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  • Central bankers are keeping it low-key for now, writes Saxo Bank's Steen Jakobsen, but they're surely realizing they've fallen behind the curve. China is slowing precipitously, the rest of Asia is suffering from a cutoff in credit as EU banks pull back, and, of course, there's Europe. The central banks aren't going to sit on their hands forever. He's buying GLD, GDX, and HYG.   [View news story]
    More Qe either alone or in cahoots with other countries still has the same effect on gold. They probably will backdoor it so they can continue to manipulate the price, which is what they have been doing to make out like there is no inflation from the inflating Qe that has been given to the bankers already. The American public doesn't even see it, heck most traders see it and ignore it claiming it to just be the way things are (dog eat dog world so to speak). I really dont like it, makes me sick. I want to be a proud American claiming she is all she has been made out to be, but now we have turned are eyes hoping it;s not true, and she will get better with the next elections. There is no hope for when there is nothing but dishonesty, manipulation, truth distorted so much its sickening , teaching our children its all ok. Time is not on our side any more, its getting close. Bottom line is banks and countries are buying at lower prices. So should you, but they will continue to get your money if you continue to throw it at the market. Buy metals
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