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Jim Bloedau

Jim Bloedau
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Jim Bloedau is managing partner of Information Advantage Group, a healthcare consultancy with a strategic focus on the verticals that comprise the provider side of healthcare and the technology that serves hospital, clinical, financial systems and secure communications of patient data across the community. HIE, ACO, Medical Home and the applications that serve it best are his current focus. He is based in San Francisco.
  • Description: Company executive.
  • Interests: Tech stocks
Information Advantage Group Information Advantage Group provides strategic market entry and development services to high tech companies planning for entry or expansion within the healthcare market. For nearly two decades we have developed two great services to do this: ● IAG's Strategic Healthcare Advisory and Development services ...More
Information Advantage Group Our intent is to present data points and strategic content with a viewpoint shaped from a lifetime in provider and high tech healthcare to help the reader keep up to date and develop a new perspective that expands their possibilities and approach to the market.
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