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Disclosure 1: Academic interest was quantitative modeling, economics focus. But, I spent my career in engineering support, mainly via advanced computational systems. Engineers go up against nature and learn (that does not diminish hubris, many times). What is the parallel for the Economist, such as our beloved Ben? Losing game there, from the get go.


I am not anti-market. Rather, I would caution that the gaming basis that has evolved for some types of markets is problematic at its core.

I am not burdened by innumeracy, yet I see the extreme focus on numbers as one issue to address. That focus has been exacerbated in the past decade by computational advances, to the detriment of our ...More
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FED-aerated We have all this mess due to funny money. It's gaseous but only in a sense of rhetoric (our bane). If we're to use gas as the model, then let's use what we know scientifically about gasses. Or, we could use other matter. Gold was given to us by our ancestor's worldview. Dropping it was a nice bit of ...More
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