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  • Rare Earths, It's All About The Heavies [View article]

    would it be fair to say that the Molycorp SX refinery is a LREE separation plant and just about all of the limited amount of mid to heavy rare earths in the Mountain Pass material are sent to China?
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  • Rare Earths, It's All About The Heavies [View article]
    OOps thanks for the correction Gareth
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  • Rare Earths, It's All About The Heavies [View article]
    From a mining and geological perspective the rare earths are not particularly rare there are a large number of known occurrences throughout the world and certainly several in North America that are not bastnaesite mineralogy and hence cerium and light rare earth dominated and hence would be potential sources of the critical (heavy) rare earths

    This article does not mention the two 500 pound gorillas in the rare earth room:
    The high % of thorium in the Lemhi Pass and most other rare earth ores and the very limited amount of refining and separation capacity for the heavy(critical) rare earth elements outside of China

    For someone looking for actual investment versus high risk high return speculation
    I suggest looking at the BASF Rhodia division I am not sure that Rhodia is large enough to move the BASF needle but it does posses the refining and separation capacity and expertise required to produce the necessary material components.

    From the speculative side of rare earth life I am personally long in a number of rare earth companies not including US Rare Earths; I think there are better speculations out there
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  • Industrial Metals' Dramatic Drops Show Miners Probably Have A Tough Road Ahead In 2014 [View article]
    copper is sold by the pound or ton not ounce. You should correct your copper price
    Mar 11 11:17 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Metanor Resources - To Consolidate Or To Be Consolidated [View article]
    The Bachelor Lake property is located near Desmaraisville in Qu├ębec, Canada and was acquired by Metanor Resources in 2004 from Campbell Resources. The project currently has a shaft reaching a depth of almost 2,400 feet which allowed Metanor to start developing the slopes at levels 12 and deeper and to conduct an underground exploration program (which is ongoing). The mill capacity was expanded to 1200tpd (even thoug

    Well researched article should be stopes not slopes in the above paragraph
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  • Statoil: Strong Buy After Making Game Changing Announcements [View article]
    I have been long this stock for sometime. The shift of the dividend policy if approved is very positive for the stock. Keep in mind that the Norwegian Government owns a majority of STO and the discussion of possible dilution of that ownership still anticipates keeping slightly more than 50%.government ownership. Great stock, nice dividends, good play on currency and I was hoping to buy some more on dips.
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  • Cliffs Natural Resources In 1000 Words: Uncertainty Abounds [View article]
    Since you have invested in Vale are you aware that management has stated that they wish to increase their US presence and have you considered the potential effect on CLF which as you demonstrate above is a high cost producer. I am still long Vale. Sold CLF last week
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  • Ur-Energy: A Low-Risk, High-Return Investment [View article]
    Nazim: Very well reasoned and researched article.
    Dec 25 10:37 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ur-Energy: A Low-Risk, High-Return Investment [View article]

    Nazim very nice, well reasoned and well researched article. I bought in the three dollar range years ago based on fundamentals: resources, long term U market and management and have averaged down since currently average less than a buck.. Still like the fundamentals which have improved with the Pathfinder acquisition and the beginning of actual production.

    Dennison is another U junior worth a look.
    Dec 25 10:35 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yara International: Undervalued Agricultural Giant With A High Yield [View article]
    Very nice over view of a company that appears to be worth a good look

    Very informative comments which added considerably to my interest in Yara.

    I think due to tax treaty the current Norwegian withholding on US citizens is 15%
    Jul 8 08:32 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Inflation Lags Monetary Expansion: Prepare To Be Swindled [View article]
    Kudos to Brian for a very well researched and written article. I lived through the inflationary era in the 1970s and early 1980s as a young man just starting out and see the similarities to the 1960s when I was in college.

    Currently a very beaten down and I think inflation hedged sector of the market is basic commodities. If you look at China and east Asia; India, Indonesia and the BRICs generally have large and growing populations moving into the middle class with all the needs and wants that encompasses. The massive decline in the Chinese economy that very short term traders and analysts see is simply a relatively minor and quite gradual change from from an investment driven economy to a consumer economy, these economies will continue to grow at a much faster rate from a much lower base than the developed economies for many years yet.

    I am long on companies such as Vale, Statoil, Royal Dutch Shell, Potash Corp, Cameco & BHP all substantial dividend payers and some others; that will be supplying basic commodities to those economies for the next twenty years. As for gold & silver I have a very minor amount of coins. I am generally playing precious metals with junior producers or near producers; who are again incredibly beaten down. I do not recommend this for the average investor who probably lacks the knowledge or advice to apply the necessary selectivity to junior companies and managements. However there are several mid tier or larger companies such as Agnico Eagle, Gold Corp and even Barrick and Newmont which are also selling at pretty depressed prices in historical terms.
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  • Gut Check Time For The Junior Mining Investor [View article]
    Nice article JEB>
    I have to agree for individuals with a high risk tolerance; there are extremely good opportunities in the junior mining markets. You need to consider people, company capital or ability to raise funds and you had better pay close attention to political risk. See the recent Kinross write down in Ecuador or the Rio Problems in Mongolia TRQ, Personally I expect Sam Walsh to downgrade that project relative to other Rio capex possibilities in more stable jurisdictions.
    Jun 18 10:23 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sabina Gold & Silver Trading Below Sum Of The Parts [View article]
    On the Hackett River resource I think you have silver and gold grades reversed au (gold) 0.3 grams ag (silver) 130 g/t
    Jun 18 10:06 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Penn West's New All-Star Board Member Aggressively Buying Shares [View article]
    Hi Devon:
    Nice article and absolutely agree with your thesis if the new management can turn this company around and do something about the cost and capital efficiency; there is great value in the land position. But I have been burnt twice starting at the mid twenties and then again at about 17-18. $10 is a good entry for sure IF they turn it around. The dividend is over 10% at these prices.
    Jun 2 05:39 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Exxon Mobil CEO: We're Going In, Can't Pull Up, Brace For Impact [View article]
    Basically a lot of Political Correctness in both the article and the comments. points that are very relevant:(I) nuclear generation of electricity (II) The amount of realestate tied up by vast solar farms and the massive damage to fragile desert environments and ecologies. (III) energy density of direct solar (IV) inconsistency of wind. All of which need to be considered and factored in.

    In the interest of disclosure I was in the coal business for 30 years (metallurgical rather than steam) and by the way I don't deny the scientific evidence for anthropogenic CO2 build up in the atmosphere
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