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  • 35 Top Yielding Real Estate Investment Trusts, Part 1: Residential REITs [View article]
    How will the SEC investigation into faulty mortgage backed securities affect the REIT market? We know BofA has already bought back FOUR BILLION dollars (well, actually federal reserve notes as we have no dollars) worth of these UNsecured mortgage backed certificates or securities. What will happen when the general public understands that their original mortgage note is gone and no one knows where to? I am not kidding. TRY to find yours by calling your "servicer" or "pretender" lender!
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  • Fortress Investment Group LLC's CEO Discusses Q3 2011 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    Oh yeah, how did Mr. Mudd do in running Fannie Mae? What kind of shape did Mr. Mudd leave Fannie Mae in? How about the investors who purchased Fannie Mae products? How much product did Fannie Mae have to buy back? Mr. Mudd does not have a record of leaving companies in better shape than when he found them. You would have lost if you followed his advice while he was ruining Fannie Mae.
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  • Fortress Investment Group LLC's CEO Discusses Q3 2011 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    hmmm....would not invest a penny in this company. Do your own research on the companies that FIG owns. Are they real? Do they truly report their losses? Have they accounted for LARGE projected losses? Why is raising capital so important? Due to unreported losses? Do you need a list of other companies that looked great only to fail and cheat the investors? Walk away from this company, loudly or quietly, whichever suits your investment style. Hint: Chec Funding LLC, NSM Recovery Services to name just a few...
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  • Major Bank Stocks That Could Double In 2012 [View article]
    Bank of America is a criminal enterprise. Clearly. How many major lawsuits are they facing right this moment? Have you read their 10k or year end audited statement from last year? BofA has massive liability over Countrywide. BofA is still facing AG scrutiny over their FORGERY AND FRAUD which BofA likes to call "robo-signing" or "missing paperwork" or "sloppy paperwork" when we all know it is FRAUD. BofA has used attorneys to illegally foreclose on homeowners. Want to see how bad it really is? I dare you to call your "servicer" and ask who owns your mortgage note? Where is the original mortgage note? Who is the beneficial owner? You will be lied to so stick with it until you get a REAL answer...if you can.This will be the story of 2012. Banks caught stealing, again.
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  • Buy JP Morgan, Sell Deutsche Bank [View article]
    Buy bank shares, uh-huh.
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  • Bank Of America's Earnings: Was It A Gimmick? [View article]
    Too big to fail will fail. Don't trust BofA when it comes That is their underlying problem. They have lied, they do lie and they will lie right up to the moment they are caught. Countrywide? Massive mortgage fraud? UNsecured mortgage backed securities?
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  • Citigroup Vs. Bank Of America: Which Stock Is A Better Value? [View article]
    Warren Buffet is only in BofA for the short term. He will not be able to use his options of buying BofA regular shares as he is priced to buy well above the current pricing of the stock. His preferred stock is the key to his purchase. It pays him 300 million a year. BofA has so much exposure in their mortgages for so many reasons. Least of which is their fraudulent foreclosures. BofA is being sued by how many investors, states attorneys generals for mortgage fraud and securitization fraud? Only a fool would back BofA....unless you can drop 5 Billion to make 300 million a year for a few years. Is that you? Their dividend? One CENT per share on common stock. That is for a reason! BofA represents the corruption in our banking system. Clearly.
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  • 34 Individuals File Pro Se Involuntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Petition Against Bank of America, N.A.; Bank of America Quickly Responds & Asks for Immediate Dismissal [View instapost]
    Well BofA sure responded quickly! Wonder if it is because of all the other lawsuits against them...everyone from Goldman Sachs to various attorneys generals for many states are also suing BofA. Bank of America knows that their securitization process destroys the mortgage note and once a mortgage is bundled it, the mortgage note, can not come back out of the security/certificate as a whole note. THAT is the knowledge that all of the banks are trying their best to suppress. Don't believe me! Go to and look up any mortgage backed security and read the prospectus! The notes are sold numerous times without recourse and ultimately bundled together and sold to the end user, usually another financial entity like Goldman Sachs or such. I would urge you to file a debt validation case or a quiet title case against your lender especially if that lender is Countrywide or BofA. This bankruptcy case is forcing BofA to show that they have standing to even foreclose. DO YOUR OWN will be shocked.
    Jun 21 10:30 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Banks Still Have Huge Mortgage Losses to Come [View article]
    Any bank that securitized their loans are in trouble. When homeowners read the Prospectus/Prospectus Supplement/Pooling and Service Agreement for the Security/Certificate where their note resides they find that their note was sold and resold without recourse. The Certificate holder is the only one with "standing" to foreclose but they own a "pool" of notes. There is no mechanism to take one note out of a security. Sure the note payer can fall behind, sure the note payer can quit paying and go into default. The banks know that they are using fraud (reassigning the note out of thin air without consideration, reassigning the note where the Certificate holder has already claimed a loss and may have even been paid by insurance, etc.) to foreclose. The banks have stopped introducing false documents that they had been using to foreclose. THAT is the REAL reason banks are taking so long to foreclose. They have been getting caught in fraud. The banks fear that the general public will find out that the securitization process destroys the note as it, the note, cannot exist along side the new financial instrument, the Certificate/Security. That is why holders of these Certificates are suing and making banks like BofA buy back these defective instruments, they can not foreclose on a note without standing. I say short BofA as they will fail as more people understand that BofA does not have the money to cover the repurchase billions in Certificates. No wonder their dividend is one cent.
    Jun 5 02:39 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment