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  • 2014 Results Show A Bright Future For Whole Foods Market [View article]
    Trader Joe's is owned by Germany's Albrecht family. So, technically it would be a sale, or a spin-off, if it ever happened.

    Thanks to the author for a good article on WFM. It may be "fairly valued" here, but I've got money on it that it goes higher.
    Nov 17, 2014. 08:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Has Its Mojo Back [View article]
    I watched the after hours stock price yesterday as Apple reported. I was amazed to see it head down toward $98 before flattening out and then eventually creeping up a dollar or so. I was frustrated and disappointed that the market can't "see the forest for the trees" when it comes to AAPL. I thought about my reaction overnight. I realize that I, like other longtime investors in AAPL, probably got jaded by that meteoric rise during 2010- Sept. 2012. The slightest good news sent the shares up $10-20 in a single session, day after day. We all know how that ended. (There were also fewer shares in the market then, by 1/7.)

    Overnight, I concluded that the new trading dna of AAPL is better. It is more sane, less prone to exuberance, and therefore, more stable. The analysts are still playing their silly numbers games; I guess that's how they stay employed. I'll take my long term view over theirs, and enjoy the steady growth that AAPL has contributed to my portfolio over the decades I've held it. (Bought my first shares at $17 when SJ was being taken to the woodshed, again. :-)
    Oct 21, 2014. 01:47 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Healthcare Trust Of America Is A Valuable Player On My All-Star Team [View article]
    Thanks for the update. Appreciate your coverage, and the interview w. the CEO.
    Oct 20, 2014. 04:34 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Angie's List: The End May Be Nigh [View article]
    Gosh, if I'd known what a crummy company it is, I might not have become a member: it could fold and then my $5.59 membership would be for naught! (wink)

    The $9.95 basic membership was discounted 30% for the year, plus another 20% off for using PayPal. Total hit to my wallet: $5.59. It did seem to smack of desperation on the part of the company. I just signed up last week! I've already gotten what I went there to find, and am pleased with the results. It's a cheap date so far... I've set a reminder to cancel the membership before it auto renews in a year. Thanks for a well developed article.
    Aug 4, 2014. 03:46 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I Believe An Alibaba Deal To Buy Yahoo Is Becoming More Likely [View article]
    It's apparent that no one owns YHOO stock for Yahoo the company anymore. First everyone piled into YHOO for the promise of Alibaba. Yesterday the stampede surged on whiff of a nifty buyout concept. I own stock and long calls out to October. I bought YHOO when it seemed like the company might be turning itself around. Now I don't know why I own it anymore, except that I think Marissa has a long term vision that requires time to achieve. I just hope I get out with a nice profit because I don't like owning a company that has become a football on a crowded field of speculation.
    Jul 24, 2014. 08:20 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • This Is's D-Day And The Alibaba Troops Are Disembarking [View article]
    Hi Paulo. Can you address another argument re: Amazon vs. Alibaba? I've heard that because Alibaba is profitable and Amazon is not, institutions and hedge funds will sell AMZN to raise cash in order to get into the Alibaba IPO. What's your opinion? Is this an apples to apples kind of argument? Thanks. (Glad to see you back on the trail.)
    Jun 11, 2014. 02:52 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Dolby: You Can't Argue With 90% Margins [View article]
    Dolby has always been an interesting tech company, producing some great innovations. But the stock has no following, and I don't understand why this is. Trading volumes are consistently low. I got into DLB in 2012 and made a little bit, thankfully getting out before this last quarter's report sank it (for no good reason, as the author points out). I'm tempted to get back in because I like the company, but the stock seems to march to its own drummer, a drummer that doesn't seem to be in step with the underlying fundamentals. Perhaps if a greater number of analysts got interested in covering it, there would be more promise. Yahoo Finance records just 3 analysts following. Anyway, great article, thanks; I'll keep DLB on my radar screen.
    May 5, 2014. 03:38 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • CombiMatrix: A Turnaround Story For 2014 [View article]
    Why the rush for SQNM to buy CBMX? I'd like to see what Mark McDonough can do at CombiMatrix. I've been watching Sequenom for over 10 years. The company is working on important cutting edge technology, but I remain unimpressed with management and financials. They also have an unfortunate past incident of reporting amazing trial result findings, only to throw those in the garbage when it was discovered that tampering (or maybe it was loose internal controls) had produced those great results. This was a long time ago, so maybe I need to "update my hard drive" with more current info on SQNM. But I need more proof that SQNM is on the right trail. Let's see what the new CEO brings to the game before we put up the For Sale sign.
    Jan 22, 2014. 03:51 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Diamond Foods' Change In Estimate: Accounting Red Flag? [View article]
    Ex5, that's a good question. I heard a report on NPR about the condition of agriculture in California, re: this prolonged drought. California farmers and growers are apparently investing more acreage in fruit and nut trees, than into combustibles like lettuce. The thinking is that a fruit/nut-bearing tree takes 6-7 years to mature to production age, requires less water than 7 years of lettuce... and by then.... the drought will be resolved. Fingers crossed, and not just selfishly for Diamond, but for all the geographies and societies in the world that are experiencing dramatic climate change.
    Jan 21, 2014. 02:51 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Building A Portfolio Part 3: Due Diligence [View article]
    Inz: Larabars sold out to General Mills? I didn't know that. Larabars were a staple in my bike saddlebag and hiking rucksack for many years. I ran a small local gluten free baking business for awhile and may do so again in the future. Part of my business plan included selling a product line to a company like Trader Joe's. If success provided me an opportunity to sell to General Mills, would I? Is all money the same?

    Do you really believe you’re able to separate your personal interests from your investment decisions? I tend to prefer investing in companies or sectors that I’m personally interested in. If Trader Joe’s ever goes public, I’ll be in line. A representative of TJ’s told me there are no GMO products in the store. There are investors for whom these kinds of policy decisions are important. On the other hand, there are investors who believe in feeding the world through the products that Monsanto produces, or the cheaply sourced raw materials that GIS requires. Who is right? Everyone and no one. You are looking into a food and beverage addition to your portfolio right now. Given your interest in natural foods, would you ever consider a “food” producer like Tyson or an ag/chemical like Monsanto in your portfolio? I believe that many of our investment decisions are driven by our unique beliefs. It’s a piece of what makes the market place so interesting. I’d put up a lemonade stand before I’d invest in a factory farm or a known bee-killing company. And I have a feeling on this account, your personal beliefs would direct you toward the same investment decision.

    It's fun chatting with you. I’m looking forward to your next company evaluation!
    Jan 10, 2014. 08:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Building A Portfolio Part 3: Due Diligence [View article]
    Hello Inzkeeper, Great article! It is long, but your writing style is fun and encouraging. I read the whole thing! I applaud your due diligence; you go girl!

    I've also been following the movement in the "old school" packaged food conglomerates, for the purpose of understanding rotations in the market: what's in/what's out. It's fun to watch and wonder if their stars are on the rise again. But since I rarely consume the products they make and sell, it doesn't make sense for me to own the stock. (I buy organic oatmeal from the bulk bins...) I don't care enough about whether it goes up or down. But I wish well to all stockholders! And finally, a large company willing to take on Monsanto. Maybe I should throw some cheer at GIS after all!
    Jan 8, 2014. 05:51 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Boeing And Airbus: The Battle For Leadership In The Aerospace Industry [View article]
    Thank you for an excellent article. The charts make it easy to compare the two.
    Jan 8, 2014. 01:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Short Netflix On Amazon Prime Success [View article]
    Thank you, Moon. Now I know when to short NFLX.

    The author makes an interesting argument, but I'd wait for a better entry. Every time in the last year I've bought nflx puts on the over-valued argument, it's eaten my lunch. Shorting now is pure speculation and I'm done gambling on options timing. Bill O'Neil's "confirmation" thesis is what I'm watching for.
    Jan 5, 2014. 11:31 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Facebook Could See A Tremendous 2014 [View article]
    Hi Francis, The same thing was said of AMZN at $60, at $100, at $180.... P/E isn't the metric to use when deciding whether to add FB to your portfolio. At least not now when it trades as a momo stock. Plug your nose and give your stops some room. Alternately, leave it alone. If I were you, as a value investor, I wouldn't touch this stock. The author's argument alone about the potential single-stock bubble bust would be enough to deter me. (I'm long FB since $28 and plan to add more.)
    Jan 5, 2014. 11:10 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla-Daimler Hedge: What Does It Mean? [View article]
    Thank you to Reel Ken, Tippydog, and all the others for an excellent discussion.

    Thank you Reel Ken, for seizing the opportunity to write about the meaning of Daimler's move, and having the knowledge to write an informative and fact-based article. I wondered what the news really meant, other than an options trade had been made. Reading this discourse has been like attending a delicious webinar. Thank you again to the author and commenters for their elegance and sharing their well-informed experience.
    Dec 30, 2013. 09:43 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment