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  • Sphere 3D: Rewarded For A Shotgun Wedding That's Doomed To Backfire? [View article]
    You need to check your facts as this US INvestro Link IR relationship was terminated without any options at all. Since you didn't mention how much they were paid in cash payments may be you could include that amount as part of your research. Looking forward to hearing your answer. I will also post your bio again so eberyone can see who you really are and what your agenda is. You stated the following.

    Speaking of stock promoters, Sphere 3D sure has chosen a dubious “investor relations” firm to publicize the company. Handsomely rewarded for its services with generous cash payments and a pile of valuable stock options – now worth more than $2 millionfollowing a dramatic explosion in the company’s share price -- USA Investor Link counts a pair of documented troublemakers, one of them sanctioned by the Ontario Securities Commission just a few short months ago, as the official leaders (and the only publicly identified members) of its firm.
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  • Sphere 3D: Rewarded For A Shotgun Wedding That's Doomed To Backfire? [View article]
    Again another act of desperation to act on behalf of the short group out of Toronto. you are running out of rope.
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  • Sphere 3D Merger Threatens To Eat Companies Alive [View article]
    I wonder what it like to be short. Personally I can't imagine with what ANY is accomplishing. Lots of accumulation in OVRL shares as well. Pop Goes The Weasel
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  • Sphere 3D Merger Threatens To Eat Companies Alive [View article]
    no problem at all. I enjoyed your post. This next week or so is going to provide more surprises for the shorts. THe Nasdaq listing is imminent and I would not be surprised that we see more postive fundamentals in conjunction with this US listing. ANY is just getting started with the elephant in the room called revenue with some very big players and the shorts will be crushed. The US market is going to embrace ANY and its technology. IMO
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  • Sphere 3D Merger Threatens To Eat Companies Alive [View article]

    good post and to the point. The shareholder base is fully aware of the shorts out of Toronto and their precarious position. Everybody now knows how the streetsweeper crowd operates in conjunction with the Toronto short group and what their purpose really is. The best thing anybody can do is your own due diligence based on facts not innuendo and fear mongering. Time to sweep the shorts and the streetsweeper crowd under the rug.
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  • Sphere 3D Merger Threatens To Eat Companies Alive [View article]
    Do you actually research anything you write or just dream things up and put it to pen. Here is your quote. You should report full, true, and plain disclosure and get your facts right. Here is your quote.

    Primarily artificially fueled, Overland rocketed from 80 cents to about $4 in six weeks, while Sphere 3D jumped from 44 cents to nearly $10 in 52 weeks.

    The reality is OVRL did a 1 for 5 reverse split so $.80 to $4.00. Clear enough for you.

    Sphere went from $.44 to almost $10.00 on its potential. Nothing more nothing less. Look up the words revenue and earnings because that is what ANY is in the process of doing. Diversified revenue and lots of it. Big partners with deep pockets and disruptive technology. Your paying partners in Toronto have themselves in a pickle and as we seen from website reviews your new employer has little or no following. Might want to start looking for a new job.

    A few questions for you after reading your bio on the thestreetsweeper website. How about some details as to all these awards and top honours you have won that you talk about? Looking forward to that as Melissa Davis's profile was greatly exaggerated and candy coated. Wheres the beef or should we say the truth.

    Sonya Colberg joined TheStreetSweeper in early 2012 as a senior investigative reporter after racking up an impressive pile of journalism awards for her past work at two major daily newspapers. Last year, for example, Colberg won top honors – recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Associated Press alike – for her performance in the tough investigative reporting field. During her long and decorated career, she has walked away with major prizes for her in-depth coverage of business and healthcare as well. A fearless reporter with incredible writing skills, Colberg has now teamed up with Melissa Davis – another award-winning journalist who serves as senior editor of TheStreetSweeper – to deliver hard-hitting coverage of risky stocks to the investment community.
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  • Sphere 3D: Cloud Company Can't Rise Above Hype, Mistakes And Poor Management [View article]
    Here is another eye opener on Mellisa Davis and her cohorts at the thestreetsweeper.
    Eye opener to say the least. The truth is they just serve there own interest and are alreadly short before their hit articles are released. The only service they provide is to themselves.

    Midas Letter Article

    Reverse Pump-And-Dumper Melissa Davis Targets Zenyatta Written By: James West
    |September 18, 2013 |Posted In: Commentary

    Melissa Davis, the “investigative journalist” who worked for has since left and started a special brand of muckraking “journalism” that is best characterized as profitable character assassination. The M.O. is simple enough: Find a company that has built a substantial market cap in a short period of time and publish unsubstantiated allegations about the company, its product, and its management team on a (possibly duplicitous) financial web portal with millions of visitors after building a short position in the stock. And VOILA! Instant profit.

    Then, when the herd of readers who are already jittery over the fact that their investment has increased by 1,700% decide to stampede for the exists, buy back the shares on the cheap and pocket the difference.

    Its nothing but a reverse pump and dump, and it should be illegal. Everybody understands the power of the written word. If one person writes something negative, its an opinion. But if two or three agree with the opinion and project it, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Davis’ track record is rather suggestive of the fact that her site,, capitalizes on her past exposure of flawed companies while investigating on behalf of – projecting herself as a not-for-profit journalist while actually running a reverse pump and dump operation for profit. The very use of the “.org” Top Level Domain (TLD), which is supposed to be reserved for non-profit organizations, instead the “.com” TLD is a glaring signal that she is being intentionally deceptive to the public.

    What she doesn’t tell you is that her business partner in the web site and the scheme is a convicted short pump-and-dumper, Hunter Adams.

    In a scathing exposure of such reverse pump and dump web sites , The American Journalism Review suggested in a lengthy article that was co-founded by a member of the Gambino Crime Family.

    “Hunter Adams, the brains behind The Street Sweeper (, helped launch the site last year (2009), just eight years after federal prosecutors labeled him an associate of the Gambino crime family in New York. Adams, who was convicted for his role in a massive “pump and dump” scheme involving penny stocks, is still on federal probation for his crime.”

    “It isn’t journalism,” says Edward Wasserman, Knight Professor of Journalism Ethics at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. “Their claim to be taken seriously as journalists, if they’re making that claim, is ridiculous.”

    “Disclosing that a site is funded by short sales doesn’t remove the ethical questions that surround it,” says Bob Steele, director of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. “It merely provides a form of transparency that reveals there’s something behind the curtain,” Steele says. “It doesn’t mean that it’s OK.”

    SEC Complacent
    The complacency of the U.S. Regulator responsible for the integrity of markets – the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has remained remarkably silent on the issue of reverse pump and dump publishing schemes, and so right now, the reality is that any stock that has succeeded are going to be subject to such shareholder value-destorying tactics.

    The problem for investors is, if you’re already in the black on a stock you bought for much cheaper, its far safer to sell and wait out the attack, even though it means handing a profit to a pseudo-criminal enterprise. If you hang on to the stock in the face of such an attack you risk a) the unpleasant anxiety of hoping the attack is only temporarily successful in diminishing the share price, or b) losing your profit and then some if market sentiment turns so skeptical of the attacked stock that it fails to recover, and the downward momentum renders the company unable to raise further capital.

    Before readers jump to the conclusion that I am somehow a paid apologist or pumper for Zenyatta, I hereby disclose that I own no shares in Zenyatta and am not compensated by the company for coverage. I caveat that disclosure with the further disclosure that I earn fees for investment banking, financial marketing and the buying and selling of equities for a living, but have no relationship with Zenyatta in that regard.

    Many are the companies whose share prices’ briefly plunged after’s spurious allegations, before recovering and then going higher after the allegations proved groundless. Judging by the recovery in Zenyatta’s share price since Davis’ smear campaign started, she’s going to be on the wrong side of that trade and must be feeling the squeeze now.
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  • Sphere 3D: Cloud Company Can't Rise Above Hype, Mistakes And Poor Management [View article]
    hope you covered your short today if any of you can get any stock to short. Instead of $8, $7, $6 lets go the other way $10,$11, $12. What the heck lets say $25.00 by the fall since we are all just throwing numbers out there. The smell of lots of revenue is in the air. Fresh air for bulls, barely breathable air for shorts and getting worse.
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  • Sphere 3D: Cloud Company Can't Rise Above Hype, Mistakes And Poor Management [View article]
    Make sure you get your short buddies in Toronto to pay you before they can't. Here is an overview of your buddy Melissa who you work for as senior investigative reporter at thestreetsweeper. How about a biography of your work to date and a copy of your resume. Ever heard of full, true, and plain disclosure.

    Friday, 06/01/12 05:15:28 PM
    Re: None
    Post # of 13549
    Melissa Davis of StreetSweeper: In Bed with Short Sellers and Convicted Felons

    When Melissa Davis of published an article about RedChip that was as bizarre as it was inaccurate, RedChip decided to do a little homework on this “financial journalist.”

    When she pointed to two stocks that RedChip represented 5 years ago for less than 6 months in an attempt to define our 18-year history, we thought something might be up. When she failed to mention our stellar track record in representing some of the top small-cap names in the market, and when she failed to mention any of our current 30 clients and the market-cap and percentage gains they have experienced under the comprehensive RedChip platform, we knew there had to be a hidden agenda. Approximately 90% of RedChip clients are profitable with strong annual revenues and earnings growth. Many are listed on the Nasdaq and NYSE: Amex.

    When she failed to mention that the only notable critics of the RedChip hybrid research model were she, Herb Greenberg, and a now-defunct research competitor, we took a closer look at her background and that of her employer.

    Paid by Hedge Fund Shorters to Write Hit Pieces

    On February 10, 2011, Ms. Davis published a StreetSweeper article on vaccine developer iBio, Inc. that included the following disclosure:

    Prior to the publication of this article, a third-party investor with whom TheStreetSweeper has a profit-sharing arrangement effected a “short sale” of 89,715 shares of the stock of iBio, Inc. at $5.31 a share with the intent of profiting from decreases in the price of such stock. TheStreetSweeper will share in any profits the third-party investor realizes from the short sale.

    The fact that was in cahoots with a hedge fund shorting the stock Davis attacked should speak volumes to investors about the integrity of her reporting and’s real purpose. Davis is a paid hack, not an objective journalist.

    Convicted Racketeer Sits on TheStreetSweeper’s Advisory Board

    Among other journalistic tactics, Ms. Davis is fond of implying current malfeasance by dredging up prior executive sins, as in a June 2010 exposé titled “Ecosphere: A Clean Energy Company with a Dirty CEO?” in which she trumpeted drug convictions that the CEO of Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. incurred more than 20 years ago. Such actions are hypocritical when you consider that a key member of TheStreetSweeper’s “clean up crew” was convicted less than a decade ago of racketeering as well as conspiracy to commit securities fraud and money laundering. Apparently rehabilitation is something that only members of the StreetSweeper team can achieve.

    Tabloid Journalism

    In today’s digital age, it is entirely possible to produce high-quality journalism armed with only a phone line and an Internet connection. Indeed, Ms. Davis was honored by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers in 2008 for “Shattered Hopes,” a piece about Johnson & Johnson that she penned for We commend her for this achievement; however, her work for falls far below “the highest standards of economic journalism.” Her pieces are packed with editorializing phrases and loaded words that display obvious bias, her work reveals little that isn’t already publicly available in SEC filings and press releases, and she draws unsupported left-field conclusions with the breathlessness of a celebrity tabloid reporter.

    Takes Credit Where It Isn’t Due

    In her RedChip article, Ms. Davis credits TheStreetSweeper with being the first to caution investors about Imaging3, Inc., a medical device company that was a RedChip client for less than a year in 2008. IMGG hit an all-time high of nearly $2 per share in November 2009 before plummeting shortly thereafter. Ms. Davis misguidedly accuses RedChip of not warning investors about IMGG’s imminent downfall.

    Here are the facts: Prior to dropping research coverage of IMGG in January 2009, RedChip downgraded its initial rating of “Speculative Buy” to a “Hold” and suspended its target price on IMGG stock, citing concerns about the Company’s lack of visibility, weak balance sheet, and high capital requirements. In other words, RedChip voiced serious concerns about IMGG nearly a year before the stock “collapsed.”

    In contrast, TheStreetSweeper didn’t “sound the alarm” on IMGG until November 2009—more than 11 months after RedChip.

    Overstates Credentials

    Prior to joining TheStreetSweeper, Ms. Davis spent two years as a reporter for The Daily Oklahoman (now The Oklahoman), a newspaper based in Oklahoma City. CNBC commentator Herb Greenberg recommended her for a job at because both were researching Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. at the same time and he came across her article on the company. Although her StreetSweeper bio touts her seven years of experience as “one of the top investigative reporters at,” Ms. Davis recently informed Matt Kantrowitz, RedChip’s Director of Equity Research, that she was only a freelance contributor to the site, worked out of her Oklahoma City home, and barely met anyone at the company during her time there. Does this sound like the description of a “top” reporter? One would expect more integrity from someone who works in an industry built upon objectivity and the pursuit of truth.

    Low Ratings

    TheStreetSweeper does not have much of a following, as its ratings are so low it does not even register as a followed site on and ranks poorly at Certainly, citing an anonymous poster from the Yahoo! Finance message board as a source does little to enhance one’s journalistic credibility. Nevertheless, everyone loves a good scandal, and such muckraking journalism carries the potential to drive down a company’s stock price–and has successfully done so in the past. Such slanted journalism must therefore be exposed.

    Unreliable Reporting, Not to be Trusted

    We at RedChip applaud the efforts of those who legitimately attempt to uncover stock scams and report them in an objective manner. As for Ms. Davis, her work is couched in innuendo, inflammatory language, misdirection, and logical fallacies. Her heavy reliance upon verbal gymnastics and sensationalism calls her motives into question. In our view, this is one “journalist” whose work just can’t be relied upon.

    Disclosure: The subject securities are not clients of RedChip Companies, Inc. RedChip Companies, Inc., employees and affiliates may have positions and affect transactions in the securities or options of the issuers mentioned herein. For full financial disclosures for all RedChip clients, please visit

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  • Sphere 3D: Investors Falling For The Same Old Tricks, Fair Value Is Zero [View article]
    So much for your short recomendation. Then again you just got paid to write that piece of junk by the shorts out of Toronto anyway. Your followers must be really pleased with the quailty of your due diligence. Time for a career change?
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  • Sphere 3D: Investors Falling For The Same Old Tricks, Fair Value Is Zero [View article]

    You were right on with your assessment. It is unfortunate that a group like this presents a garbage article that is totally inaccurate and in the same swipe of the pen try to scare shaeholders into to selling their shares. NO benefit to existing shareholders at all. It has everything to do with protecting their own rear ends which by the way are going to get a lot more abuse as each day goes by. I also believe the regulators and the street where they place their orders are on to them big time.
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  • Sphere 3D: Investors Falling For The Same Old Tricks, Fair Value Is Zero [View article]

    When Sphere goes to Nasdaq the short fund company out of Canada will be out of business. Sphere fundamentals will put them out of business anyone. You better play by the regulators short rules or else. No wash trading to look like they are covering their shorts. I hear the regulators are on to them now and that many trading desks are becoming aware of their precarious position. You have to be able to borrow shares in order to short and declare it.

    Your question to Xahua about when he went short is a good one. He probably only heard about Sphere recently when he was approached and paid to print someone elses article that was organized by the short group out of Canada. He probably doersn't even have a position. These short guys out of Canada think they are really bright, but I can tell you one thing, their wallets are going to empty when they are finally forced to cover.
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  • Sphere 3D: Investors Falling For The Same Old Tricks, Fair Value Is Zero [View article]
    For the benefit of the shorts. Take the time to compare the article posted by Xahua on behalf of the large short in Toronto with the article written this morning by Marc Chang that is based on fact. One important thing to remember is Xahua already knows there is little or no shares avaiable to short. His purpose for writing the article is to scare longs into to selling so the share price goes down. Xahua is bought and paid for. It doesn't make sense at all that Xahua comes out of nowhere to enlighten the world as to the perils of being an investor in Sphere3D.

    Sphere 3D: A Disruptive Cloud Technology Player
    Apr. 15, 2014 8:52 AM ET | 4 comments | About: SPIHF, Includes: AMZN, EMR, IBM
    Disclosure: I am long SPIHF. (More...)

    This article highlights a company that has developed a unique technology platform that can enable the migration to the cloud for software users and publishers.
    Investors have the opportunity to enter at a valuation that is low in comparison to its peers.
    Sphere 3D is a unique virtualization technology solution provider that has described itself as a company that “solves the problems that previously were considered unsolvable”.
    Glassware 2.0 technology makes it possible for today’s devices to access yesterday’s software, without sacrificing performance.
    The most recent partnership and cooperation with Dell Healthcare strongly validates Sphere 3D’s technological uniqueness and credibility.
    My followers at Seeking Alpha and a number of readers will be aware that yesterday I published an Instablog response to an article that was intended to, bluntly, throw allegations at a company that in my regard offers great investment potential and revolutionary IT technology.

    Rather than wasting time in a meaningless street fight with an analyst that will do great efforts to drag the company, its management and insiders through the mud, I would like to introduce readers to the unique business potential of Sphere 3D (OTCQX:SPIHF).

    My Followers in SA that mostly know me from my series of articles in 2011 about Kandi Technologies (KNDI) know that I don't take DD lightly and strive to be objective in my articles to let the readers decide.

    Rising Cloud

    Undoubtedly, the cloud attracts such enormous attention, even from the largest players, due to its market potential as enterprises are increasingly and almost inevitably shifting their IT focus to the cloud. Indeed Gartner predicts that the bulk of new IT spending by 2016 will be for cloud computing platforms and applications with nearly half of large enterprises having cloud deployments by the end of 2017. Source: Gartner Says Cloud Computing Will Become the Bulk of New IT Spend by 2016.

    Such is the importance and undeniable potential of the cloud that Microsoft (MSFT) appointed its former Head of the Cloud and Enterprise group, Satya Nadella, as its new CEO. Other firms that have been actively developing solutions for the cloud include: Intel (INTC), Oracle (ORCL), SAP AG (SAP), International Business Machines (IBM), Hewlett-Packard(HPQ), Red Hat (RHT), Amazon (AMZN), Google (GOOG), VMware (VMW), Cisco (CSCO), Dell etc. to just name a few.

    Meanwhile, research firm IHS expects enterprises to spend $235 billion on cloud architecture and related services by 2017, up 35 percent from the $174 billion it expects to be spent this year and triple the $78 billion spent in 2011. This year alone, cloud spending is pegged to rise 20 percent from $145 billion last year. Source: Enterprise Cloud Spending to Soar to New Heights in Quest to Drive Greater Business Success.

    In a recent Wall Street Journal article published on March 4th with the title: New Cloud-Software Firms Take Off, Bryan Schreier, a partner at Sequoia Capital, which has financed many cloud software companies such as Dropbox Inc. and RingCentral (RNG) was quoted: "The market is large enough that you can sell into one vertical…these companies have a long way to grow."

    Indeed, the WSJ reported that: "the rise of niche providers could crimp the growth of big software makers such as Oracle (ORCL), SAP AG (SAP), (CRM) and International Business Machines (IBM), while presenting a larger threat to company-built software or programs from lower-tier players that have been slow to shift to the Internet."

    Wells Fargo Securities analyst Jason Maynard was quoted in the same: "We believe there is a great white-space opportunity in delivering apps and infrastructure to specific industries and verticals." and in a recent report named "industry clouds" as one of the top 10 software trends of the year.

    The WSJ concluded: "Historically, investors shied away from financing niche players because they thought the markets were too small. But in recent years these companies have taken off as the technology has become easier to use and cheaper, broadband Internet service has become pervasive, and customers are more open to using cloud software. Their business models are also attractive to investors, requiring customers to pay a low but recurring monthly fee."

    The Opportunity

    This article highlights a company that has developed a unique and revolutionary technology platform that can enable the migration to the cloud for software users and publishers; despite having quickly established itself and its technology among key industry players, it still offers investors the opportunity to enter at a valuation that is ridiculously low in comparison to its peers. Why does the opportunity exist? Contrary to many other companies, the firm's management has, as we will show in this article, been focused on efficiently and successfully executing its strategic plans instead of aggressively courting investors. Moreover, the company has largely escaped the eyes of Wall Street, to date, due to its primary listing being in Toronto (Sphere 3D was honored as a TSX Venture 50 Company in February) and only a secondary listing in the US as an OTCQX stock with very limited float. In the meantime, and rarely so, retail investors have the chance to grasp this investment opportunity in the early stages of the company's development and market recognition.

    Sphere 3D Corporation (TSX: ANY.V) (OTCQX: OTCQX:SPIHF) is a unique virtualization technology solution provider that has described itself as a company that "solves the problems that previously were considered unsolvable". What problems are there in virtualization? Plenty! Sphere 3D allows most devices, independent of their size, resources or operating system, to access the full functionality of software programs and applications off from servers either in the cloud or on premise, absolutely independent of their operating system! A short video on Youtube presents Sphere 3d's solutions in a graphical way.

    In fact, its Glassware 2.0(TM) technology makes it possible for today's devices to access yesterday's software; for today's software to run on tomorrow's devices all over the cloud, without sacrificing performance or security. The company has built their proprietary Glassware 2.0 platform from the ground up and specifically designed it to achieve application virtualization in the most demanding of circumstances. It can be deployed alone for application virtualization or utilized in conjunction with third party hypervisor-based virtualization deployments, for true end-to-end virtualization of physical infrastructure. For additional information visit and have a look to the presentation made by Peter Tassiopoulos during the CANTECH Investment Conference held in Toronto last January.

    Even virtualization industry heavyweight VMware (VMW), a company with a US$45 billion market capitalization, is still in the middle of piecing together a complete solution to deal with mobility and desktop applications. Their strategy has included acquisitions to address this; most recently buying Airwatch for $1.5 billion and Desktone for an undisclosed amount. On April 9th VMWare in an announcement stated "Customers want to transform their applications and enterprise desktops for the Mobile Cloud Era - extending access to employees on any device, from anywhere via a comprehensive solution that is simple, secure and cost effective", it is very important to point out that Sphere 3D could easily augment this approach.

    In fact, the uniqueness of this technological solution and capability allows the management of Sphere 3D to execute the company's strategic growth plans at a truly remarkable pace, providing evidence not only of the credibility of its technology, but just as importantly, the management team's focus, dedication and ability to execute successfully. Due to such pace and significance of the developments we have chosen in this article to focus on its multiple significant achievements in just the last three months, as each of these achievements alone would arguably have taken less promising companies much longer than that!

    11th February 2014 - Acquisition of V3 Systems
    V3 is a technology leader in desktop cloud management solutions and the creator of the Desktop Cloud Orchestrator™ ("DCO") software, which allows administrators to manage local, cloud hosted, or hybrid virtual desktop deployments and the V3 Appliance; a series of purpose-built, compact, efficient and easy-to-manage servers. V3 has revolutionized the speed, ease of use, deployment and even the data center required for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). V3 is a VMware OEM embedded partner and has won numerous awards including a DEMOgod™ Award, Best Startup Company at the Best of INTEROP 2012, and a Utah Innovation Award in 2013. The V3 customer list includes the FBI, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Naval Academy, University of Texas, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Children's Hospital of Alabama, among others.

    Sphere 3D's CEO Peter Tassiopoulos noted "The V3 executive and Sphere 3D team share a vision of anywhere, anytime computing. Through this acquisition we will be able to accelerate on the delivery of that vision...Sphere 3D has been working closely with V3 for several months and commenced shipping of V3 Appliances to customers in January 2014. "Indeed, he also noted: "This acquisition will quickly add breadth to our overall product portfolio, and fast tracks our transition to commercial operations with accretive revenue from day one."

    "Sphere 3D's ground-breaking work in virtualizing and delivering applications coupled with V3's high-performance virtual desktops and management tools will create a new product category within the end user computing industry," said V3 Systems' CEO Ric Lindstrom. "We expect this combination will offer a very compelling solution to customers in sectors such as financial services, government, education, and healthcare."

    I highly encourage potential investors to browse the website of V3 ( which is loaded with information on the company and its technology, including very informative videos about the company and its products , however, for the readers that would like a quick first grasp, we would like to refer you to a public video testimonial by the CIO of a US Law firm with several offices of how unique V3 d eployments are. In less than three minutes it should leave even the most skeptical technology investors without a doubt about the potential of Sphere 3D's acquisition of V3 and the future of Sphere 3D: More videos can be found as well:

    12th of February 2014 - Expansion of Partnership with Overland

    Sphere 3D and its global licensee, Overland Storage (OVRL), a global provider of unified data management and data protection solutions across the data lifecycle, announced their intention to expand their relationship to include the V3 offering. Overland will embed some of Overland's award winning Network Assisted Storage (NAS) and Clustered Storage technology within its product suite to create new Software Defined Storage capability. For those who are not familiar with Overland, combined with its recent purchase of Tandberg Data Holdings, has shipped more than 1,000,000 units to customers around the world. This includes Fortune 1000 companies and organizations across sectors comprised of government, education and healthcare and life sciences companies.

    The licensing agreement with Sphere 3D opens up truly global sales channels and established relationships of Overland and Tandberg Data, while the new products to be developed by Overland that will integrate Sphere 3D's technology into their data management solutions, will add a larger technological footprint as well.

    Peter Tassiopoulos, CEO of Sphere 3D, noted: "I couldn't be more excited with the blended solution we have created with Overland and V3. Overland's massive global reach will enable us to create the market penetration velocity needed to deliver our solution through a proven and trusted partner."

    24th February 2014 - Sphere 3D and UniPrint enter into an OEM agreement

    Sphere 3D entered into an agreement with UniPrint (, a Division of ACCEO Solutions, Inc, and the leader in printing virtualization. UniPrint's award winning printing virtualization software allows simple and reliable follow-the-user printing, also known as secure pull printing. UniPrint printing virtualization allows for printing from any application (desktop, web or mobile) on any device (PC, tablet or other web-based device) to any printer (regardless of make or model, cloud-ready or not) and easy and reliable remote printing across platforms.

    The VP of Software Development at Uni Print, Aaron Fu, noted: "When Sphere 3D presented us with the opportunity to be part of their innovative virtualization solutions, along with V3 Systems and Overland Storage -- we were excited to incorporate our technology into their suite of virtualization building blocks...UniPrint adds efficient printing for both remote and local operations to Sphere 3D's unique VDI solutions which are designed to future proof legacy apps, extend the life of the PC and even mainframe apps for enterprise. We look forward to growing with Sphere 3D in the future."

    For those that require a hint on how relevant printing is in virtualization, just Google it and sees the complexity that just got solved.

    14th March 2014 - Sphere 3D announces appointment of VP of Global Sales

    Sphere 3D managed to convince Stoney Hall, a former Partner Alliance Manager- Healthcare and Life Sciences of Dell Inc. to join Sphere 3D as the new Vice President of Global Sales. Sphere 3D noted that: "With almost twenty years' experience in sales, Mr. Hall is well known as an influential, dynamic and experienced sales executive who has effectively leveraged teams and partnerships to consistently exceed revenue expectations. He has proven himself as a leader who can provide direction in business growth, strategic planning, sales and marketing.

    Peter Tassiopoulos, CEO of Sphere 3D commented: "Stoney is a technically sophisticated, results-driven, and seasoned senior executive…In just his first few weeks since joining the team at Sphere 3D he has been instrumental in creating effective strategies to ramp revenue, capitalize on growth opportunities, and support our channel partners." Indeed, the first immensely positive effects of Mr Hall's hiring started to come to shareholder's attention less than three weeks later in the following landmark development.

    3rd April 2014 - Sphere 3D Teaming up with Dell to integrate the Sphere 3D Glassware 2.0 platform and its Desktop Cloud Orchestrator with Dell DRIVE Plus

    Sphere 3D announced that it teamed with Dell to integrate the Sphere 3D Glassware 2.0 platform and Desktop Cloud Orchestrator ("DCO"), from recently acquired V3 Systems, with Dell DRIVE Plus. Notably, the Dell DRIVE Collaboration includes not only Dell, but also Red Hat (RHT), Intel (INTC) and VMware , all technology giants in their own right. This announcement was not only a huge sign of the technological solutions that Sphere 3D offers, but also put its name alongside multiple players with multi-billion dollar market caps.

    "Desktop Cloud Orchestrator and Glassware 2.0 software drop-in appliance solutions can be deployed in conjunction with other DRIVE partner technologies," said Stoney Hall, VP Global Sales, Sphere 3D. "Together these technologies enhance end-to-end compute capabilities of virtualized end user environments while simplifying their management."

    To give readers an adequate picture of the opportunity that this collaboration represents, it has to be stressed that Dell's Healthcare IT revenue in 2013 was US$2.9 billion. In the US, Dell Leads Gartner's Healthcare Information Technology Services Provider Rankings: 2013 marked the third consecutive year Dell has ranked No. 1 in the healthcare rankings, which are based on annual revenue. Dell has a 20-year legacy as a leader in healthcare IT, providing broad capabilities, including electronic medical records (EMR) cloud and disaster recovery services, cloud clinical archiving and mobility solutions. Already more than 2,000 hospitals and 30,000 physicians worldwide rely on Dell for IT support, benefiting from Dell's full-service, end-to-end IT solutions. The Dell Cloud Clinical Archive is managing more than 85 million clinical studies and more than 6 billion diagnostic imaging objects, and supporting more than 800 clinical sites in the industry's largest vendor-neutral hybrid cloud for medical imaging.

    What is most important to highlight in this context is that Dell, the technology leader in delivering healthcare IT infrastructure, decided to incorporate the technology of Sphere 3D along with major league partners; a fact that makes it indisputably clear to IT managers across industries and investors alike that Sphere 3D's unique technological solution, puts the company in the direct technological presence of multi-billion dollar companies!

    14th April 2014 - Application for NASDAQ listing

    In line with Sphere 3D's speed of progress the company announced that it has filed an application with NASDAQ OMX Group to list its common shares on the NASDAQ Capital Market. Peter Tassiopoulos, CEO of Sphere 3D noted: "We believe that applying for listing on NASDAQ represents another important milestone for the Company and will help increase liquidity while providing greater access for U.S. investors and institutions." This strategy is not only in line with Sphere 3D's progress, but also recent board appointments and having secured additional capital in March. In fact, in the same announcement Sphere 3D also provided an extensive update with a list of operational highlights of the recent past: Corporate Update, April 14th, which also mentions the expansion of the relationship with Corel, a software publisher with over 100 million active users worldwide. The Company further reported that in addition to the demonstration centre at the Company's head office near Toronto, Canada, it established two additional locations for existing and potential customers and partners to come and test drive Glassware 2.0™ and V3 appliances. Additional demonstrations sites in Europe and the U.S. are being set up. Most importantly, to the disdain of shorts or doubters, Sphere 3D has no intention of keeping its technology quiet and out of sight. I have personally attended some of its live demonstrations first hand with IT experts by my side.

    In conjunction with its announcement to seek a listing on NASDAQ which will open it up to a whole new "sphere" (no pun intended) of institutional investors, the company also provided key financial highlights, providing a nice background for its NASDAQ application and its financial stability:

    Estimated revenue for Q1 2014 is expected to exceed $1 million;
    Cash and short term investments at the end of Q1 2014 are in excess of $7 million;
    Total assets at the end of Q1 2014 are in excess of $20 million;
    Completed a Convertible Debenture financing of U.S. $5 million on March 21, 2014.
    Such is my confidence in Sphere 3D that I have taken the initiative to respond to a recent short article that contained allegations on management, that were very straightforward to explain. As the shorts cannot anymore raise doubt on the technology of Sphere 3D, due to its numerous partnerships, they have resorted to personal allegations on management which I was happy to address in my instablog: Marc Chang's Instablog.

    The current value also provides an opportunity to take advantage of the short's attempts to "shake the tree" and to get out of its short position, before Sphere 3D achieves further milestones, which, if the past is any indication, will occur rather quickly.

    Note that the shorts' position is precarious: I estimate that the number of shares shorted might be close to 20 times the average trading volume on the Toronto stock market exchange and they started to short this stock when ANY.V was trading at about $2 CAD. Consequently a short squeeze is not a far-fetched outlook here.

    The sweet and short bottom line

    With a unique technology solution that allows users to run any application or operating system remotely with minimum end user requirements, high profile partnerships, financial backup and a management team that keeps executing at an incredible pace, Sphere 3D is destined to become a major player in the billion dollar virtualization sector. With a current market capitalisation of less than US$ 150 million, opportunities do not come much more evident and promising than Sphere 3D.
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  • Sphere 3D: Investors Falling For The Same Old Tricks, Fair Value Is Zero [View article]
    Yes. I have to say 15,25,30 sounds very nice. I will be quite comfortable with retail investors comparing your article on ANY with Marc Changs response to your article. Remember that saying, "wheres the beef" There isn't any in your article.
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  • Sphere 3D: Investors Falling For The Same Old Tricks, Fair Value Is Zero [View article]
    Marc Chang article response.

    Marc Chang's Instablog

    Marc Chang
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    Retail investor. Semi-retired. Experience: CEO, M&A, Business Development, >30Y of international activity
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    Shorts Despairingly Target To Fleece Sphere 3D Investors Through Posting False Claims And Misleading Stories. 0 comments
    Apr 14, 2014 12:16 PM | about stocks: SPIHF
    This instablog is in response to the misleading article posted today in Seeking Alpha by Xuhua Zhou, hedgefund analyst:

    Sphere 3D is trading in Toronto TSXV stock market with ticker ANY and in the US OTCQX market with ticker SPIHF.

    Doing a little homework on some of the claims it is easy to figure out the story not only is devoid of any facts, it is one of the funnier pieces of fiction I have ever read.

    Some investors, primarily "Hedge Funds", engage in a practice known as "shorting" In case you're not familiar with this practice let me give you a "short" description. Shorting a stock is the practice of selling shares of a company that you do not own, at a certain price, in the hopes that it will further drop in price and you will be able to purchase it for less than you sold it. This by itself is not a bad thing as it creates liquidity and allows people opportunity to purchase shares that are being shorted (sold).

    Where things start to become problematic is when those who are short decide they want to trigger a price drop to force the shares of a company to go down. How you ask? They will often utilize smaller known media outlets or stock chat boards to create false news, make accusations of wrongdoing and malicious smear campaigns against companies or their management. This practice is of course illegal, yet common. In the business they call it a "Hit" on a company written with the sole intent to influence your psyche breaking your confidence in your investment and tempting you to sell your shares creating the opportunity for the hedge fund to buy your shares at the lowest possible price.

    Compare it to someone who falsely screams fire in a full movie theater and wants visitors to trample each other trying to get first to the exits.

    With the corporate update published by the company today April 14, 2014 the stock just made a high of $8.50 CAD on the Canadian stock market, while it is known that some entities started to short this stock in August 2013 when it was trading at about $2 CAD.

    The "official" short position on date of March 31st 2014 was way over a million shares. The "real" short position is much higher and I estimate that the total short volume is 12 to 15 times the average daily trading volume on the TSXV.

    Given the latest commercial breakthroughs made by Sphere 3D the shorts are cornered in a precarious position and they mistakenly hope to trigger an avalanche of cheap shares so they can buy back shares for as little as possible. Consequently, this "HIT-piece" fits their strategy.
    However, such "HIT-piece" is counterproductive as it doesn't take the market by surprise. There has been remarkable short activity lately on IHUB. With the corporate update from today "investors in the know" will step in and thankfully sponge up any cheaper shares eventually offered through the short's fire sale.
    In the case of Sphere 3D there have been a bunch of insider buys in the last weeks, so cheap shares have been scarce and we can predict that any fire sale will be short lived...

    So with this in mind, back to the story that I received; the author does not even hide his/her hopeful outcome. The author concisely states in the article:
    Sphere 3D is a "compelling short-selling candidate" and "Long investors you have been warned get out now." and "Don't be the last sucker holding the bag! …hmmm, sounds relatively unbiased to me so far, not!

    Now let us have a look at how they attempt to deceive the average investor and scare them into selling shares. Hereunder I will refer to some sections of their story circulating in the internet and give you my comments in bold and italic format.

    They claim to have done a background check of the insiders at Sphere 3D reveals what may be a hard pill to swallow for current investors".
    "Following questionable characters involved in past fraudulent schemes is one of the most successful approaches to identifying compelling short-selling candidates.

    What background check? The story does not actually offer any, it just makes a statement and moves on. A responsible journalist would have known that all directors and officers of public companies listed on the TSX are required to pass a 10 year background check and an RCMP (the Canadian equivalent of FBI) clearance. Don't take my word for it, just go to and make sure you look at page13.

    They then attack the Management with statements like: "Chief Executive Officer, Peter Tassiopoulos, is a man with a chequered past" including a link that states that Mr. Tassiopoulos was paid an insignificant fee in shares by a company 14 years ago.

    Interesting statement, I haven't found any evidence that Mr. Tassiopoulos has never been convicted, charged or even accused of any wrongdoing in a 20 plus year career (remember the background checks above). So what are they him accusing of?
    10 years later, that same company referred to by the hit-piece author, having been restructured and having changed names four times along the way, was the subject of fines from regulators. I guess that makes all 100,000 former employees or consultants of Enron, from over a decade ago, "Chequered", now that's a stretch!

    They call into question Sphere 3D Chairman Eric Kelly who was appointed Chairman of Sphere 3D while the company that he is currently serving as CEO, Overland Storage is in a commercial relationship with Sphere 3D. The story states "I will spare you the details but let me state that the Overland shareholders should be asking their CEO Eric L Kelly where his loyalties lie?"

    This man is currently advising the US government and they question his integrity? The same Eric Kelly is featured in this news release: An excerpt from the release: "U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank appointed President and CEO of Overland Storage, Eric Kelly to the 2013 US Department of Commerce Manufacturing Council. The Council advises the Secretary of Commerce on government policies and programs that affect U.S. manufacturing and provides a forum for proposing solutions to industry-related challenges. The Council also works to ensure that the United States remains the preeminent destination for investment in manufacturing throughout the world. The Secretaries of Labor, Energy, and Treasury serve as ex officio members of the Council to better collaborate on issues the Council will address." I think that's enough on Mr. Kelly.

    But wait, this gets sleazier and sleazier, they claim that founder and Technologist John Morelli, "has previously been charged with potential embezzlement of funds."

    Alarming at first glance I am sure, but the writer is relying that nobody will click the link because if you do you will see that it links you to a civil a dispute between Mr. Morelli and his stepmother over the affairs of the estate of his deceased father. There is no allegation of any wrongdoing let alone being charged! If you feel that your intelligence is being insulted by claims like this, it's because it is.

    Think that it's silly enough yet? It gets worse. The author claims that the R&D team does not exist, that they are fabricated. "The software developers at Sphere 3D, who control the secret sauce that makes Sphere 3D, must have learned from Peter's playbook. Kumar GK and Ganesh KK's Linkedin profiles feature virtually identical backgrounds. See below (highlighted in red are the identical parts)"

    Not only is there no deceit, the man has his picture on both of his profiles. Please have a close look at the pictures; this is one and the same person! Compare also the initials. I suppose the person forgot to cancel one profile…

    (click to enlarge)

    (click to enlarge)

    The writer has more claims about management but it's more of the same defamatory statements that are without any facts. So now that the 'HIT" story on management is done the author takes on the company. First he targets the products.

    Statements like "The Company has paid out salaries that are 20 times their investment in R&D (which is only $200k since inception).

    In accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, until the Company achieved certain specific milestones it had to expense the development costs, including salaries. Those requirements were met in 2013 and the Company started deferring development costs as of July 1, 2013. The author could easily check his facts but of course decided not to. Check the public record - it's in the Company's quarterly financials at

    The author again tries to claim "Sphere 3D has no revenues" "their product roll-out history is quite literally a pile of words" "there are never any actual releases."

    Unlike this so called journalist that wrote the story I just looked up the financials. If there are no products ever released where did the revenue on their books come from? Again check the public records.
    Overmore the company's update from today states"Estimated revenue for Q1 2014 is expected to exceed $1 million"

    Once again the author grasps at the proverbial straw with "Sphere 3D has cumulative losses to date of $5.2 million with zero revenue in the last twelve months".

    "Zero revenue" is another serious aberration from reality: The company announced they "commenced shipping of V3 Appliances to customers in January 2014" that they were paid $500,000 upfront by Overland and other transactions that are on the public record. Yet, even if they were pre-revenue, let us not forget that it took Twitter $3B of spending before they had product for sale and Facebook acquired Whatsup for $19 Billion pre-revenue. So, what's the hit-piece's point???

    Early in 2014, Sphere 3D acquired a company, V3 Systems Inc. Due to the fact that V3 appears to be in the same cloud segment the author foolishly states "Can anyone imagine Microsoft acquiring another company that designs word processors?"

    YES WE CAN IMAGINE! Go and check Wikipedia "The first version of Microsoft word was developed by Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie, former Xerox programmers" "Both programmers worked on Xerox Bravo, the first WYSIWYG word processor."

    The "HIT" also claims that the company makes false press releases, specifically referring to the recent PR where Sphere 3D announced an agreement to join a coalition of companies that offer IT infrastructure and services, primarily to the Healthcare sector.

    It is very obvious that this news has the Shorts very concerned for the coalition includes Dell, Intel, RedHat, VMware and now Sphere. It is referred to as the Dell Drive coalition. The author just flat out calls it a fake press release and says "The most recent deal with Dell where Sphere 3D itself directs you to the Dell website highlights no mention of Sphere 3D." Try going to Dell's tweet about this deal!!!

    Dell Healthcare @DellHealth


    @Sphere3D joins @DellHealth's DRIVE program to bring enhanced virtualization exp to #EHR users

    02:23 PM - 04 Apr 14

    Reply to @DellHealth



    And of course the author has to attack the Intellectual Property as this is a technology company. What lie does he rely on? He asserts that there is none "What intellectual property does Sphere 3D actually own?"

    Hello? I quickly found 6 patent applications and these are far from identical:




    Systems and methods of optimizing resources for emulation




    Systems and methods for managing emulation sessions




    Systems and methods of managing access to remote resources




    Systems and methods of optimizing resources for emulation




    Systems and methods for managing emulation sessions




    Systems and methods of managing access to remote resources

    And there is more at:

    I have been through the story which continues with more of the same, but in essence it is nothing but rhetoric that a hedge fund has paid an author to fabricate. I find no relevance or merit in any of the claims. However, in the event that it somehow does get published, I will bring on my point by point rebuttal to that story so that readers can have access to the truth!

    The shorts are aware of the limited timeframe in which to cover and have taken to defamatory postings, with no regard for honesty, in the hope that they can CON investors into selling the stock to save themselves from the losses they so richly deserve. DON'T BE CONNED. Do your own research and don't let the shorts scare you into selling them your shares.

    Disclosure: I am long SPIHF.
    Apr 14 12:49 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment