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  • The Legal Fiction of Corporate Income and the Coming U.S. Reorganization in 2012 [View instapost]
    Taxing corporations is a "cruel hoax"?

    Maybe so. But then, what is Fairtax doing, putting MASSIVE taxes on GOVERNMENT?

    You didn't even know Fairtax has a massive tax on government. I suggest you read the Bill, HR 25. Section 2(a) subsections 7 and 12, and Section 101, a -4.

    Why do you think they put this far down in the fine print?

    There are MASSIVE taxes on the government -- much of it has to be paid IN ADVANCE. See Fairtax footnote 19, Beacon Hill's document "Comparing Fairtax Base". (Beacon Hill is Fairtax spokesmen).

    In fact, the goofy Fairtax has 800 billion dollars in taxes on government -- which dwarfs any corporate tax, it's FIVE TIMES greater than the "corporate tax".

    Where will the GOVERNMENT have to get the money?

    GUess what? THAT is a cruel hoax.

    This massive tax on GOVERNMENT is on ALL spending -- including wages. Yes, Fairtax is a tax on all government wages, benefits,and pensions. See Section 2a, subsection 7, 12, and 17.

    New York City would have to pay 2.2 billion -- 1.1 billion IN ADVANNCE.

    WHere will New York City get the money?

    States have to pay too -- and counties. I don't have time to list all 20,000 cities, 4,000 counties -- but they will have to pay too.

    Where will they get the money?

    Corporate tax was just on PROFIT. This goofy hidden tax on government, which the liars at Fairtax have hidden in the fine print I just mentioned -- is on ALL GOVERNMENT SPENDING, on ALL government wages, on ALL military spending. The only exceptions are education and foreign travel.

    I suggest you learn what the ***** you are talking about, before you try to tell others.

    I have more videos coming to expose this ****

    You have been bamboozled by BS. Talk about a cruel hoax?

    Please-- have hearings on this nonsense. Fairtax has avoided hearings for 13 -- because of this. See the video.
    May 29, 2011. 10:53 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Time to Prove Sobriety Over Changes Needed to Federal Budget [View article]
    Even after Bernie Madoff's victims heard how he had scammed them, some still clung tenaciously to their belief he was on the level. Their little "Investment Prospectus" in hand, they insisted Bernie was on the level.

    I got something for your warning that folks have to read the legislation first.

    I got the legislation. Specifically I got the "Bernie Madoff" part.
    That would be Section 2(a) subsection 7.

    The FairTax Act of 2011

    Sec. 2 (a) : Person
    ‘(7) PERSON- The term 'person’ means any natural person.... any estate, [any] GOVERNMENT, ..... organization, association, or other legal entity (foreign or domestic.)

    This little trickery, deep down in the bowels of their fine print, is done with one word. They put any "government" as a person, then tax that "person". How much are they going to "tax" any (and all) governments?

    23% of whatever they spend. There is no need to spell out that this means taxing the military, Medicare, or government wages. No need because they simply list the "exclusions" -- another feat of wordsmanship. The exclusions are education and foreign travel.

    I love that part - exempt foreign travel -- so you think, WOW, they really know their STUFF! They have thought of EVERYTHING.

    No, they thought of nothing. This is not a real tax plan, this is a farce.

    It's all a giant farce, of course, and that "foreign travel" exclusion is a hoot. Never mind that this verbal trick leaves EVERYTHING the government spends is "taxed". Its crazy as a loon, its Orwellian, its a farce, and it fooled you.

    Which is why Neal Boortz writes (in the back of one of his books) "the government itself will become a major taxpayer." Nor was Mike Huckabee kidding, when he called Fairtax a "Magic Wand"

    This one word -- not two -- slipped into their "defintion of a person" is their little trick to make their math work. They know it's nonsense, of course, and have no intention of passing their own plan. But it's good to fool a lot of people. It works fine for that.

    But they aren't going to try to tell the City of Los Angeles it must pay 600 million dollars to the federal government. Why bother? They have no intention of making LA pay 600 cents, much less 600 million dollars. They have no intention of passing their own farce.

    Yet that is exactly what would be the result of this "legislation" if passed.

    Los Angeles would have to pay 23% of its non-education spending to the federal government. Operate a jail, build or operate sewer system, pay cops and firemen - whatever that cost, whatever they spend, 23% would have to go to the federal government.

    Which is quite literally nonsense.

    Most people would not even bother to read down that deep into a definition of "a person" -- in fact, Fairtax leader Ross Calloway sent the exact parts of this legislation to me, highlighted -- he was proud to prove to me that Fairtax can and will tax every city government, every county government, every state government -- and even the federal government, a truly massive sum of money.

    Then Fairtax leaders -- PHd David Kendall, told me that he "sees nothing wrong with asking city and states" to pay their share! Of course not, they see nothing wrong with pushing this total farce.

    But of course, hiding one word in your list of things that are a "person" is not asking, is it? No, it's the opposite of asking. But when cornered with this legislation trick -- government is a person trick -- Kendall had to say SOMETHING.

    Kendall first said, in effect, of course city and states can pay this. WHen I showed him the absurdity of that, that only PEOPLE pay taxes, he had to agree. So he said, okay, they "remit" -- they remit!

    George Orwell would be so proud! They don't pay - they REMIT.

    And when I expose the trick to you - you say "read the legislation"

    I read it. That's how I found out it was BS. Why don't YOU read it.

    You can't make up stuff this goofy.

    No, they aren't going to pass it. This isn't that kind of scam. This is a political BS scam. An "easy answer" scam.

    You have been lied to, conned, tricked.

    Don't get mad at me, get mad at those who lied to you.

    Apr 11, 2011. 10:02 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Time to Prove Sobriety Over Changes Needed to Federal Budget [View article]
    By the way, if Karl supports the Fairtax, it's only because he is gullible.

    Don't get me wrong, I hope they somehow pass Fairtax. They won't because it's farces would be exposed long before it got a vote in Congress. But I would love it, if it passed.

    I want to see Fairtax "experts" try to tell the city of Los Angeles it must pay 600 million dollars to the federal government, as it's "fairtax"-- because THAT is what is in fairtax fine print. A massive government tax.

    I want to see Fairtax "experts" tell the state of Texas, that it must pay 9 billion dollars to the federal government -- all because Fairtax slipped the word "government" in the definition "of a person".

    Fairtax math is so goofy, there are no words to describe it-- other than farce.

    Fairtax math depends on this absurdity of city and state governments paying over a trillion dollars. They tell you it's " a tax on personal consumption" in the books.

    In the fine print, and in their math, they have a massive second tier of taxation.

    Karl, you were bamboozled by balderdash

    Apr 8, 2011. 04:27 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Time to Prove Sobriety Over Changes Needed to Federal Budget [View article]
    You say "healthcare doesnt want to eliminate lucrative diseases".

    Everyone wants as much money as they can get, is what's going on, and that's not new.

    I spent a week with two surgeons a while back -- one a neurosurgeon just out of residency and the other his father, an orthopedic surgeon.

    The dad guy spoke about medicine and surgery a lot - to his son, but I was there, at the table.

    He said that it used to be you could get rich on surgery, because you could make up almost any number, and the insurance would pay you. Just fill in a number. There wasn't a lot of bickering, they just sent you a check.

    He did very well that way - owns several really nice homes, a fantastic condo -- he does fine.

    The father told the son not to expect to get wealthy on his surgery. The insurance companies are hammering every cost, only giving you set amounts. There is a backlash, of course, ,with creative ways to fill out the insurance forms. In fact, there are seminars with exotic names, on how to fill in your insurance forms, to maximize your cash flow. Also, they teach you how to use certain procedures and equipment to get that extra money from the same operation.

    I really would not have believed it -- if I didn't hear this myself.

    Everyone is naturally trying to maximize their income. It's not new that way.

    IT's all about money, and there is no easy answer.

    I can fix taxes, I can fix the wars, those are easy. Health care cost? Forget about it.
    Apr 8, 2011. 04:15 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Time to Prove Sobriety Over Changes Needed to Federal Budget [View article]
    Fairtax was not "filed" in any real sense.

    It's a goofy farce. I used to believe in this farce, you should read the fine print.

    The fine print is goofy and deceptive -- go see the fine print as explained by it's own spokesmen.

    Not what I say about it -- what David Kendall (Fairtax spokesman) and Jim Bennett (Fairtax spokesman) say about it.


    After you see how goof it is -- don't be so easily fooled by the next bit of nonsense.

    Apr 8, 2011. 02:41 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment