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I have been a pharmacist for 35 years and have recently been a manager for a large healthcare company, directly overseeing the purchase and distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars of pharmaceuticals. Being in the industry from the procurement and distribution side both, has given me a... More
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  • LVVV-Livewire And MJNA-Medical-Marijuana Joint Venture - FREE CBD CHEW Offer

    (click to enlarge)

    Just a quick update on Medical Marijuana MJNA and LVVV-Livewire Herbaceuticals joint venture and why it is a positive for both companies.

    MJNA now has Contract for supplies of Hemp CBD oils for its Hempmeds division. Now, how will MJNA distribute products with all this Hemp oil and sell it and become bigger and profitable?

    Now comes LVVV-Livewire with it's new Manufacturing plant and all that capacity and a rapidly expanding distribution network...And LVVV is acquiring APRU - Apple Rush corp and changing the name to Livewire Herbaceuticals

    LVVV needs a nice affordable source of CBD Hemp Oil for it's new products to be made in the new facility, and MJNA needs to sell the Hemp Oil in large quantities... Well this is a great joint venture...

    No... they are making joints ..... yet... but have a JV to make products with CBD products.

    Now comes LVVV and releases NEWS on Friday that the first batch of CBD CHEWS have shipped... And also comes in with a FREE CBD sample CHEW offer, and get's people to try 3 of it's products...

    Well, that's about it folks... below is a link where you too can try the CBD CHEWS "free" with Energy Chews and ADIA Probiotics - just pay shipping.. I also threw in a schematic diagram showing how all these companies relate to each other. Livewire is now becoming a MONSTER in the "weed stock" sector because it has the capability to MASS PRODUCE CBD and eventually THC products now.

    (click to enlarge)

    (click to enlarge)

    Disclosure: I am long LVVV.

    Additional disclosure: I am also long MJNA and APRU

    Mar 30 9:32 PM | Link | 2 Comments
  • Why LVVV-Livewire Herbaceuticals Is More Than Just Another "Weed" Stock

    Marijuana stocks are the internet stocks and the dot com stocks of 2014!

    Every day, another penny stock announces some deal or some new smoking device that is going to revolutionize the MMJ (Medical Marijuana) market, and the stock runs like crazy for a few days.

    I haven't seen anything like this since 1998-99 period when the internets and dot coms took the markets by storm.

    And... in my opinion, this is still just starting to develop. Back in the day, we saw Yahoo, IPO at $20 and run to over $600... Well, this week, we saw HEMP legalized, and the stock HEMP has run from about .01 in December to .29 now. Billions of shares outstanding, give HEMP an astronomical market cap.. These are just examples... Other stocks with similar charts, TRTC, MJNA, PHOT, FITX, EAPH, GRNH, and there are many more, but that is not the purpose of this article.

    Now comes Monster Energy competitor Livewire Ergogenics, Inc. They have had some success in moving into the billion dollar energy supplement market with a candy-like soft chew with precise caffeine dosing in each chew. Their selling point is they are very portable, unlike an energy drink, and give the same boost as the energy drinks and shots.

    But the CEO - Bill Hodson - is a very sharp and enterprising individual, and has been working on dosing THC and CBD oil for some time with his equipment and factory, in order to expand into the lucrative Medical Marijuana Dispensary business, and also possibly into the LEGAL THC business in Colorado and Washington.

    So here is the PR that started it all on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014. There were some issues with how he named his new directors, so that has been edited out of this PR..

    LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. Announces Formation of LiveWire Herbaceuticals and Appointments to Advisory Board

    ORANGE, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 3, 2014) - LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTCQB: LVVV) is pleased to announce the formation of a new division, LiveWire Herbaceuticals.

    LiveWire's proprietary method adds a precise amount of THC and CBD to a flavored matrix resulting in a chew that has little or no aftertaste. LiveWire then uses an independent laboratory to verify the dosage. This product will be manufactured and distributed through dispensaries in states where it is legal.

    LiveWire Herbaceuticals was formed to solve the most pressing issue in the legal medical marijuana industry which is dose and consistency control.

    "The initial response to this technology has been overwhelming. We have our first order, and subject to legal approval, we should be in production by the end of the month. We believe that medical marijuana provides significant health benefits to consumers, and as this is adopted nationwide, we want to give consumers the ability to responsibly manage their dose. To provide precision in this product is an important key to success," said Bill Hodson, CEO of LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc.

    For more information about LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc., or to find a LiveWire Territory Manager near you, please visit

    Then comes LIVEWIRE with an 83 million share outstanding, of which, the CEO and PRESIDENT own 25 million shares, and they take salaries of $1 per year! They are going to grow the company and grow the stock for their rewards!

    Dilution has ceased, and the company has had huge success in the fall and winter of expanding it's distributor base for the caffeine chews... Now comes the HUGE NEWS.... Since LVVV is an Orange, California Company.... They are right in the middle of the Medical Marijuana market... CEO thinks... If I can dose caffeine, how about CBD oil and THC?

    So this is where LVVV stands after 3 days of being a "weed" stock.

    The stock more than tripled in price into the .11 range the first 2 days, and the classic 3rd day profit taking pulled it down to close at .083 today... My belief is that, like the above stocks in the sector, that Livewire will run to heights that are almost beyond belief in the near future as the shipments of these MMJ CHEWS actually take place and the market discovers LVVV.

    In closing, it may be another bubble, but, like the dot coms and the internet stocks, those companies that figured out how to make money and prosper have done well after the bubble burst, and the others are gone. Same thing will happen to the "weed" stocks... Choose your investments wisely.

    Disclosure: I am long LVVV.

    Feb 05 10:25 PM | Link | 3 Comments
  • Elite Pharmaceuticals - Human Testing Announced Dec. 5, 2013 - Effect On Stock Price

    The below article will attempt to show how the development-process will effect stock price as studies are completed, results announced, and product launch nears...

    Those of us following Elite Pharmaceuticals for some time, remember way back, C.O.B. Jerry Treppel outlined in a conference call July 3rd, 2012, those now famous comparisons of product launches to a baseball game... Talking about doubles, triples, and homeruns! The product launches of the 8 generic drugs were nice doubles.... They moved us along and kept us in the game... Really didn't score much with the stock price, but ELTP kept swinging...

    Jerry Treppel knows, that as products progress through the development process, they increase in value at an EXPONENTIAL RATE, as they move through the Phases of FDA development requirements... Example...suppose you have a new drug for a 500 million dollar potential treatment market:

    Phase one initiated: drug is worth 1 million dollars
    Phase one completed: Drug is worth 4 million dollars

    Phase two initiated: Drug is worth 16 million dollars
    Phase two completed: Drug is worth 64 million dollars

    Phase three initiated Drug is worth 128 million dollars
    Phase three completed Drug is worth 256 million dollars

    FDA approval- Drug is worth 500 million dollars!

    That's the way a normal 3 phase FDA New Drug Application process will work, and what Jerry Treppel was up against, as the Phase 2 and Phase 3 studies take years and cost tens of millions of dollars to complete....

    But wait, There is another way.... and that's the beauty of the current plan... It's called the 505b2 NDA submission alternative.

    Anyone wanting more info on Camargopharma and what they can do for a drug company seeking 505b2 development should click on this link:

    Jerry Treppel realized he needed assistance with the product development, so he contacted Nasrat Hakim, an industry veteran Big Pharma leader, and they worked out a deal where Nasrat would become CEO and lead the development of the Abuse Resistant Technology drugs, and contracted with the leading development firm of Camargopharma, the #1 505b2 development firm, to lay out the roadmap for 505b2 product development, including designing studies needed for collecting data needed to proceed to the final stage of a NDA filing for a 505b2 product approval!

    The press release on December 5th, outlining the beginning of PK studies, and the timetable for the initiation of studies for development of 2 drugs, was a double folks!

    From the Press Release-
    Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Elite" or the "Company") ("Elite") (OTCBB:ELTP) announced today the first dosing of a pilot bioequivalence study in healthy volunteers for ELI-201, the Company's twice daily abuse deterrent oxycodone/naltrexone product.

    Elite has met the goal of starting the bio study for ELI-201 in December. A pivotal bioequivalence study for a second abuse deterrent product is scheduled to begin dosing in January 2014, and the pivotal bioequivalence study for ELI-201 is scheduled to begin dosing in March 2014. The bioequivalence studies for these opioid abuse deterrent products are being conducted under the direction of Camargo Pharmaceutical Services.

    "The start of the ELI-201 pilot study marks a major milestone for the development of products utilizing our proprietary abuse deterrent technology," said Nasrat Hakim, Elite's President and CEO. "I am extremely pleased with the progress Elite has made with the development of this technology. We have set several initiatives in motion and all of our research and development projects are on or ahead of schedule. We appreciate the guidance and expertise that has been provided by Camargo and look forward to this next phase for the Company."

    Finally, the FDA submission process is not cut and dried, a,b,c,d process, but, like the patent process, will require interaction with the FDA, clarification, and possible re-submission of certain results... However with Camargopharma leading the design and development, and Nasrat Hakim leading the implementation of studies, investors can now be confident that the ELI-216 Abuse Resistant Technology containing generic for Oxycontin is well on the way to FDA approval and Launch on the USA market.

    The stock price responded to the NEWS of Nasrat Hakim's appointment as CEO and the renewed focus on ART drug development with a DOUBLE in price... It has not responded yet to the NEWS of the launch of PK studies, and the timetable of more studies.

    But, in my opinion, the price will rise, and may rapidly rise as we progress through the remainder of the winter and spring of 2014.

    As I indicated above - milestones reached will exponentially increase the value of the drugs in development. So the successful completion of PK studies on December 22 is the milestone to watch. It will take some time for study results to be compiled though, so the stock may or may not respond as that date arises. However, as further studies are started and completed, and as other developments appear, the stock will begin to rise and will continue to rise.

    The other developments could be - Announcement by partner Epic Pharma of Launch of the first of the 12 new drugs it is developing for Elite Pharma.

    A BIG PHARMA partner that will help develop and fund studies on other drugs requiring Phase 1, 2, and 3 trials for traditional NEW DRUG APPLICTATIONS. This deal could also include manufacturing and marketing arrangements for the current ART drugs that Elite is developing alone.

    Of course, the SEC 10Q earnings report showing large Revenue Gains for the current portfolio of drugs and MILESTONE PAYMENTS for the drugs being developed will also be a positive for the stock.

    The future has never looked brighter for Elite Pharmaceuticals and its investors.

    Disclosure: I am long OTCQB:ELTP.

    Tags: ELTP
    Dec 08 9:40 AM | Link | 2 Comments
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