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  • Stocks And The Presidency: What To Expect When You're Electing  [View article]
    I admire the bravery of your call, and I'll try not to throw brickbats if you're wrong, my apologies if earlier posts were a little harsh.

    Personally I have a hunch Romney will win, but I'm not as certain as either you or Michael Ashton. It's too close and unpredictable to know, but I do know there are a lot of Americans who have had their honeymoon expectations and false illusions of Barack Obama roundly dashed. For the sake of America, and the planet, I hope you're prediction is wrong, obviously.

    I've no idea what Fox are saying as I don't have access to their news channel, but I will confess to reading a couple of papers on the Ludwig Von Mises website a while back, by Murray Rothbard, who might qualify in your definition of Libertarian.

    One thing's for sure, dinner with you would not be boring ;-)
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  • Stocks And The Presidency: What To Expect When You're Electing  [View article]
    Michael Ashton sums up the most likely effect of the election result in this article:

    “I believe that a Romney victory (which is the current odds-on bet ….) would send stocks lower, while an Obama victory would send them higher - in the short term.

    The reason I believe this is that I think investors will interpret a Romney victory as producing a greater chance of fiscal austerity (relatively, that is - we're not getting any important austerity in this country for a while) and a greater chance of a less-accommodative Fed over the next couple of years especially when a President Romney would replace Bernanke (whose term is up in January 2014) with a hawkish Chairman.

    These things would be more likely to produce a deeper recession in 2013 than we are already likely to get under Obama.

    However, let me be clear: I think the Romney policies are closer to the correct policies, and I am highly confident that the stock market in five years would be significantly higher under Romney's stated policies than under Obama's. But the stock market is full of short-term-focused investors these days, and the more immediate focus would be on the near-term implications of a change from a relatively profligate fiscal and monetary policy (that anaesthetizes near-term pain even as our limbs are sawed off) to one that aggressively moves to address the nation's financial future sanely, at a somewhat higher short-term cost.”

    The key point to take away is that boosting the markets by electing Obama has nothing to do with the long term health of the US economy. More likely, the short term pain caused by some fiscal responsibility (ostensibly advocated by the Romney/Ryan camp and long overdue) would give better long term prospects.

    Of course, this does not please some commentors on this thread because they come from a short term trading outlook, and being fixated on market indices and official stats, crave more artificial sweetening from continued Obamanomics, which sadly results in the longer term decline of the US for everyone (yep, Obama is inclusive alright!) even if it does create some short term bubbling in the markets.
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  • Stocks And The Presidency: What To Expect When You're Electing  [View article]
    "Only a return to a National Agenda which includes everyone, not just the Fringes, will get this country moving again. "

    As long as you are the one who gets to define "everyone" and "fringes" I'm sure you will be very happy. Reading your posts one gets the impression you think you own the republican party and have sole right to decide what it should stand for.
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  • Stocks And The Presidency: What To Expect When You're Electing  [View article]
    I don't mean to be rude to a lady, but in all seriousness I really think you should consider laying off the caffiene.

    "I almost think we should establish re-education camps for them, a la the Cultural Revolution. Only ours would teach them what America is supposed to stand for."

    Yep, lots of crazed dictators the world over and throughout history have agreed with you. They also knew what their countries were supposed to stand for, and just like you they all thought their ideas were better than everyone elses, and wanted to impose them on their countryfolk. It's called megalomania.
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  • Stocks And The Presidency: What To Expect When You're Electing  [View article]
    "since President Obama took office until now, the market is up 67%.....Clearly the market, will continue to prosper under president Obama."

    Nominal stock index bubble inflated by money printing, negative interest rates and state spending (all are state imposed wealth redistribution schemes).

    If you call that 'prospering' I wonder if you understand economics at all?
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  • Exposure To Gold For A Fraction Of The Cost  [View article]
    You have it right. One is a tenth of the price because it represents a tenth of the gold, so it is a moot point.

    The reason for the missing blue line is it is overlapped by the red line (I think the author does explain that).
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  • Sandstorm's Q3 Results Stay Golden  [View article]
    Brigus have just announced a stream buy back from Sandstorm. Will be interesting how this impacts prices of either companies.
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  • Stocks And The Presidency: What To Expect When You're Electing  [View article]
    “Re-electing Obama would be like turning the Titanic around and steering into the iceberg again.”

    - a previous SA poster
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  • Exposure To Gold For A Fraction Of The Cost  [View article]
    "The gold line represents the S&P 500 index, and the red line represents GLD.... IAU is represented by the blue line,"

    Of course - use the gold line for the non-gold item, use red and blue for gold. That's genius :-)

    Sorry, it's a slow day in the office.
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  • Golden Cross Points To New All Time Highs For Gold  [View article]
    Great article, well researched, and leads to conclusions which are consistent with the obvious fundamentals.
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  • Gold Revisited: Fundamentals Have Changed, Downside Remains  [View article]
    "Another few days, and we'll be able to speak our mind freely for the good of the country and the world."

    You seem to be doing just fine already. ;-)
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  • Several Variables To Consider Ahead Of Yamana's Earnings  [View article]
    I hope the Argies let Yamana keep their assets / profits from that territory. I expect gold mining activities to come heavily under the scrutiny of the government there.
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  • Sandstorm's Q3 Results Stay Golden  [View article]
    Re hyperinflation, two points I believe are beyond doubt:

    1. Government / CB policy continues to lay the groundwork for it, and increases the likelyhood of it happening.

    2. Predicting when it will assert itself is both impossible and unnecessary. A large component of the exact timing has to do with confidence and perception in the populace, and levels of brainwashing/ignorance of that same populace - it is not simply down to arithmetic and hard calculations. There is also a group think/sheep like panic which is part of the hyperinflation dynamic.

    The media and politicians are of course working very effectively to perpetuate confidence among the populace, who can guess when their efforts will finally fail? Some of these factors are hard to measure and hard to predict.
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  • The Pause That Refreshes... Look For A Sharp Uptrend In Precious Metals  [View article]
    "Since when is bearishness = non-objective... "

    When it is based on rhetoric and bluster, rather than analysis and fundamentals.

    "...and bullishness = objective?"

    When it is based on analysis and fundamentals, rather than rhetoric and bluster.
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  • Sandstorm's Q3 Results Stay Golden  [View article]
    I've owned SAND since it recently quoted on NYSE, already seen a huge percentage growth in no time.
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