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  • Near-Term Technical Picture Appears Bullish but Fundamentals Point to Downside Potential  [View article]
    I believe the market got a little fluffy in areas and we are in a repositioning phase as the third quarter is upon us. Some sectors have had tremendous gains in the past two to three quarters and it is time to take some of that profit off the table and look for fresh opportunities going into 2012 and beyond.

    In the wake of a dot com boom and bust, a housing boom and bust, a financial crisis, a nuclear meltdown heard around the world, natural energy resources beyond a believable price hike spikes, we are moving into a new phase of investment opportunities where more rational judgement is required if you are looking for investments beyond that of day trading to a six month period. It used to be invest for the long term. It still is, but the definition of long term isn't what it used to be.
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  • JA Solar Impresses, But Falling Solar Prices Due to European Cuts Concern Others  [View article]
    I did my research and I agree with DagnyTaggart on some accounts. Polysilicon is a superior product to CIGS thin film. The only reason thin film caught on was because of the polysilicon shortage. CIGS is toxic. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells are made from silicon, a naturally occurring element that makes up about 25% of the earths crust.

    There is no shortage of silicon on the planet. Silicon is very abundant in nature, in the form of sand. Solar manufacturers compete with many other industries for silicon. The problem for the shortage in the past had to do with not enough manufacturers processing and refining enough silicon for suitable use in computer chips and solar cells.

    JA Solar Holdings JASO is well positioned for the future. JASO manufactures solar cells and OEM solar panels in three manufacturing facilities in China and sell solar cells and panels worldwide. Solar cells are what turns the suns rays into electricity inside a solar panel. JASO is the largest producer of solar cells in the world by volume as of the end of 2010 according to IMS research, they are also ranked in the top ten solar panel makers.

    For those who are interested here's a link to a 59 page report on the Chinese solar industry.
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