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  • Amazon Smartphone A Positive Catalyst For The Stock [View article]
    Nobody is going to switch from a glorious product like the iPhone 5S and apple's high end ecosystem to go down to an amazon phone.
    There comes a point, I believe, that the consumer is just tired of copycat companies and amazon is getting quite tiresome with their hard sell, selective claims and follow the leader products.
    Unless amazon starts generating substancial, consistent profits, it a sub $200 stock.
    Apr 14 01:37 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kill The Microsoft Surface Tablet [View article]
    I own an ipad Air. I own a Surface Pro 2. Regardless of Office on the iPad, the iPad is NOT a computer and cannot perform many tasks. For certain tasks the iPad is wonderful.
    For serious work a computer is needed. The Surface pro 2 is an extraordinary piece of hardware. It is built like the proverbial bank vault, it boots in seconds, its blindingly fast ( far faster than my Air), its more powerful than my laptop ( in fact, Its replaced my laptop) and its rock steady reliable with never a crash or issue.

    The Surface Pro 2 is a true laptop replacement for those like myself that likes the tablet form factor. Aside from the iPad Air, it is one of the finest products I have ever used having the build quality, portability and beauty of the iPad combined with the power of a full blown computer.

    Microsoft should heavily promote the Surface pro 2 , not kill it. Its a unique and proprietary product that is selling. I am seeing more and more being deployed by corporate IT. Even my kids want one.
    Apr 9 12:51 PM | 41 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fire TV May Be A Winning Formula [View article]
    Your info is incorrect. With Apple TV one can stream, buy and rent movies all on one high end platform. The search feature works across the board on aTv.
    Amazons search will only search amazon.
    Amazons platform is amazon specific designed to get consumers to buy as much overpriced merchandise on amazon. It's the used car salesman hard sell. Amazon has become a compilation of third party vendors whose pricing and service is no longer competitive with many vendors who offer better pricing, service and free shipping with no annual fee.
    Time will tell if amazon can make any money with their latest marketing blitz. Bezos is a master of smoke and mirrors so I am sure Wall Street will continue to elevate or should I say levitate amzn. As such, the nimble trader can make quite a lot of money on the stock. Fundamentally speaking, amazon needs to start making money soon as they are burning through cash and will need to take on even more debt. It won't end pretty if they don't get their act together.
    Apr 9 08:07 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Competitors Are Like Piranhas Chewing Up Apple [View article]
    Apple has undeniable brand recognition and is still seen as a status symbol overseas. Last I checked, people were still selling their kidney's to get an iphone. I have yet to read a story about how a teen sold a body part in exchange for a Samsung Galaxy.
    If you use an iphone 5s and an ipad air and a samsung galaxy and a samsung tablet, it is then that you will understand why apple has the reputation it does.
    In any event, only time will tell when the apple phenomenon is over, but in my opinion, no products come close as of yet ( perhaps the Microsoft Surface Pro 2) and apple has quite a bit up its sleeve.
    The stock has waned because hedge funds have moved on.
    Apr 8 01:49 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Amazon didn't say about streaming data [View news story]
    You dont need to have both. Netflix has everything that Amazon has, but Amazon does not have everything that Netflix has.
    As a family household with kids, neither amazon or netflix allows enough content to cut the cord with cable services as they still are content king with respect to local network stations and current real time episode kids shows.
    If I had to cut out one expense, it would be amazon. Between cable, Netflix, Crackle(free) and Hulu (Free) there is no need for another
    Apr 8 01:32 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Report: Amazon Prime streams tops Apple and Hulu [View news story]
    Amazon is such a deceptive company that its hard to believe anything they report.
    What about Prime vs. Netflix. They purposely don't comment on that statistic.
    Apr 8 09:37 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon introduces device to ease weekly shopping [View news story]
    Your are spot on
    Apr 6 01:29 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon Is Wasting Its Time [View article]
    Bezos is a wall street guy. He is a master at selling. The company that he started makes no profit. I own several private companies and I derive my income from the profits my company makes. If I made no money like amazon, I'd be bankrupt.
    Bezos is a billionaire because his company is public and Bezos simply sell overpriced shares of amazon. If his company was private, Bezos would be a poor schlep like the rest of us.
    Apr 4 10:02 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon Is Wasting Its Time [View article]
    @simboy "for most things you buy you won't find a reputable site that can beat AMZN on a regular basis"

    Nearly every site beats amazon on a consistent basis. The Microsoft store, Best Buy, Target, Ebay, - you're saying these sites are not reputable. From computers to lightbulbs they all have better pricing than amazon and many offer free ship without a fee.

    If your interested in better pricing its very easy shop around and check prices. Or, you could blindly buy at amazon and grossly over pay.

    Apparently Wall street got this memo as well, Amazon has had a lovely 80+ point slide and its still overvalued.

    Isn't it great how amazon blatantly ripped off Ouya TV ( ) with their fire tv. Amazon "borrowed" Ouya's platform ... now thats innovation.
    Apr 4 09:55 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon Is Wasting Its Time [View article]
    The smart money started exiting amzn on 3/13. Unless some type of extremely positive news surfaces on amzn, there could be more downside to the $244 level.

    Amazn seems to be copy cating its competition. There is no longer anything competitive about them. Better pricing and free shipping can be found just about everywhere else without having to pay for a yearly fee.

    Netflix has a better selection and UI. Redbox rents blue Ray for $1.20- Crackle and Hulu offer a good selection for absoulutley free.

    There are little reasons to use amazon's services when better pricing, better service and no strings free shipping is offered elsewhere. Amazon has been offering less and charging more.
    Apr 3 10:04 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Amazon Fire TV Can Burn Down Apple TV, Roku And Chromecast [View article]
    Bezos is a master copy cat. It will be interesting to see how many fire tv's amazon sells and how well it works in the real world.
    Even though our tv's all are wifi interent capable, We still have 5 apple tvs hooked up and they work flawlessly and stream perfectly- never an issue. I can stream all my ios devices easily to my tvs and can use the ipad air as a game controller. There is no reason to switch from apple.
    The Netflix UI is glorious on the apple tv and they offer channel 4 local network station and Smithsonian. The solid block of aluminum remote is a work of art. For serious gaming, the x box one is the king.
    I believe the fire tv will be like the kindle, a low end device which does not provide a rich user experience but is designed to get consumers to buy more over priced merchandise on amazon. The kindle is prone to lagging and crashing and its build quality is downright cheap, the Fire should be its perfect companion
    Apr 3 09:53 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon's Streaming Box Has Potential, But It's No Roku, Apple Or Gaming Killer [View article]
    Everything Amazon does is deceptive .. from their accounting practices to their advertising.
    The majority of the TV's in our home are wi-fi. Yet, I have 5 apple TV's on all of them. I prefer the Netflix UI thats on apple tv. I also like that I can stream all my ipads and iphones to apple tv.
    There is never a problem with the little black boxes from apple- they work everytime and stream perfectly with absolutely no lag, pixcelation, etc. Just a perfect picture eveytime.
    While I have not used the Roku box, people have told me that its also quite good. There is really no benefit to Amazon's copy cat product. We'll stick with our apple tv.
    Apr 2 04:49 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon's Fire TV will double as a casual gaming console [View news story]
    Apr 2 01:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Google Continue To Outshine Apple? [View article]
    Yes, I bought Glass. I thought I'd try it to see what all the ficticious wall stree hype was about. 30 day return plicy so they will be going back home to google. Biggest, useless piece of junk. "I'm an ass for buying google glass" should be their new catch phrase.
    Goog is volitile, but currently there is little smart money left in the stock and it should bounce back to the 1145 level.
    Mar 28 09:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Google Continue To Outshine Apple? [View article]
    Google is, in reality, a search engine that earns the majority of its revenue from selling advertising. What innovations have they really come up with? They bought android as well as Google earth.
    I own Google Glass and its the most disappointing product I have ever used. Battery life is abysmal and Glass really doesnt do anything spectacular. One can take videos, access Google email only, take photos and little else.
    It must be tethered to a cell phone with the Google glass app running in order to function.
    It packaging is a blatant rip-off of Apple. I believe Apple's future is far brighter than Google.
    Mar 27 02:49 PM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment