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  • The big tech selloff that's occurred over the last few weeks has resulted in valuations for many large-cap names once more falling to historically low levels. Here are some trailing P/Es for prominent large-caps, none of which take into account net cash and investments: Intel (INTC): 10.6. Microsoft (MSFT): 10.3. Apple (AAPL): 13.7. Google (GOOG): 15. Cisco (CSCO): 9. IBM: 13.6. EMC: 14.7. Dell (DELL): 6. H-P (HPQ): 5.1. On the other hand, Facebook (FB) still has a trailing P/E of 64.5.  [View news story]
    Camden, I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps he works for Fox News. Eisenhower was in the White house when I was born, and it took three(3) more administration before the Dow hit 1,000!
    What is the difference who is in the White House, all of Congress(535 well paid) elected Senators & Congressmen(women) are on their long summer "recess" . Remember that, from grade school? I think many of the above mentioned names, esp. AAPL will have a big rebound out of the gate tomorrow...see hope & change is the way we all live.
    Jun 3, 2012. 10:01 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Though Mac shipments fell Y/Y in the Americas and Europe in Apple's (AAPL) March quarter, as buyers waited ahead of a major refresh widely expected to arrive in June, its Asia-Pac Mac shipments rose 40%, according to Needham's Charlie Wolf. China, where Apple's total sales rose 3x to $7.9B, likely had much to do with the surge. Wolf adds global Mac sales to businesses rose 10% Y/Y.  [View news story]
    I have been trading AAPL options (90% calls) since the iPod came out around 2003. My charts that follow all the technical support levels, 100 & 200 day moving aranges, etc. tell me that once AAPL breaks the $585 level they should most definetly take out their yearly closing high around $630 is a quick spike upward. Tonight it sits just below that point. Cramer, and many "best of breed" type traders see $700 before the iPhone 5 release, as do I. Just look at their I pad sales for Q2, about 3-4 M above estimates. I hear through many sources by 2013 Q2 the new Apple large screen LCD TV will be on shelves (it comes w/o a remote. You just tell "Siri" what you want to watch or record and it's done. A man's utopia
    Jun 1, 2012. 02:57 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment