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  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, April 16, 2012 [View instapost]
    The latest from SMSL amd the Malaysian Insider... Cancel Tol by tomorrow and we will agree not to march for free election reforms on Saturday.

    It will be interesting to see if this gets a response from the minister tomorrow. I suppose his ultimate decision may be postponed until after this rally, but some response to this ultimatum would be interesting. I get the sense the minister doesn't muck around. Also, I notice the article reports that SMSL is "opposed to the refinery in Kuantan that has raised fears of pollution". At least we are now considered a refinery that pollutes, not a plant producing radioactive waste.
    Apr 25, 2012. 06:55 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, April 16, 2012 [View instapost]
    Lynas is showing it was serious with its threats of lawsuits.
    Apr 20, 2012. 12:10 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Mineals Concentrator - March 28, 2012 [View instapost]
    While yesterday's ruling is good for the sp in the short term, the reality is there is still a lot of road ahead of us. The appeal to the judge was premature, given the minister had not yet heard the appeal from the other group. That is next Tuesday and will probably be favorable. If the minister then instructs AELB to issue the license, it will be good news, but will likely prompt a legal challenge at that point (even though the issuance of the license is not supposed to be challenge-able in court). If the AELB defers, awaiting the PSC's results, we will be delayed a further couple months. Meanwhile Fuziah has said they are appealing yesterday's decision. What a waste of time/money/credibility! I don't get that one.

    On a more positive front, has anyone else noticed the slightly more aggressive stance from management in the last couple weeks? It started with the mobtv press conference with Eric Noyrez last week (a VERY good video imo). But in Lynas's announcement last night ( they are definitely on the front foot here as well. My read on this is the coy now has strong confidence in their process after completing their pilot processing program. My sense is they have strengthened their resolve based on some success at a larger than laboratory scale test. Or maybe they are just frustrated like the rest of us...

    Lastly, there was this from SMSL... sure what to make of this one. Maybe just more evidence of the dysfunction and lack of cohesiveness of these guys. Seems strange to me though.

    Anyway, all in all, a good result yesterday, but, as Chihawk said, next week is probably the more significant result.

    Oh, one last thing...I mentioned before I'd post when I bought some more, so all of you smart contrarians could know when NOT to buy :-) Well, I took yet another step deeper into the murky water yesterday...glta
    Apr 12, 2012. 10:03 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Mineals Concentrator - March 28, 2012 [View instapost]
    Some news finally... still somewhat vague and inconclusive. Three weeks to complete LAMP, 4 weeks to get concentrate, but no license in sight at the moment. Hopefully, tomorrow's court case will start turning things around in a more positive, definite way.
    Apr 3, 2012. 06:24 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, March 2, 2012 [View instapost]
    AELB is now looking at inviting outside experts to advise them on how to monitor things. I hope this doesn't delay things. My thinking was we would be shipping in 2 weeks (after completing construction). I guess on second thought, this AELB action should not effect that schedule. It sure does feel like we are getting close to some action!
    Mar 15, 2012. 05:47 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, March 2, 2012 [View instapost]
    Comparing your bullet points above to the Feb 2012 Investor Presentation:
    LAMP construction: 91% complete
     Ready-for-Start-Up program (operational preparedness): 91% complete
     Malaysia headcount: 236 (now at 85% of total expected workforce)
     Pre-commissioning test packs: 33% complete
     Temporary Operating Licence for the LAMP approved
     Phase 2 funding secured in April 2011 and construction permits received in Sept 2011
     Customer contracts signed in each market segment and for each type of product

    We have progressed from 91% to 96%. That's good. My Malaysian contact tells me there have been a lot of leaks in the system that have needed repair (mostly in the fire safety system, I believe). Looks like they are getting there though.

    The ready for start up is not progressing very quickly. This must suggest plant completion has held them up here.

    Nice to see the pre-commisioning progress has jumped.

    All in all, I'm still a bit frustrated by the lack of clear reporting on progress (what does H1 2012 mean anyway). I guess, though, it's nice to see deadlines have not stretched further. Also H1 2012 is starting to look like May/June production. What we really need to hear is that license to import has been applied for and approved. Then we can start to do the math ourselves. Maybe this: suggests that Lynas expects to be shipping fairly soon (before April perhaps ?).
    Mar 13, 2012. 04:46 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, March 2, 2012 [View instapost]
    Hopefully, Malaysia will watch how professionally and efficiently Singapore deals with this nuisance protest...
    Mar 9, 2012. 10:55 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, March 2, 2012 [View instapost]
    Another briefing from AELB... Jump to the 25 min mark or so to get to Lynas matters. In fact, at 26 min comes interesting comments and FAQ's. A few points from what was discussed:
    1) Lynas is 95% complete at this stage (according to them)
    2) The earliest date for a hearing with the Minister on the appeal of the TOL approval is 9 Apr (30 days from now).
    3) Malaysian standards are higher than international standards with regard to transporting the concentrate with NORM. This is not new news, but it does make me realize that part of the problem here. In their intention to be conservative and careful, they have actually raised more concern. Treating this concentrate as 'radioactive' when no one else would has scared the public rather than have them understand that it was intended to appease them.
    4) The TOL has been approved but not issued. It's worth watching that bit at least (maybe with an adult beverage in hand) then watch this:

    LYC up nicely in Aus for a change. Have a nice weekend everyone.
    Mar 9, 2012. 01:54 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, March 2, 2012 [View instapost]
    Here are some signs of small progress for Lynas...

    Lynas still believes there will be no radioactive waste and the government is still (apparently) assisting toward finding a suitable PDF location, but, regardless, Lynas is prepared to take responsibility for any residue long-term and they have sent a letter saying as much...

    Also, it looks like NC is taking a more pro-active view toward resolving things with the opposition. Obviously, this situation is more about opposing politics at this level, rather than anti-Lynas per se, but at least he's trying...
    Mar 6, 2012. 03:28 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, 2-22-2012 [View instapost]

    If you think this is entertaining, you are one sick fella. :-)

    I find this so hard. At these prices, and at so close to production, it's hard to sit back on LYC/LYCF. On the other hand, it has defied logic so much to this point that I just can't see taking any more risk. I am very anxious for some positive or at least reassuring news at this stage.
    Mar 2, 2012. 05:34 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, 2-22-2012 [View instapost]
    The main guy is the AELB director. Yes, it is confusing. The second half of the clip is worth watching imo as it gives insight into the circus we are dealing with. The second guy who speaks is the head of a citizen's advisory panel that was assembled to represent the public and to summarize the submissions made by the public during the screening period at the beginning of the year.
    Mar 1, 2012. 11:31 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, 2-22-2012 [View instapost]
    My Take is Lynas designed the plant and process knowing they would need to store some (multiple years' worth of) residue with the idea that , before the thing was full, they would have a proper solution (recycling into gypsum and concrete mainly). I also think the hold up in the TOL was related to this issue with Lynas saying they have a probable solution and AELB wanting a more conventional, definite solution in case plan A does not work. The 10 month allowance was a compromise and now even that seems to have been toughened due to the political pressure. We now have a mexican stand-off. Lynas has proven at a small scale that they can dilute the residue to a sub-radioactive level (by international standards) but they cannot prove this at an operational scale until they have that quantity of material. The AELB on the other hand want a conventional storage solution instead as a definitive plan and the temporary (multi-years' worth of storage capacity on-site) is not good enough. Bear in mind, I am piecing all this together based on NO INFORMATION from the company.
    Mar 1, 2012. 11:26 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, 2-22-2012 [View instapost]
    My take on all this is the Lynas issue has become so highly mis-handled and now politicized that all deals are off. The best solution is Lynas agree to take the residue back to Aus and process it there, into building products or what have you. From the last cc, NC was very clear that this was not an option being considered at that time. He thought he had more time (like years) with the current plan for on-site storage. That then changed that he had 10 months to sort out a pdf. Now, it would appear he needs to come up with an immediate solution before operating. Even though LYC has AELB and IAEA on its side, the issue seems to have become more political and that makes technical solutions less important and puts a greater importance on indulging emotional concerns. If you have an hour to waste on getting some insight, have a look at this...
    Mar 1, 2012. 08:01 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, 2-22-2012 [View instapost]
    Some LYC news (or rumour, really)...A friend of a friend works for one of the companies contracted to work on the LAMP. His original contract was due to expire in Sept, then that was extended to January and then again to February. He has now finished and is officially off the project. Could suggest LAMP is complete...(or that they are very close). I suppose we all expect that, but it's nice to see some real signs of completion.
    Feb 29, 2012. 06:59 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REE/Strategic Minerals Concentrator, 2-22-2012 [View instapost]
    Mount Kellet deal is finalized:
    Feb 28, 2012. 04:32 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment