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  • Sirius XM Increases Push To Activate Dormant Radios  [View article]
    While I respect SF and CN, in this thread I'm trending toward CN. Realizing, long ago, that exceptions don't disprove the rule, my experience runs far closer to those SF is vilifying here.

    I purchased a new car in 2013 which included Sirius satellite service. At the time of sale I filled out a form which identified to Sirius how to contact me at the end of my trial subscription and a 'guaranteed' renewal rate price. That form identified my contact method as 'email' and DID NOT include my cell number.

    Exactly one month after I had the vehicle, I started receiving sales calls -- at 3 per day -- and regardless of how many times I told them to stop calling, the calls built up to 7 times a day by the time there was one month of the trial left. Yes, they were emailing me occasionally but they never - ever - followed up on the request to eliminate the calls.

    They also never honored the 'guaranteed' renewal price in any contact they made. While their offered price wasn't much higher, the annoyance they caused made me fighting mad -- so I held out for the price I was promised at purchase.

    My subscription/trial, lapsed unrenewed. For more than a month, they continued to call me several-to-many times a day but the renewal price jumped by more than 100% from the pre-lapsed offer. Despite the complaints and the filing with the BBB, they never apologized nor sought any means to make amends for the horrible customer sales and 'service'.

    This vehicle has bluetooth and cable connects and I use my smartphone to stream audiobooks and lectures while driving. There were a *few* Sirius services I missed, there were not enough to pay the renewal price they demanded since I only listened to a few stations and don't care a wit about trash-talking radio shows or professional sports performances. It would be nice to have at an acceptable price but not enough to pay a premium.

    In the interest of full disclosure: I have held Sirius stock since before the merger with XM and before I purchased the new vehicle (obviously). My new car experience made me rethink any additional purchases to dollar-average down. At this point, I hold in the hopes of getting to a price point where I will dump the stock.
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  • $3 milk next?  [View news story]
    The standard reason that deflation is a bad thing is that it makes debt repayment more expensive so, from the government position, it must be avoided for obvious reasons.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 382: Nov. 22, 2014  [View instapost]
    The time has come to say goodbye and there are two reasons for this: the first is that I will be having major surgery for complications that have caused a massive and catastrophic health decline, especially in the last two months. The outcome of this surgery (the 12th in my lifetime) is far from certain and I will likely be in isolation for a period of time unless things go with exceptional smoothness. Whether I will be allowed access to my techtoys, or even capable of using them, remains to be seen.

    The second is, and perhaps its just my health talking, that it seems to me the usefulness of these concentrators has largely expired and I am relatively committed to the idea that they are, at best, no longer serving their once useful purpose. At worst, I think they are a violable source of negativism which serves no useful purpose and now too often descends into misanthropic sniping and trollisms.

    Over the recent years, it has certainly taught me much about human nature and the oft-misguided psychology of what some would call 'investors' . . . me, I'm not so sure, although it has proved useful in my own self-examinations of my own methods and attitudes. And I cannot depart without thanking many of the participants here for that education.

    In particular, JP's writings -- which, like many of you, were what drew me here in the first place -- have almost always been informative and has given me new respect for those whose practice is not only law, but financial and securities law with the perspectives from the inside and with topical expertize.

    There were and are others who also deserve accolades but I'm already tanking just from trying to write this. So, without intentional disparagement for those not mentioned, I thank HTL, APH, Valleywood, et. al for your work, your kindnesses with each other and the good humored story-telling, jokes and puns.

    Seriously, I think it is time for us to move on . . . but if you all intend on staying (and I'm thinking that the likely course) then please try to be a bit nicer -- disagreements should be civil and without (the seemingly growing amount of) rancor and sniping.

    Just one man's opinion; your mileage may vary . . . and, by the way, happy holidays to all and may you all have peace in whatever direction you proceed.
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  • Axion Power, A Deep Alpha Opportunity With A Clear Timeline  [View article]
    I do wish SA provided a 'troll-alert' button . . .
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  • Dividend Growth Investing Doesn't Work: Intel And Philip Morris Edition  [View article]
    Whole lotta barking by the author but no bite regarding investment wisdom . . . .
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  • What Likely Happened To Dividend Growth Retirees In The Recession: Another Point Of View  [View article]
    (* insert soundtrack of thunderous applause with a standing ovation *)

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 374 Oct. 18 '14: NS-999 In Testing; Axion Nasdaq SPO Page Up; BOD Approves 50:1 Rev. Split; EPower & Axion Present At The Battery Show  [View instapost]
    Please understand that I mean no disrespect to you, personally, and I am aware that you've put in an abundance of volunteer time trying to manage . . . this . . . herd of cats . . . wading in peanut butter . . . during a tornado . . .

    It is not your work that I am commenting upon but the comment content that seems to have devolved into tinier and tinier orbits of basically the same people making essentially the same tired arguments about history they can't change.

    Yes, I understand there are *a few* that keep me coming back but, with only one or two notable exceptions, they are largely forced to keep repeating the same reports in response to the same ole, same ole.

    So, I thank you APH for all your work . . . wish I were in a position to volunteer to help you but my life has devolved into more and more frequent trips to the hospital so I'd be unreliable, at best.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 374 Oct. 18 '14: NS-999 In Testing; Axion Nasdaq SPO Page Up; BOD Approves 50:1 Rev. Split; EPower & Axion Present At The Battery Show  [View instapost]
    Sadly, I think this concentrator has outlived its usefulness.
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  • When The Dividend Cut Writing Is On The Wall  [View article]
    None taken, David -- I respect you too much for that; besides, messages I write often seem clearer to me (in my head) than they sometimes appear on the screen. I think that's caused by solar winds . . .
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  • When The Dividend Cut Writing Is On The Wall  [View article]
    I don't think that's the interpretation I meant, David. I obviously know that the dividend is the responsibility of the internal company's management. However, the *reaction* to any particular dividend is market phenomena and not infrequently there is a lot of hype over particular companies dividend future that is loudly bandied about and to which people often over-react.
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  • Axion Power, A Deep Alpha Opportunity With A Clear Timeline  [View article]
    JP - thanks for posting this . . . it's sad but it helps me with the cognitive dissonance that results from the DNFTT approach . . . which, in my long tenure online, never struck me as particularly valid.

    I would hope organizations like SA would institute a reasonable policy for article authors to identify trolls stalking them. I am not, in the least, sure it would be a good idea for them to go beyond their current structure for regular readers/comment-makers since it would become too much of a hate weapon in itself.

    I have long felt the principle value to me of these concentrators and much of what is on SA (and other blog-congregators) is the study of human nature it provides. This cross-posted article hits very close to home and I think it was a great find. Again, thank you.
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  • When The Dividend Cut Writing Is On The Wall  [View article]
    But that's the thing, Mike -- here and your article (I'm disappointed you didn't ask me . . .) and with most dividend articles. The inherent value of a stock at the time of purchase is one thing -- but what seems to me as being more critical to investing success is the timeline for holding it. That changes everything. Not to mention one's individual tolerance for market jitters -- like those we're experiencing now (the seemingly perennial Creepy October Syndrome) where the market seemingly over-reacts to every bloody rumor that gets floated through the media.)

    It's one of the reasons I don't give a rat's backside what Goldman or Cramer or anyone else in that is basically professional sell-side analysts . . . most of whom are just talking heads trying to create short-term market action they can profit from.

    A lot of DGI-ers like to spout off on 'you can't time the market' as a justification for their strategy. And I agree -- *but* I see a lot of people who talk about it but don't do it . . . they are quick to sell (and often to re-buy) because of relatively short-run market gyrations like dividend freezes or cuts -- without really examining the overall information about the company's ability to slide through a rough patch and because they give too much credence to 'forecasts' made by financial pundits.
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  • When The Dividend Cut Writing Is On The Wall  [View article]
    which simply means one has to be aware of business fundamentals. SDRL isn't 'bleeding cash' and, more than anything, there has been a nearly insane over-reaction to the price of oil falling (which is actually a good thing, imo). Kodak? The signs were there plenty far in advance -- and it's one of the reasons that I shy away from PBI as I'm not convinced they really (yet) have their act together.
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  • Why The U.S. Should Keep Its Oil Underground  [View article]
    Talk about tilting at windmills . . . a lengthy (and not terribly well thought out) diatribe on an issue of which none of us has a vote.
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  • Buy And Switch Beats Buy And Hold  [View article]
    let the howling begin . . .
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