• FortSumter
    OCZ What a pos! Will make for a nice write-off for taxes later in the year.
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    • John Rayhall: I'm sorry that you had to go through this I know the feeling. I promised myself I would never buy it again so not going to even here.
    • FortSumter: Thanks, should have dumped during the last buyout rumor couple of months ago. liuve and learn.
    • John Rayhall: I got burned on it too don't feel bad I did sell at like 6 or something though from 7. OCZ and JVA are my 2 no luck stocks. Never timeitrigh
    • Austin Craig: join one of the many shareholder lawsuits out or wait for the flood of them once earnings hit.
    • FortSumter: I was part of the WorldCom lawsuit years ago. When all was said and done it was enough to go to MCD on.
    • John Rayhall: Ya you may win a few bucks that's it.
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