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  • Why Chevron Is At Least 25% Overvalued  [View article]
    Minor nitpick from 1st paragraph after summary - Conoco is not an integrated oil major. Busted out the refinery portion (PSX) some time back in 2013. Mostly an E&P company.

    I've got no dog in this fight - my crystal ball for oil prices looks like a magic 8 ball. I do like the refineries and pipelines though. Kind of like toll collectors.
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  • Is Lexington Realty's 7.5% Yield Too Good To Be True?  [View article]
    Where's the bottom? My two cents.

    Fed announces in June a quarter or half point raise. Market goes berserk. Why? It's no longer a market of investors. We have hedge funds, mutual funds, investment banks, etc... with large positions moved not by actual people doing business analysis; but by algorithms. They take an action, speech or testimony by Yellen or other Fed/Treasury personality; feed the words through a sausage grinder to weight them with plus or minus meanings then commence to buy/sell/option based on the outcome and how another program thinks a sector may perform. Long term - not on your life - we're talking nano-second trades. Other programs/algorithms monitor these micro-trends and jump on the momentum bandwagon. Result; we have these 200, 300 or more point swings driven not by actual impact but by actions happening so fast that the humans monitoring them can't control or harness the events. Witness a flash crash caused by a single individual manipulating the market a couple years ago.
    Actual investors like the SA crowd are only spectators.
    I just found another two cents hiding in the cushions. Have some cash for the after party. When the over-reaction passes, there will be some real bargains. The quarter/half raise will not have a giant effect. Cash, debt, acquisitions for the top conservative performers will remain the same. Go bargain hunting.
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  • Adversity Was Bittersweet For This REIT  [View article]
    An additional resource is their preferred yielding 6.27% at it's slight premium price. It's cumulative preferred called at GGP's option after 2/2018.
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  • Gramercy Property Is Well Positioned To Deliver Something Special  [View article]
    I've gone with the cumulative preferred. Selling at a premium so effective yield is 6.78%. That fits my situation currently. I'm retiring and still have a mortgage to meet each month for another 6 years. I did the same (bought the preferred) with DLR.
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  • Building The Ultimate $100K Income Portfolio  [View article]
    jimmy37 - has a good free tutorial. Don't get sucked in by the fantastic yields on the sample home page - virtually all the samples shown are dogs of companies. You should select companies for covered calls like you would for dividend growth - you want to hold it for a long time because in a downturn; you may have to. Also a web search for "covered call" would also help you.

    $17k cash??? Recommend you put in a preferred stock fund/ETF like JPS or PFF. Yield is around 7% versus nothing. They pay monthly so the holding is only for a couple of weeks. JPS pays around the 10th of each month; PFF pays around the 24th. Both have low betas (~.3). They would generate around $75 a month after transactions. (Yes I know the price drops on the ex-divy date but bounces back). Would not use when the FED finally bumps interest rates around mid 2015 - a quarter percent and the market will vastly over-react. Not a big income but I'd bend over to pick up a $75 bill. Good spot for the covered call premiums and dividends while building up to a 100 share purchase for option purposes.
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  • Citigroup May Pay Out $2 Dividends Within 5 Years  [View article]
    It's been frustrating to wait on Citi and BAC to get out of the financial doghouse. I'd like to see a little more in depth regarding current/future settlements and lawsuits before I jump aboard. The capital appreciation will be great when finally in the clear.

    I'll stick with WFC and Royal bank of Canada, RY, for now.
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  • Best S&P 500 Energy Stocks According To Graham Principles: ConocoPhillips  [View article]
    Regarding oil service companies like NOV, HAL, HP, SCHLUMB (can't remember symbol off top of head); capital expenditures are going to be down across the board for the next fiscal year as stated by COP and others. I'd wait on those companies until a "production" recovery occurs. Price recovery - which will help the producers near term low values - will come up before they ramp up production. Refiners like PSX and Valero are/will stay at pretty much maximum capacity - a great value. The big guys - XOM, CVX, COP and others have the cash and flexibility to weather the storm. Pipelines like ENB and KMI will still transport and continue to expand through acquisition.
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  • It's New! It's Nifty! It's The Dividend Growth 50!  [View article]
    Enjoyed the articles and the comments. I'm not much of a commenter here on SA("better to be thought a fool than opening one's mouth and confirming it - favorite saying of mine).

    Copy and pasted into Excel and the links from the stock symbols are live to the current valuation and articles here on SA for the stocks. Very cool.

    Strictly for recreational purposes; I'll compare my "brilliant" portfolio shuffling versus buy and hold. I've reduced my thrashing as I've gotten older/smarter? through reading on this site. Currently 17 of my 25 positions are on your project. Perhaps I'm doing something right.
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  • Sandridge Mississippian Trust II Units Are Undervalued After Recent Price Decline  [View article]
    Bad news coming right up. Check out Reuters article on land dealing:

    Tom Ward and son have a nice arrangement going. Other tidbits: Major hedge fund investors, TPG-Axon and Mount Kellett, along with California pension fund CalSTRS are pressing for action regarding less than ethical practices regarding the land deals. Shades of Aubrey McClendon (soon to be late of Chesapeake) - Ward recently sold his personal Thunder (OKC NBA team) tickets to the company for $280,000. Not in the same league as Aubrey selling his map collection for $12 million but same idea. He also got $1million from Sandridge for "personal" accounting services last year in addition to taking $70million out of the company the past 3 years. Don't shed a tear for Tom though; he has a $97million golden parachute in place.

    You might make some short term flips for profit but Sandridge is not something for a widow-and-orphan fund.
    Feb 9, 2013. 03:46 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Hormel Foods Corp. Dividend Stock Analysis  [View article]
    Please don't be blinded by the low dividend yield unless you are on a fixed income and have to have the cash. HRL was up a combined yield and price appreciation of 21% last year vs SDY/SPY; up "only" 17.07%/15.45%. Same story over a two and three year period with HRL outpacing the S&P 500 ETFs substantially. And, and, and - a Chowder score of 17 (yield + 5yr div growth rate >=12 is very good). Thanks SA contributors Chowder and David Fish. Note that figures for gains were from dates mid-Jaanuary and might be slightly different based on dates you select.

    Also, EPS payout ratio is 36.56%, Free Cash Flow payout is 76.85. That indicates future dividend rate increases are likely and sustainable.
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  • General Electric: 'Global Gorilla' Transforms And Delivers  [View article]
    I'm a D&G investor. My spreadsheet, partially cribbed from other members here (D4L, David Fish, F.A.S.T., etc - thanks) looks at total return over the past three years as an initial screen. Why would I own a stock that doesn't perform as well as SDY or SPY on a total return basis? It's hard to beat the Index. Here's GE vs. same over the past three years. (year ago, 2 ago, 3 ago dates are around the end of the 2nd week of Jan - same dates for all 3). Gain is % stock price to current, not yr to yr.

    GE 3.45 16.99 20.50 32.73
    SPY 2.09 14.98 16.67 34.59
    SDY 3.13 12.41 17.90 30.06

    Others pointed out - if you didn't gain since the 07-08 meltdown, you're a dog. The small chart shows the pretty much flat 2011 for the S&P.
    GE shows up as a leader especially if you add in the dividend.

    Here is Intel as a dog:
    INTC 4.24 -15.47 1.05 2.02

    Here is Union Pacific Railroad as a KILLER:
    UNP 2.08 20.74 44.47 109.04
    Oh for a time machine.

    Yes, check debt, revenue, dividend, accounts receivables growth, etc.

    Disclaimer - Not a certified financial guru, not your financial guru, YMMV.

    Apologies if things didn't format so well.
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  • 7 Dividend Stocks With Room To Increase Their Payout  [View article]
    Nacco Ind. (NC) is out of the materials handling business. It was spun off on September 28, 2012 as an independent public company, Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. It currently has an odd mix of coal mining, kitchen appliances (Hamilton Beach), and retail kitchen items (Kitchen Collection).
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  • Forgo The Risk Of Intel For The Same High Yield Of Dow Chemical  [View article]
    Microsoft has always been poor on hardware side. It's a miniscule portion of MSFT revenue. The Surface seems to be more of a technology demonstration for WIN 8 rather than a core product. Lots of hype but no actual sales figures. Not a boost to Intel in summary.

    Intel just announced the CEO is stepping down. No lead up to it, just out-of-the-blue. This is a red flag for many investors (not me).

    I'm holding my Intel due to its still large lead in future technology. They are a generation ahead in actual production items and R&D spending points to maintaining its moat in chip size, heat and enery reduction. Plus they make a lot more than PC chips. Not adding however.
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  • Cramer's Picks: 1 To Buy, 2 To Sell  [View article]
    DVN has made significant strides towards more liquids in the production mix without giving up significant gas properties. This is unlike its more "theatrical" cousin, Chesapeake. Here in Okie land, DVN and Sandridge are the better run companies according to insiders in the industry.
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  • Don't Blunder Like Buffett: How Rookie IRA Investors Can Make Him Pay Dividends  [View article]
    I've gone the covered call route for a year and a half. Not really much movement. Buffett kicked the price back up from below $70 with his repurchase last fall. The Put sell has qualities as well. You tie up slightly less cash.

    Remember with either strategy, you really should like the company, not just because of the premium or relatively flat pricing. Always perform due diligence.
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