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  • Catching The Wave: 'Cloud Networking' Could Be The Next Big Wall Street Buzzword  [View article]
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  • Key Insights From Radcom's 'Groundbreaking Win' Conference Call  [View article]
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  • Key Insights From Radcom's 'Groundbreaking Win' Conference Call  [View article]
    Mike, I ask the following as an actual question, not as a euphoric statement. Let's say we have a $30m run rate this year with 80% GM and $5m Opex/Quarter, leaving $4m net/8m shares, or .50/share. Next year, we have another contract win, lets say $40m annual revs, which gives us $1.50/share. What kind of PE/valuation could an analyst or the market give to a company that has 33% top line growth and 200% EPS growth?
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  • Radcom Lands A Whale, Shares Set To Make A Splash In 2016  [View article]
    I just listened to the CC. As I stated earlier, this is now a game for the patient investor with a multi-year timeframe. We cannot assume a buyer will emerge, but as long as they execute, they will be at $25-$30 million revenues this year for sure (which should keep us in the $11-$14 range), and hopefully as the year progresses we will hear of another contract (which will be the next leg up). Josh at G2 had the best question/comment: "please sacrifice quarterly revenues for additional Tier-1 contracts". Have your GTC orders ready.
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  • Radcom Lands A Whale, Shares Set To Make A Splash In 2016  [View article]
    I haven't listened to the CC yet, but here is my take based upon what I know of the company, all of your comments and 15 years of market-making experience: the good news was obviously baked into the price, it will essentially be dead money for the next 1-2 years until more details emerge (momo players appears to be exiting), unless a buyout emerges. Making an investment based upon a buyout that may or may not come in the near term is folly. If you have the patience, sit tight and scoop some up at the occasional lower price points, especially if Mr Mkt cooperates. I won't be surprised to see <$11 if the overall market keeps selling off.
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  • Radcom Lands A Whale, Shares Set To Make A Splash In 2016  [View article]
    Mike, I kind of agree with Henrik. The stock has been moving up in the past year on improving margins and growing revenue. You are stating this contract is a doubling of revenues, but I thought the run up from $5 to double digits was based upon growing revenues with improved margin. The past 2 quarters we have seen revenue contraction, so this contract only gets the revenue back to where we all thought the revenue was going 1 year ago.

    Believe me, I would like to see it explode higher, but having been involved for 5 years, I have seen the disappointments. If they prove that they can manage this contract AND grow the legacy contracts at the same time, then it will justify the price, and possibly higher. If not, then it is simply a bet on a buyout going forward. I know you are very long, so I wanted to play devil's advocate. We will find out more on Tuesday, I hope the proper questions are asked.
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  • Radcom Lands A Whale, Shares Set To Make A Splash In 2016  [View article]
    I may have mentioned this to you in the past, but I was, and perhaps still am, the only shareholder to ever physically go to the annual meeting. I lived near the office in Tel Aviv and wasn't working at the time. People there were a bit perplexed....the executive team offered me a bowl of M&Ms as a snack. haha
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  • Radcom Lands A Whale, Shares Set To Make A Splash In 2016  [View article]
    Mike, thanks for keeping RDCM in the public eye. One concern I have going forward relates to your comment about Latam and Asia remaining at least flat. I think the previous and current revenue quarters have shown us that the company cannot juggle all of these business lines successfully. Consequently, if there is any disappointment regarding this new contract, they will barely have any legacy business remaining to justify what will surely be a continued high valuation. Seems to me we are looking at a home run or back to mid-single digits.
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  • Apple With A 10% Yield  [View article]
    Terry, as long as you are going to brag about how much $ you have made trading Apple options, please enlighten us about your strategy. I too would like to make $2k/month in extra income. Thanks!

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  • What Do Today's Stock Prices Imply For Future Returns?  [View article]
    Mark, what if low interest rates don't revert back to historical levels for 5 years? Or 10?

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  • Oil rig count declines for 2nd week  [View news story]
    For those of you long oil, in what manner have you taken a position? ETFs? Individual names? Futures? I am not experienced in the oil patch and was wondering. Tnx
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  • Corning Presents A Value Buy  [View article]
    I think insider transactions are a very good indicator for Corning. I have followed the company for nearly 10 years, and if you go back to pre-Great Recession, you will see that several top insiders sold shares around ~$24-25. They followed that up by making large purchases in the single digits when the stock was at its lows in 2008-2009 (I did as well, but with many fewer 0s than the insiders :). If they have recently sold shares as kojak states, then I would probably sit back and do nothing, unless a 2.50% dividend yield is attractive to you (it isn't to me).
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  • Facebook tests Reactions emojis instead of "dislike" button; advertisers approve  [View news story]
    This is what passes for 21C business operations. Where is my LOL emoji in response to Texasyankee? C'mon SA, you are falling behind!!!
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  • Is Radcom Manuevering To Sell Itself?  [View article]
    Mike, I appreciate you putting forth the effort about Radcom. I lived in Israel for many years, and in fact I was (as of 2-3 years ago) the only shareholder who ever went to a shareholder meeting.

    That being said, I do not see how Zohar recuses himself from any conflicts of interest, he literally is "in bed" with his replacement.

    Sep 15, 2015. 01:22 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Dividend Reinvestments Will Increase My Cash Flow Over The Coming Year  [View article]
    Dave, I understand what you are saying and there is some validity to it, especially the part about thinking we are smarter than the market. As someone who is reinvesting in the same manner as DVK, I personally do not invest because it is fun, I do it because I am willing to make a commitment to get the best price possible for my reinvested funds. Not everyone has the time, desire or knowledge to make that effort.

    Until the recent years, in general, stocks would go down 1-2x per year. Those opportunities can be used to purchase 1 block of stock with a nominal <$10 commission each time, as opposed to being at the whims of Mr Market 4x per year.

    Here is an example from last week: I purchased 25 shs of T at $32, inc commission $810, let's say it was ~1 year of accrued dividends. Over the past year, T has traded between $33-$36. If we used $34.50 as an avg, I picked up an extra 1.5 shs with a yield of 5.9%. Compounded at that rate over 20 years (I am 46), that $50 becomes $150.
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