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  • Axion Power Concentrator 331: May 11 '14: Revese Split Consent Solicitation Filed; Q4 & EOY 2013 Results & CC; CFO Resigns; David DiGiacinto Joins BoD; PV With Storage Financials [View instapost]
    It appears to me your judgement on TG is centered around the incorrect notion that he has had nine years to sell the battery and make a smashing success of the company. The truth is they have been an R&D company for eight of those nine years.

    Over the past three years on this blog I have seen investor after investor fall because their investing thesis was based on the idea that Axion is a seasoned commercially producing energy storage company. Their is nothing in their history that should give anyone that idea. The only reason to invest now is to make a bet on the chance they will become what you think they already are. If I thought they were commercially producing this product for a decade and it was a product already out there in the market and this was the current state of affairs, I would be pissed too.

    The truth is TG has been at the helm of an R&D stage company nine years and now that they finally have the product right and capable of being commercialized you want him out. It's like Peter Dinklage at the fight of Black Water No one wants to give hime credit for saving Westeros and now they want him hanged (for Game Of Thrones buffs.)
    May 13, 2014. 09:00 PM | 21 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 71: Beginning Feb. 25 2012 [View instapost]
    I have been looking for a place to stuff my following thoughts but I just have not been able to find an opportune time so I will just say it here. In light of a lot of other energy companies like Xide, Ener1, A123, Beacon, Tesla etc. we have seen either buckle completely or begin to buckle or at least falter badly under the guidance of their management, I thought now would be a fine time to speak about this.

    I have heard a lot of people talk about "loving" the PbC technology and how wonderful it is or could be so they invest in it, generally speaking these are the people I have found who most often get disappointed after a very short time invested and then begin directing their frustration toward the company. They invest in the technology because it will change the world and then get mad at the company for not changing the world fast enough, when it should be the other way around.

    It is precisely my belief in the company and management that gets my investment. It is true the great technology is the engine, but my investment goes into the car and the driver.

    A little while back I read a book, I am sure many others here have as well, titled, "From Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap to and others don't" by Jim Collins. After a ton of analysis' on the companies that made the leap to being Great compared to the companies that did not they found the first thing that separated them was the character of their CEO. It describes the CEO's in the great companies having what they called Level 5 leadership, which was this paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will. The CEO's displayed a personal modesty, a shy nature, and might even have been awkward but were not to be mistaken for being weak. Also, most of the time the CEO came from within the company and was not a "big shot" hired in from the outside, so his determination to see the company succeed was his ambition and even ego.

    When you look back on Axion's history, the adversity they have faced, the tough choices they have made (ones that some stockholders don't like) and the inherent difficulty involved in bringing a new technology to commercialization, the character that management and Granville possess shines through in color. This is what allows me for the most part to sit back and enjoy my investment because I focus on the real backbone of the company, and surprisingly it is not the technology, it is managements personal humility and professional will to get the job done one way or the other, their unwavering commitment to the company. If one only relies on the technology their is no doubt that at one point or another he/she will be disappointed in their investment and be howling at the next conference call, because, " hasn't sold yet." or "what about this technology or that technology." The technology itself can't be a silver bullet but management's determination to succeed with what, at the very least, can be called pretty darn good technology is a constant throughout Axion's growth that any person should feel comfortable relying on when making their investment...even before making their investment.
    Feb 25, 2012. 07:33 PM | 21 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 59: Beginning Feb. 1, 2012, Axion Power Shelf Offering Part Two  [View instapost]
    Thanks for your comment KT.

    Here is another perspective as well:
    Yesterday, the market cap closed at about $52.7M, today with the additional shares added in, the market cap closed at ~$53.5M.

    For all intents and purposes the company is selling for about the same price today as it did yesterday.

    Between now and then they secured financing to get us through announcements with 1. BMW, 2. NS and 3. PowerCube sales.

    If anyone's time frame is less than two years you can now in a more relaxed state (since financing is behind us) evaluate your investment horizon and determine if you need any of the three things mentioned above to come to fruition in the next 6-9 months in order to maintain your conviction in your investment. I think that is a pretty fair amount of time to give Axion to come up with some sales or at least very positive news. The best part is you do not have to worry about the company going bankrupt in the meantime, whereas yesterday we did have that consideration to deal with no matter how remote it may or may not have been.
    Feb 1, 2012. 07:39 PM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 335: May 19 '14: Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available; Q1 '14 Filing Released;Axion Receives 4 Powercubes Order; Reverse Split Consent Solicitation Filed [View instapost]
    You have annoyed me not angered me. You have posted 5 times more frequently in the past two weeks trying to gather forces for a coup on the CEO than you did in two years when you were "helping to make the company successful". I find your insistence on attempting to rename the PbC, bio-carbon more than egotistical and silly. Since finally we have car manufacturers and major companies talking about the virtues of advanced lead-carbon batteries in whatever form (Axion's being the most advanced) and now your strategy is to strip that little momentum away.

    Still you want to talk about these other projects. What about the projects they are doing? Would the solar array on a truck make you happier than ePower? I am sure your third world refrigeration application is better more potential than NS999 and road locomotives?

    They have to choose their projects wisely with limited resources unless you want them raising $50 or a $100M a year like A123 and Ener1. And while they may not be perfect, the projects they are involved with seem pretty damn good. However, with a falling stock price investors want new and different projects because they are bored and tired and no doubt smarter and more capable than current management.
    May 21, 2014. 08:44 PM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 336: May 24 '14: Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available; Q1 '14 Filing Released;Axion Receives 4 Powercubes Order; Reverse Split Consent Solicitation Filed [View instapost]
    SD, Yes, I was one of those guys who started using the charts and creating the current format, however another APH'r has been updating it for the past year as I got too busy. Its really just a copy paste and update any new info type thing. No proprietary information. And JP who makes the charts used to send them to me.

    We'll see if this works out for everyone involved. I have no strong feelings either way I just know how it feels to have a reading place as part of your routine and then to have it stop or be thrown up in the air can be disruptive and bothersome.

    Hope this helps.
    May 24, 2014. 06:09 AM | 18 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 202: Jan. 24: Axion Power PbC Batteries Continue To Demonstrate Effectiveness For Railroad Applications Norfolk Southern [View instapost]
    I will prepare the fatted calf.
    Jan 24, 2013. 11:14 AM | 18 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 181, Nov. 29: Latest News [View instapost]
    Could it be, I am the first to deliver cool news? Axion's new website. Very nice so far...I love the green grass covered car.
    Nov 29, 2012. 05:38 PM | 18 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 331: May 11 '14: Revese Split Consent Solicitation Filed; Q4 & EOY 2013 Results & CC; CFO Resigns; David DiGiacinto Joins BoD; PV With Storage Financials [View instapost]
    Just one comment Rick. I appreciate your continuing posts. You write: "What some/many people believe is that TG has been incompetent as CEO of Axion, and has been responsible for disastrous financing, lack of sales, excessive secrecy, over-restricted distribution, lack of transparency, loss of key personnel, etc."

    In your own $100M endeavor you favored a different approach and a large corporation saw what you were doing and told you point blank you wont be doing it anymore and succeeded in running you out within just a couple of years. Perhaps, TG's approach at keeping this company progressing is favorable to the outcome that your approach brought. Just an observation.

    The one thing I like about the company is TG and his ability to keep the company going after nine years of considerable adversity.
    May 12, 2014. 01:35 PM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold: The Fear Bubble Bursts [View article]
    Felix, I thought you were a smart guy. I don't understand people's political attitude towards gold. What is wrong with people wanting to use it as a store of value? Why is that a fear trade and they deserve to have their money be lost? What is a government bond? What is holding money in a savings account? Are those fear trades just because they are viewed as "safe"? Why is it wrong for people to believe in a currency that can not be duplicated, is rare and therefore serves as an alternative store of wealth?

    If the Argentines could go back and buy gold as opposed to putting their money in a "safe" bank account or in their government's bonds thereby preserving what little savings they had, would you begrudge them that opportunity just because you think gold is for right wing zealots? When an individual might believe stocks are overvalued and interest rates are below inflation, why is it wrong for that person to want to store their wealth in an alternative currency such as gold?

    Put whatever politics you have aside and think rationally on it for a few minutes.
    Apr 15, 2013. 08:23 PM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 193: Jan. 3: Latest News [View instapost]
    There is a mid-blend fund on Morningstar that I have been watching. Last year it owned 5.4M shares. Last quarter it showed that it owned 941,190. Yesterday I checked it and they had sold another 575,292 only 365,898 shares were left. I would bet an entire stick of chewing gum that that 300k offer at .31 is the end of that fund and could very well be the end of our sellers.

    Those are a few ifs, probably's and maybes in there but it looks like it fits a decent pattern, and one that would fit into Manatuck Hill's ending position. Since their shares were registered in street name in 2010 and out of the stock certificates they wouldn't be showing up in HTL's short sells. Here is a link to the morningstar page.
    Jan 4, 2013. 10:17 AM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 335: May 19 '14: Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available; Q1 '14 Filing Released;Axion Receives 4 Powercubes Order; Reverse Split Consent Solicitation Filed [View instapost]
    I have decided to create a new APC. There are a lot of great people here who are counting on these APC's and I will feel somewhat of a responsibility to continue it without prolonged interruption. I used to be one of the Axion Power Hosts, but passed it off to another. He/she/they may or may not decide to begin updating these again, but until then if you would all like to continue following concentrators, you can click on the following link. I will continue updating the APC's under my username. If it works out it works out, if not, that is ok too.

    Good luck all. And thanks to APH for doing a great job for so long...we'll see what happens.
    May 24, 2014. 12:31 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 335: May 19 '14: Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available; Q1 '14 Filing Released;Axion Receives 4 Powercubes Order; Reverse Split Consent Solicitation Filed [View instapost]
    They have sold several hundred PbC's to the likes of BMW, NS, BySolar, Naval Yard, epower etc. None of those seem to make anyone happy. Some would rather focus on the two battery sale they did not make, pretending the stock price would be much higher if only they sold to smart, well intentioned folks like yourself.
    May 21, 2014. 12:03 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Have You Been Wrong About Gold And Silver? [View article]
    Your articles have always been very welcome, and you have done an excellent job at trading the metals. Thanks and keep it up. I just want to make one point regarding the manipulation thing.

    Chat rooms are being banned at banks because it has come to light that the traders at the major banks have been using them to manipulate and fix the FX market. A multi-trillion dollar market that no one thought could be manipulated because of its enormity. If they can do that they most certainly have a hand in the direction of the tiny in comparison precious metals market, at least in the short to medium-term? I am sure someone "accidentally" sold 4000 contracts of gold last Monday because entities with that much money always make dumb mistakes.

    Anyhow, it is trivial to talk about manipulation because the market is built on it, from penny stocks on up through the FX market. Thats all.
    Jan 12, 2014. 09:59 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Does Tesla's Late Form 10-K Filing Mean For Investors [View article]
    Thom, Tax credits/provisions that every enterprise, sector and individual tax payer in America receives is far different from the government actually giving away loans and grants that are all tax payers money given to people and companies discriminately.

    Exxon Mobil paid $27.3 Billion dollars in taxes last year on a net income of $41B -- a 42% effective tax rate. Should we tax them into oblivion 100% of their profits in order to run the federal government for a couple days?

    Non-profitable companies pay 0 taxes.
    Mar 3, 2013. 11:10 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 208: Feb. 13: Axion Power PbC Batteries Continue To Demonstrate Effectiveness For Railroad Applications Norfolk Southern [View instapost]
    JRP3, he stopped the Norwich charge at 28% because it was a low-charge station and he was trying to get enough charge to get to the supercharger so he wouldn't have to wait around for 8 hours charging the car. The facts are: the est. range the vehicle told him when charging at any station was way-off by 1/3 or more. And when he stopped at the hotel overnight the est. range lost 75%. Those are facts that Musks shining distraction of the logs can and do not dispute.

    The only thing in the log that disputes anything about Broder's blog is the temp gauge and the speed. You can see in Musks log the temperature settings were only ever increased directly after Broder recharged the battery, when Broder began seeing the battery depleting too fast you can see he turned the temp settings way down. On speed, oh shoot, Broder said 54mph, the log says he was going 60 for a 100 mile stretch but further along on the trip he was going 54 for over 50 miles (human error, but nothing that changes the issues). Once again you can see when he recharged he thought he was actually allowed to drive highway speeds and have a comfortable temp. setting in the cabin, shame on him for attempting such extravagance.

    Musk has nothing and he should be sued for libel.
    Feb 14, 2013. 10:04 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment