• FortSumter
    A somewhat optmiistic report on homebuilders and HD and USG are thru the roof. Maybe a short set-up for those inclined?
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    • Ocean Man: I am glad that each of the times I almost did, I didn't LOL. Might today though.....
    • FortSumter: Woulda, coulda, shoulda but glad I didn't also. HD is acting likes its 1999. I got out at $40.50 thinking I was lucky.
    • Ocean Man: I bought puts after it bounced off 45 a couple times. We'll see.
    • FortSumter: Good luck to you. I dont understand puts/calls yet so I'll be interested to follow.
    • Ocean Man: I bought deep in the money puts, so I pretty much gain dollar for dollar if it goes down. Only have to spend $300 for 100 shares, not $4,500