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  • Alliance Resource Partners Is A Great Bargain With A 9% Dividend Yield  [View article]
    Great comments above. Thank you. I hold quite a bit of ARLP and, unfortunately, a lot of ACI. Once we get some reasonable leaders that recognize coal as the major source of energy for the United States, AND we find a way to utilize it more efficiently from an environmental perspective, shareholders will be rewarded. Further, exporting U. S. coal should be another objective - no government restrictions on that. Perhaps the EU countries should allow coal-fired power generation plants to re-start and reduce their demand on Russian gas, as a temporary measure.
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  • Big Market Events On Friday - Cramer's Mad Money (6/4/15)  [View article]
    Reasonable advice on VZ.
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  • Buy Kinder Morgan At $38-39 - Cramer's Lightning Round (6/4/15)  [View article]
    Watching KMI closely. I have a large position spread out over several portfolios. If it gets down to $35 it will be close to my average cost basis. TRP and ENB are also favorites, but Canadian environmentalists and First Nations can cause trouble with these pipeline companies.
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  • Seeking Value In Petrobras  [View article]
    And I want some dividends while I wait for it to go back to $20 per share!!
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  • Philip Morris: A New Challenge Emerges  [View article]
    Grisly, you're so wrong about the food in England. Was in London last week and food was great. Maybe you should go there and try it. Possibly in some parts of the UK you won't find great food, but for the London region, it's been great for the last decade, at least. Long PM and will keep an eye on it should it drop below $75 per share.
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  • Update: Rousseff Wins Brazilian Presidential Elections, Outlook For Brazilian Stock Market Is Black  [View article]
    Petrobras (PBR) stock price is like a yo-yo. Good for trading, if you have the nerve. Ecopetrol (EC) is also down, probably for other reasons. Still, I believe these two companies will eventually find their way out of the swamp. Trouble is that there are many other energy companies to invest in without the risk exposure - Canadian companies, in my opinion.
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  • Chicago Bridge & Iron: The Rebound Has Begun  [View article]
    I'm glad to see that Bret has moved away from KBR to look at other companies in this business sector. But I would like to see another assessment following the latest earnings release, the new strategy rollout, and the management changes at the top.

    CBI, based in the Netherlands, is an international engineering and construction company that designs and builds a myriad of facilities. With the acquisitions recently, it has expanded its reach. US offices are based in the Woodlands, TX close to companies such as Anadarko and ExxonMobil. Also not too far from BP, Shell and many others in the Houston area. Its name no can no longer be associated with bridge building and structural steel work. Nice that they kept the legacy name. Generally I agree with Warthog, but in this case I must point out that CBI has become competitive in the LNG business and the downstream process industries. Cost overruns are, unfortunately, common in this line of business, due mainly to labor shortages, regulations, and excessive client involvement.
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  • Ecopetrol Looks Attractive At Current Levels  [View article]
    Thanks ECC for the great analysis! Now back to Jack B for his final thoughts.
    Oct 27, 2014. 05:40 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Arch Coal: Next In Cycle  [View article]
    I wish Arch Coal could find some good markets overseas. I understand that Ukraine is stocking up on coal from South Africa. It has to go through the Black Sea or by rail, but if they can pay for it, perhaps it would be another market for ACI. Europeans need to bite the bullet this winter and use coal-fired and nuclear fueled power plants and LNG imports to work around the Russian gas cut-off. Forget the environmentalists!
    Oct 27, 2014. 05:37 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • This 7% Yielder Could Be An Interesting Income Alternative To Traditional U.S. REITs And MLPs  [View article]
    Yes, I like VOD's span of service areas. Brazil looks weak to me. Regulating gasoline prices and then what comes next? Phone services?
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  • Valero Energy Could Impress Its Investors  [View article]
    Love to buy VLO below 40. That's my target.
    Oct 27, 2014. 08:50 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Few Reasons To Be Cautious On ExxonMobil  [View article]
    Just love it when someone with an obvious Russian bias chimes in. (I doubt if VT is a stockholder). Once Putin goes, everything will be better, including opportunities for the oil majors. XOM will keep the pot of "pilmeni" on a slow simmer til he's exiled.
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  • Cramer's Lightning Round - Southern Company Grows Its Dividend Over Time (10/24/14)  [View article]
    I agree with dunnhaupt. The dividend has grown, but slowly. Its stock hasn't really appreciated that much. But revenue should be trending upwards soon as new plants go on line. I'll keep it on my watch list, but there might be better choices.
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  • This 7% Yielder Could Be An Interesting Income Alternative To Traditional U.S. REITs And MLPs  [View article]
    The article appears to be begging for more in-depth analysis. Why TEF over VOD or DTEGY, for instance? With VOD there is no UK tax to pay. And both VOD and DTEGY have dropped. And I don't like the way dividends are paid at TEF. If you want a high-yielding Spanish company, why not look at Banco Santander (SAN)? I like the way they treat shareholders and you can get additional shares without incurring Spanish taxes through their script program.
    Oct 23, 2014. 05:38 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • United Parcel Service Looks Very Attractive Here  [View article]
    I own KMI and UPS. I see both companies as "shipping" companies with strong demand for their services, now and in the future.

    - TI
    Oct 23, 2014. 09:50 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment