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  • What Will Pop the Gold Bubble? [View article]
    When I first came back too America in the late 90s ,was in a glorified mall, there where guards in front of a store with a long.. Line of people. I thought Wow these people know-something I don't, so I went to the
    front of the line (big mistake) and asked in my broken English what is going on.They started screaming he cut the line ..
    He cut the line. One of the big burly guards pulls-me to the side and said
    no-cutting the line ''Or '' we will arrest you, So ok....
    I say to the people what is a beany babie, the crowd of hoards goes quite and a middle-aged lady said to me in a very astonished / hushed voice .. You don't know what a beany babie is, she takes out with great care, pulls out this peace of something , and said to me its ''this'' with great excitement ! She said I can have a look but ,careful its worth 100$ , the crowd screamed ''No'' its worth a-lot more then 100$. I thought too myself Wow-GOLD.... Its worth something like-GOLD. It looked like a scrub-rage to me ,so I turn it over and look for the tag , its made in ''China'' and of (cheap) matériel filled with GOLD .. no I'm sorry ,wrong, it was filled with Little plastic beads! So.. the value is in the eyes of the beholder.
    I say buy all the gold you want,its not a bubble, its worth 2,500.00$ right?
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