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  • Why Does BlackBerry Even Bother With Hardware? [View article]
    "Why Does BlackBerry Even Bother With Hardware?"

    I think you answered your own title question with this statement:

    "The rise and fall of BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) is a good representation of how fast things can change in the technology industry and how quickly companies need to adapt in order to survive."

    So if things can change fast in the technology industry, couldn't the same severe market share drop that happened to Blackberry ever happen to Apple or the others presently in that market? Or are you telling us the quick market share shift and decline could only happen to Blackberry and the current market share numbers for the Blackberry competitors will hold until the end of time?

    Simply put, every increase in handset sales for Blackberry is the quickest way for them to increase their business and would positively impact everything Blackberry is working on in the system and software arena's. Plus, the fact that Blackberry has some decent handsets and some exciting new products in the wings means they are ready to pounce on any upcoming market share shifts.
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  • The BlackBerry Passport Is A Disruptive Technology Set To Transform America's Boardrooms [View article]
    I believe this new Passport will either be disruptive to the market as Transcend suggests or disruptive to Blackberry's current revival and Chen's first major lead balloon launch. I am personally intrigued with the design and believe the Passport will offer a unique and compelling advantage to business users with spread sheet performance advantages and those interested in e-reading as well will especially like it.

    The sound/speaker advantages incorporated into the device will also help Blackberry reach out to the general market and specifically those who want the best possible sound. Just like some handsets in the market focus on better cameras, and a certain specific market must have the very best camera, the Passport will cause a strong draw to serious music and sound buffs.
    Jul 23 09:21 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Showing First Signs Of Serious Revenue Growth [View article]

    Too bad the word "try" is in there (their, they're). The writer likely tried their (there, they're) hardest already.
    Jul 22 10:27 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Showing First Signs Of Serious Revenue Growth [View article]

    The financial market "experts" didn't take too kindly to the reality of the handset importance to the Blackberry business. The North American market stayed away from the new devices in droves ( Remember the Z10 release) and Blackberry was forced to downplay the device sales importance or face an even more severe punishment in share price right when they almost sold off the company in small insignificant bits.

    The truth is, handset sales were and are the quickest way for Blackberry to rise up out of the ashes, but Blackberry was forced to abandon any link between device sales importance in the North American market while at the same time working on new devices furiously behind the scenes.

    This fact seems so simple to me and seems to be missed by so many. Blackberry is much more than a device business, but device sales help the company grow the fastest from their current admittedly terrible situation. Sure, Blackberry and Blackberry fans shifted the stated importance away from the devices because they were forced to or be laughed at even more that they were already. So what? The outward-only public shift away from device importance likely saved several rants from Cramer and the rest of them and also kept the shares from reaching even lower all time lows.

    In fact "abigchocoholic" think about the comments you would have made if Blackberry issued a press release linking the importance of North American device sales to their recovery potential right after the failed Z-10 North American launch, when more phones were returned than were sold and around the time they were trying to get any value for any divisions and end the nightmare while fading into the mist. It would be scathing eh!

    It also seems to anger the bears that other countries may be the key to the Blackberry device acceptance and rebirth instigation eventually in North America. Sorry bears, there is nothing you can do about that Blackberry momentum.
    Jul 22 10:17 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Leaked Passport Video Highlights New Device [View article]

    With all the polarizing passion for the love of i-phone, Android, or Blackberry, coupled with the primal hatred for the other brands, it is just a matter of time before the phones start flying like some sort of misguided futuristic sword fight. Then the Passport will do the most damage with those sharp corners with a sort of hand held round house maneuver.

    However, the more rounded i-phone edges make skipping the phone across a lake more likely to reach to the deep waters and get in those five or so extra satisfying bounces whereas the Passport sharp edges would likely dig in early and require those frustrating extra tries to reach the resting place fathoms below.
    Jul 21 02:00 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Will Continue Its Rise [View article]
    Mr. Knowitall,

    Seriously, my son was in Banff with my wife and me in March on a skiing trip and we went to a restaurant that offered alligator meat you cooked on a hot rock which he had to have. They were out of the alligator meat so they substituted crocodile meat.

    I think that was a bunch of croc....

    Note: My son preferred the croc over the rattlesnake, ostrich and frog legs.

    Away for a week. Please don't write anything too compelling until I return. I hate to miss the great banter.
    Jul 10 03:29 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Will Continue Its Rise [View article]
    Hey Marcap,

    Please don't be too terribly effective in writing compelling short messages against Blackberry for a week so I can enjoy my week off up north and not come back to a $6.00 BBRY share price. You know, hold off writing any of that real compelling stuff just for one week.

    I don't ask much of you.

    Have a great week.
    Jul 10 03:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Will Continue Its Rise [View article]

    Thanks for a very helpful and well worded comment. I can't add anything except to say I will carefully reflect on your thoughts next week way up in the Great White North on vacation. I also get to spend some time with my son at a very nice lodge on the north shore of Lake Superior on my next trip in August.

    Please keep making the odd comment to support BBRY long for me when I am away. I don't want to come back to a $6.00 share price so I am counting on you Randal!

    Thanks again for the great comment.
    Jul 10 03:21 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Will Continue Its Rise [View article]

    I am heading away for holidays for a week. I will be missing the Seeking Alpha crowd while I beat off the black fly's. When I get back, I will try to put together an estimate for the SR and ED change that could be expected for Blackberry. However, it depends on how much they are able to claim now after their layoffs which could affect future claims dramatically.

    The Capital allowances for the program have ended now entirely, and that is a segment my firm has worked with over the years and made up roughly 20% of our claims over all, but I have no idea how much percentage of Blackberry's claim was capital. The other SR and ED allowance segments (materials, labor & other) have had some claim reduction allowances spelled out in advance percentage wise to enable planning. My company is a very active participant in that program and I have been using it for over seven years now.

    I do understand the program well, and also have more experience with the review process than I would like to admit, but this program is ongoing with no end in site and Blackberry is likely a large participant with plans to remain heavily involved.

    Hopefully I could shed some better light on this when I get back.
    Jul 10 03:17 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Will Continue Its Rise [View article]

    For a moment there I thought you were taking the "bear" perspective, but with a quick reflection of your numbers, it seems you are with the longs. I haven't checked your math, but if you are correct here:

    "Apple gets $625,000 per employee in revenue and has the highest margins in the business. BBRY gets a whopping $153,000 per dude and that's only with the benefit of selling real estate."

    Then who would you rather be? The Apple CEO who needs to maintain or increase the $625,000 per employee figure reflected in their current stock level, or Chen who has to maintain or increase the $153,000 per dude at Blackberry which is reflected in today's Blackberry stock level?

    Would it be easier to increase Apple from where they are now in every aspect of their company net worth and total market share or to do the same with Blackberry?

    If someone wanted to hand out a specific number of shares either Blackberry or apple, most everyone with a brain would want Apple shares right now not Blackberry due to the current total dollar value. That's a no brainer. But if you had a few thousand to invest and had to pick the stock right now that could increase your value the most starting today, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you to keep the Apple stock and give me the Blackberry shares please and thank you.

    Don't get me wrong, I am realistic about this Blackberry stock that could spike a little more and then gracefully disappear forever and ever Amen. But it has a more likely chance of increasing percentage wise than the top players today and is uniquely positioned to do just that.

    So are you a "long" Randal or am I reading this wrong?

    Jul 9 08:30 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Will Continue Its Rise [View article]

    Couldn't agree more!
    Jul 9 04:53 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Back In BlackBerry - Investment Ideas [View article]
    Mr. Knowitall,

    Glad my long messages aren't causing people to throw their phones away. I have a problem with writing business e-mails that read like a novel...not a best selling novel mind you and my best customers are always busting me about it. I am seeking help for my wordiness but appreciate your kind words.

    I completely agree with your message:

    "BlackBerry is what it is; and without handsets, it's a whole lot less."

    Except to reach Canadians better it should read:

    BlackBerry is what it is; and without handsets, it's a whole lot less, eh.

    You see the difference.. it is subtle...

    Have a great day!
    Jul 9 04:48 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Will Continue Its Rise [View article]

    As always, you make a great deal of sense in your approach. I would like to push back on a few of your points however.

    "While that is quite true...he most certainly has bought more time, but at what cost?"

    If Chen would have hung onto his real estate assets and held off hunting for cash right away as he did, I believe the company stock value would be lower right now and the company would be in more serious trouble than they are short term. Not sure if they would have any long term to worry about if they didn't pursue liquidating the cash right now. Personally, I hate to see real estate assets sold off, but I think it was required for this company at this point in time. It was at a great cost, but I think he was severing off limbs to save the torso as someone wrote recently. Hey, if you need to cut off your limbs to stay alive, you do it regardless of how bad it looks. Survival is the first priority. Bricks and Mortar offer too little right now for Blackberry when compared to having the cash at hand in their dire situation.

    "Sure BB supporters may very well be able to boast of BB's current cash position, but take into account the fact that without the debenture (debt), sale of real estate, and tax refunds, the company's cash position would now be next to nil."

    A large portion of Blackberry's tax refund claimed is coming from SR and ED. This Scientific Research and Experimental Development program is a win win for all Canadian based manufacturers and designers. The only thing anyone could complain about would be if Blackberry didn't go after the refund. The very fact that they get significant tax funds returned by both the Federal and Provincial government towards this specific program shows they are in fact still pushing technology forward from the current level and are likely uncovering new features that will benefit the company long term and become a real problem and in the very near future for Apple and Samsung. The tax reviewers are very careful to ensure the funds are allowed only after the company proves that they are experimentally developing new technology not currently available anywhere and not with standard engineering practices.

    The SR and ED program is designed with the ultimate goal of increasing profitability and sales for any Canadian based company. When it was first introduced, the government realized they were in a surplus position with tax revenues and wanted to find a way to return it to tax payers in a way that could assist businesses and ultimately help Canadians more than simply giving it back to individuals. So the larger the SR and ED claim tax refund allowed, the more the company is working towards uncovering new features and benefits new to the planet that will help them in the long term.

    So the participation in the program shows that Blackberry still has a fantastic and inventive group of designers and inventors even after the huge layoff's who are actively pursuing new technology.

    "None of BB's recent sources of cash are sustainable."

    The SR and ED portion of cash generation through SR and ED is still an active an important program for Canada. It has seen several minor reductions in amounts allowed over the years, and important new limits in no longer allowing Capital Equipment, but that cash stream will be there so long as Blackberry uncovers and systematically develops new technology and I believe they will.

    "Will BB as a company however survive long term? Perhaps, but not as any kind of a significant player, and certainly not as a company that will ever return much value to shareholders."

    No one can make this sort of claim with a straight face, You could say it is unlikely that Blackberry will be a significant player again, but I don't need to lay out the many examples of company's who made terrible business decisions, almost disappeared, and then came back to similar strength levels as they once enjoyed and usually through new product innovations. SR and ED participation is a huge indicator that Blackberry is working towards this goal.

    I agree with everything else you state though Marcap.

    Jul 9 12:52 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry's Current Asset Management Bodes Well For The Future [View article]

    I see your point. The media is certainly looking like they have an agenda in their BBRY bashing. Chen is the right guy to lead right now as he seems unflappable.

    I believe there is market manipulation from time to time and it could apply to the Blackberry stock right now. I am in this long term however, and am fully expecting (manipulation or not) that the stock will eventually reflect the value that is properly determined through the open market.

    So the manipulation can only affect me if I care too much about any current wild swings in pricing. I guess any possible market manipulation would affect the day trader crowd and I don't run with that group.

    Whatever gender cereal is, cereal speaks to the "Homer Simpson" type crowd and simply lost my interest due to the pathetic cut and paste rants along with the lack of substance. This cereal reeks of sour milk and stale toasted "O-s".
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  • Back In BlackBerry - Investment Ideas [View article]

    Hey, it is important to protect you trunk body.
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