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  • In his first public speech as ECB chief, Mario Draghi - under enormous pressure to unleash a wave of euros over the continent - tells the EU to get busy, noting it's been 18 months since the summit that created the EFSF, four months after it was expanded, and four weeks after leverage was introduced (remember those rallies?), and the thing still isn't ready to go. "Where is the implementation of these longstanding decisions?"   [View news story]
    Hey gang, sounds like my Talks were dead on. Those who say ECB should print.Shame on you ! They can't print without a new Treaty ! No treaty an no more Euro's to spread around. Thus the supply is limited an protects it's value by simple supply an demand ! Why else would it still be 135 ! Only Germany can contribute as France is broke an they are so far in the whole their debt % wise it looks like the GIANT banana ppl have the Gaul to call the USA.. The ( or a ) group of bankrupts states of the OWS.

    Some here are ridiculous calling for China to step in ! China has been crystal clear an Wen an Tao an their Central Bank boss say publicly! They will only buy AAA Euro bonds( which do not exist an Merkal will not exist) or work with the IMF if trade restrictions are lifted in the EU an military goods are not banned ! Plus, Merkal say NO ! Flat out an she will not go above the 440 Billion Germany committed an she is obligated by Law !

    So, for anything to happen the 17 countries must be in those new EU bonds an then that can't be an AAA rated one.
    So many comments that are truly just hopium mental masturbation's it is sad.
    Like Jack Nicholson said in that famous movie quote. " You want the truth ? You can't handle the truth !"

    Lets hope they don't come together an print or they will continue the horror the scum known as Fed Ben has done to destroy the world an plunge the G 20 into a massive currency war. Whice by the way has caused billions of the of our brothers an sisters on this planet of ours to starve. All so 300,000,000 PIGS can continue to plunder the planet an take 30% of it's bounty. The world must stop the US an destroy her if need be ! gb
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  • QuickChat #214, November 18, 2011  [View instapost]
    Hey folks .Today's joke ! US has new sanctions on Iran !

    Funny eh ! China has new " bartel" deal with Iran an can take all she has an swap goods she needs.. Sanctions... hmmmmm

    China also let Barry know not to fiddle in their neighborhood.
    Blink ? Wen or Barry ? gb
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  • QuickChat #214, November 18, 2011  [View instapost]
    Well, i dipped my comments into US politics as I am in love with my 2 cents like others an as a Rep who knows we don't really have a candidate I assumed we did not have a chance ! But, even more of a worry was a third party candidate like Ross and that would sinch things for Obama ! Well, old narcissistic Dr. Paul seems to be leaning that way an then Obama wins a landslide..

    Then we have the new health care law after the 6 to 3 vote ( maybe 5/4) and Obama goes full swing with Executive orders. And, the black Karl Marx changes America forever. By the time he is gone the ethnic make change up will be in full swing and he will have done something with the massive Hispanic group to lock them into his party........ Sad, for the USA......................
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    u da man !
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    FPA, great post ! I was just reading that when your flag showed.Ya beat me again!
    It never ends an the game rules change fast now. I only trade 3Xs now an this expands my world................ thanx, gb
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  • QuickChat #213, November 14, 2011  [View instapost]
    K202, i have pointed this out before,but, all the 50% haircut talk is part of the new speech now,but,as you point out the "banks" are being told to take voluntary haircuts ,but, Greece an the other PIIGS owe money to the ECB an IMF too and they WILL NOT take haircuts ,so, as pointed out by the Tyler articles posted here the haircuts for countries is 20% an that is why Merkal said if you want you guys can leave. Just face saving comments. gb
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  • From Fall Melt-Up To A December To Remember  [View article]
    All through the "melt up " I warned things were bad ,but, I never fight the market and gave MG his due ! I Road 3X ETFs to the moon an swapped often the other way! But, all the while I warned about Italian problems an they were given all through your Melt Up t/v spots by me. I will say it to ALL.. Italians are rich ! They have more $s per capita than Germans and Spain is in pain,but, there banks have held tuff ! The 8000 pound gorilla is France !

    Their spread with the German Bund is exactly where Italy was one year back.There needs to be a treaty fast as all are looking for the ECB to help,but, there powerless. All this printing talk is b/s as without the treaty there are only a finite amount of Euro's an that is why it is still 136.

    So, you can point to Italy as the reason,but, their not. Just like after the war their Gov can seize an amount from each person an fix the problem ASAP if push came to shove..

    Why, 90% of Italians own there homes an few have mortgages. The per capita of households wealth is 295,000.And, the bulk of the debt is home grown.

    All the talk between Merkal an Sarkosy was a joke as France can not contribute a dime. Their banks are 300 to 400% underwater an hold the bulk of bad debt form all PIIGS an beyond. They need to sell any decent assets to comply with Bazel an they are it in a nutshell..... All EU bond spreads growing against the BUND an Germany can't act without a new Treaty. Merkal is shouting it loudly an nicely said you all can voluntarily get the F out of Euro if you want ,but, that was so Greece can save face an leave after the 8 billion ! And,it isn't just the PIIGS where the spread is growing wider as the smaller countries bond spreads are climbing too.

    So, don't blame Italy because Monte was not elected an has the gravitas to set Italy on the right path,but, France is toast !

    Also with the US market.The brokerage industry as on Nov. 18 has 73 % buys an 24% holds and only has 3% of all followed stocks rated as sell,so, it's understandable everything on t/v is bullish ! There is a reason 75% of the S&P 500 float is still short. Maybe MG can give us the lowdown ! gb
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  • QuickChat #214, November 18, 2011  [View instapost]
    Glad all doing well. Just a half glass gb reg ! LA loaded with gold ,but, BIG problems with indigenous peoples. They believe it is a mortal sin to remove the metals from the earth. Panama & Costa Rica an Brazil sometimes see the entire country shut down by the Indians protesting new mines an often shut down existing ones. Just gold dust for the thoughts ! gb
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    1/2 compression fitting an back to flex. Standard on replacements in 1000's on NY apartments. In my sleep.. Whoa, lots of trouble with gateways when QC gets over 150 ! lol
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  • QuickChat #213, November 14, 2011  [View instapost]
    This is the way to get rid of nuke sites in Iran an jointly developed.
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  • QuickChat #213, November 14, 2011  [View instapost]
    JS, I am Jewish ,but, hell was added way after Jesus, who never preached it ! A Catholic thing. An EU banks being so far gone is a top post favorite of mine !

    But, US debt an unfunded liabilities are greater the all the worlds debt since before caveman times..

    Would bringing back debtors prisons work and create a whole new industry with many jobs ?

    Please forgive my humor, but, your post is great an I think of 60 Minute interviews back from Keating scandals an the biggies moving to Florida an tell Krofts they would teach there students to us bankruptcy as a tool. Look at Trump !

    Thanx for the post ! gb
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    Norway about to get stronger ! Good one there MJ. gb
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    Cash by close is always comforting ! Smiles
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    Yes, and they couldn't sell the 4 billion. 3.46 billion !
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    US an Aus dollar equall !
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