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I'm a Business Physician: I help startup, grow and heal (turn around) business under the banner "The Business Builder's Help Desk™" =

From the outset of my "career" which effectively started well before graduating by being involved in, starting and/or running a succession of entrepreneurial ventures beginning with the family business and on through HS businesses and throughout my career, I have been passionate about building business from initial ideas to fully operational enterprise.Have been having a great deal of fun, reward and satisfaction doing this.

After completing my last major project in Wales (UK) ~ building a Polyethylene Foam ...More
  • Description: Occasional Investor. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, Energy stocks, REITs, Tech stocks
The Business Builder's Help Desk™ As Home Depot and Lowes are to people building and/or fixing up properties, "The Business Builder's Help Desk(tm)" is to people looking for expert and professional answers to their questions and solutions to their needs for resources for starting, turning-around and building business. We help business grow ...More
The Business Builder's Help Desk™ Blog Discussing issues related to starting, developing, turning around and growing business from idea to enterprise in the US.
Includes topics ranging across government policy impact, engineering, information technology and business intelligence, marketing, manufacturing, operations, supply chain and people.
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