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I am a proud unionist and about as far left as one can be while still being a capitalist. I do believe in investing in companies, but I most definitely do not believe companies should be ruling our country. The idea that government regulation of companies is evil is just total nonsense, and we do need more regulation of companies, financially, environmentally, and we need to stop the corporate takeover of our political process. This isn't about making money in the markets, it's about the survival of our country as a representative republic and the survival of human civilization on the planet. We also need stronger labor laws, higher minimum wage, less regulation of unions, and putting an end to "right to work," ...More
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North American Society for the Elimination of Refrigerator Magnets (NASERM) The North American Society for the Elimination of Refrigerator Magnets (NASERM) is a special interest group of (1) people working to bring forward the menace that refrigerator magnets present to modern civilization. Although membership is currently closed, donations are cheerfully accepted.
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Achievements of the Religious Right From Torquemada to the Quayle Presidency Short.