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  • 500 Million Barrels of Oil Discovered: Which Companies Will Benefit Most? [View article]
    My name is Dr. Charles Laser - President Laser Exploration Inc. Deerfield Beach, Florida. The largest sustaining oil well in the history of the United States came in at Nye County, Nevada back in 1983. Twenty years of studies indicate that Nevada has many billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas from the rich Chainman shale which is some of the richest and thickest oil generating source rock in the entire world. This includes Saudi Arabia. We have the same exact geologic conditions (horst/grabens/thrusts etc.) as the giant fields in the Middle East. Nevada as Russian geophyscist said in a World Oil article in 1987 will be the future Kuwait of the U.S. and we agree 100%. It will be much larger than Texas or any other state or area in N. America. Dr. Laser
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  • The Global Oil Scam: 50 Times Bigger than Madoff [View article]
    I agree and disagree with most of the comments. I have been engaged or around the oil business for fifty-five years and am one of America's leading wildcatters as referenced by a person from one of the five largest oil firms in the world whether true or not. First of all peak oil is a reality, only meaning that at a given time in history we reach a point where EXISTING oil fields have reached their peak production. It does not mean we are running out of oil. In fact we probably have enough oil to last many thousands of years since we have drilled less than 1/10 of 1% of the earth and I agree with astrophysicist Thomas Gold and Astrophysicist Stephen Soter that oil and gas is not necessarily a fossil fuel. Hydrocarbons and in particular methane, the main component of natural gas--has been found on Jupiter and the moons of Saturn. We will never run out of oil, however it is economics (the cost to drill and find it) that creates shortages. When the prices are low we do not explore. When the prices are high we explore and we ALWAYS find just enough oil to meet demand at any time in history. When prices dropped in 1986 virtually all exploration in the U.S. stopped as companies went overseas. For example we have spent eighteen years and millions of dollars doing studies in Nevada USA (which has the two largest continuous oil producing wells at a high rate in fifty years), and we have found that we have the same exact conditions for giant oil production as the fields in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Kuwait. In several years you will see massive oil and gas fields (resource plays similar to the Bakken shales) larger than anything found to date in the United States due to multiple thrusts, horst and graben systems similar to Saudi fields. The organic content (TOC) in Nevada is similar to the giant fields in the Middle East.

    So don't believe all you hear. Generally oil prices are affected by supply and demand at any given time. and China (new article out today about increasing oil consumption) is grabbing up all the oil areas it can find worldwide, because they see severe short term shortages looming. Because the U.S. is not exploring aggressively on shore here, we will be paying $5.00 a gallon for gasoline within several or so years from now and oil demand will rise far greater than most so called experts believe including the IEA. Much of the blame can be placed at the feet of the U.S. Government which discourages exploration in the United States. The problem is that everything requires energy and with the advancement of laptop computers, cell phones, and available communications, we will see an accelerated economic growth that will absorb every form of energy we can get our hands on, as new products and services are created worldwide. Once people have knowledge they will want a better life and a better life must have sufficient amounts of energy. You will not be able to control economic growth as people become more knowledgeable and able to communicate across national borders. While alternatives will play a role they cannot fill or even begin to fill the need for oil and natural gas, so be ready for much higher prices. Eventually in thirty to fifty years as deeper and more exploration takes place we will find enough oil to meet demand and probably have substantial excess capacity once prices rise high enough to justify exploration costs. Dr. Charles Laser Deerfield Beach, Florida
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  • Don't Believe Long-Term Oil Forecasts [View article]
    I agree this is a good article and other good commentaries. Having been around the oil business 55 years (35 full time as a wildcatter and writer of oil pricing articles (demand and supply) I can assure you of two things: 1. Oil prices will rise to well over $150.00 a barrel by mid 2011 on a sustained basis due to rising demand and less available supply for a period of about fifteen years. 2: We have not found 1/10 of 1% of the world's available oil supply simply because we have not drilled in enough places or deep enough. I predict that Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Iowa will someday produce billions of barrels of oil (if the government allows us to drill here in America) under various type structures including deep thrusts. I further agree with eminent scientist Astrophysicists Thomas Gold, Steven Soter and others that oil is not a fossil fuel and we can never run out. Hydrocarbons, in particular methane, the main component of natural gas--has been found on Jupiter and the moons of Saturn and we believe the earth had been endowed with methane and other hydrocarbons long before life came around. Our studies show convincingly that the Nevada portion of the Eastern Great Basin has the same general characteristics (thick, thermally mature, highly organic source rock carbonate platforms and other structures) as the giant fields in Saudi Arabia, Iran or other Middle East countries. Further Nevada has the two largest continuous high producing oil wells in the U.S. in forty years. Had the crash of 1987 not taken place billions of barrels of oil would have been found by now down to 20,000 feet depths. Additionally Nevada has massive resource (natural gas) sources from the rich Chainman shale's. The one thing most people fail to understand is that everything take energy of some form or another. When you have billions of people becoming educated through communication of laptop computers and cell phones you create new products, arts, music and advances that accelerate demand for new products and services. That is turn creates need for more energy. So the bottom line is that oil cannot be replaced as an energy source (some 4000 products are made from oil) and while there is enough supply to last likely thousands of years (yes it will be more costly to find and produce) prices will rise until enough new oil found balances with demand in twenty or so years...Dr. Charles Laser
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  • Oil Prices Indicate the Bear Is Alive and Kicking [View article]
    I believe Mr. Nanetti is correct in the short term. I own an oil exploration company and have studied supply and demand for over thirty years. Low prices cause cutbacks in finding new reserves which are already far below what is needed to supply world needs in 2011. As a consequence I can guarantee you that oil prices will reach a minimum of $150.00 a barrel by mid 2011 and likely reach $80.00 a barrel by December 2009 because excess stocks will be abosrbed at the same time production supply will decline pushing prices upward. Dr. Charles Laser President Laser Exploration Inc. Deerfield Beach, Florida. P.S. I might note that within three years likely we will find an oil field or oil wells similar to Saudi type production in Nevada USA as a result of eighteen years of study and millions of dollars spent studying source rock conditions that are similar to Middle East Fields.
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  • Oil at $50/bbl: Where to from Here? [View article]
    Dr. Charles Laser has been a "wildcatter" for over thirty-five years full time in the United States drilling in Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wyoming. He served as Executive Vice President for GeoSpectra Corporation a firm who provided geological satellite remote sensing services for oil and gas to the top fifty oil firms worldwide in the 1980's. He has written numerous articles for finance publications and newspapers on oil pricing.
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  • Oil at $50/bbl: Where to from Here? [View article]
    It is impossible for any expert (I am considered one of those experts, since I have been writing about oil prices in addition to being in the oil business as a "wildcatter" for thirty-five years) to predict pricing due to many unseen variable. The fact is that oil prices will rise to $100.00 a barrel by April 2010 and then move upward to$150.00 a barrel by the end of 2010 or early 2011 and possibly upwards to $200.00 to $300.00 by 2012. Low prices now create high prices later because supply is not being developed, while nearly all oil fields worldwide are declining in production capacity. Demand worldwide for oil will increase in spite of alternatives even if world economies were not robust, however Asian economies will consume much more putting pressure for much higher prices and high inflation for Americans because we are not drillng enough here. Our studies indicate we have Saudi type fields right here in the United States, but government regulations are slowing killing our own oil industry. Dr. Charles Laser
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  • Oil Production in the Americas [View article]
    I am in the oil business and can tell you that we have enough oil to push gasoline prices down to $$1.75 a gallon if we can drill here (without excessive government interference) and build refineries that are badly needed. Nevada has Saudi type and size field that will be discovered within the next five years. Dr. Charles Laser Deerfield Beach Florida President Laser Exploration Inc.
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  • There's No Way to Go Back to Business as Usual [View article]
    I held a fairly high position in Washington D.C. in the mid 60's and found graft and corruption to be rampant on both sides of the fence. We are wasting billions of dollars in wasteful grants, studies and contracts where people know how to work the political system to direct or indirect payoffs (returning favors for election help etc.) and we could cut our taxes and deficit by half if we could reduce the corruption. I personally saw one man receive as much as $30,000.00 (as I recall) in the morning mail just for making phone calls to people in various departments to secure grants that were worthless and would have no net result for the American people. You cannot stop it because it is has grown to big and everyone protect everyone else especially at the lower underworld of Washington, D.C.
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