKesson Corp. (MCK), America’s oldest healthcare services company
    #10 Prudential Financial (PRU), one of the world’s largest financial services institutions #10 McGrawHill (MHP), leaders in content to the capital markets and digital education
    Trust Across America shines the spotlight on companies exhibiting relatively high levels of trustworthy business behavior, while providing a roadmap for other organizations to follow. In compiling its list TAA independently analyzes dozens of data points with respect to five quantitative indicators of trustworthy business- our FACTS® drivers: Financial stability and strength, Accounting conservativeness, Corporate integrity, Transparency, and Sustainability. Companies are not nominated, nor do they participate in the analysis. The research highlights those companies with above average scores in all five drivers.
    Although trust was difficult to accurately measure in the past, this is no longer the case. Many companies have touted themselves as trustworthy and have been given a free ride because corporate America has lacked a definition of trustworthiness and tools to measure it. TAA’s data sees through the smoke and mirrors.
    The Framework initially conceived and developed in 2008, is “the most holistic and comprehensive “trust audit” for public companies. “We are pleased to see Nike return to our list for the second year in a row” stated Kimmel. “It’s all about corporate culture. While most CEO’s aspire to run trustworthy companies, it’s difficult to know where to start.” Trust Across AmericaTM provides analytical tools to begin the journey.”
    So while the news continues to be filled with the “scandal of the day” TAA focuses on the companies working hard to earn the public’s trust. As a result, consumers can now choose to do business with these leading companies, while investors have an added level of protection from the next corporate misstep.
    We are also pleased to link here to our 2012 Top Companies by Sector in collaboration with one of our data partners, IW Financial and our 2012 Top Companies by State with our colleagues at CSRHub.
    The Trust Across America program is administered by Next Decade, Inc an award-winning firm that has been unraveling and simplifying complex subjects for over 20 years. TAA provides a framework for public companies to improve trustworthy business practices through detailed individual company reports, industry and sector analyses, and an index of its data. TAA also runs the Alliance of Trustworthy Business Experts, a growing group of trust experts from around the world. Trust Across America’s co-founder, Barbara Kimmel, was recognized in 2012 as One of 25 Women Who are Changing the World.
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  • Don't Get Burned On Green Mountain Coffee  [View article]
    Renee Butler, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!,
    This is absolutely the most moronic opinion of GMCR around.
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