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    Advice For Young Investors. $DIA $IWM $QQQ $SPY Mr.Miller
    Jun 6, 2:35 AM
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    • x oil -field: The greatest 'words of pearls' [advice] was given to me by my great-grandfather and he was much older than Mr.Warren Buffett..
      Jun 6, 2:42 AM
    • x oil -field: ..and was born well before Mr.Buffett.
      Jun 6, 2:42 AM
    • x oil -field: My great-grandfather would always tell me when l was a little boy 'always listen to your elders concerning the mistakes they've made' so..
      Jun 6, 2:58 AM
    • x oil -field: ..that you can learn from them and not make the same costly & timely error, and save yourself the time and energy of learning what..
      Jun 6, 2:59 AM
    • x oil -field: ..he [my great-grandfather] called ''the hard way.''
      Jun 6, 2:59 AM