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Blaine Watkins is an individual investor and the founder of His lifelong passion has been investing and wealth creation. Blaine has been investing in the stock market for over 20 years. His passion to help people achieve financial freedom motivated him to create the website a wealth building website designed to help young people achieve financial freedom early in life.

On this website, Blaine has identified 50 of the best dividend growth stocks and shows when they are selling at a discount to fair value. There are also portfolio management tools specifically designed for dividend growth investors to track their income, yield on cost and diversification.

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  • Description: Professional Blogger. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, REITs, Stocks - long
COMPANY Dividend Geek is a long-term wealth-building service dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom so you can retire in the best position to enjoy life and help others. You not only have the money, but the time, energy and health to make the world a better place. Our system uses the power of compound ...More
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