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  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    Fundamentals include geopolitics because corporations do most of their business over seas and because countries trade goods with one another and because geopolitics affects real markets that drive supply and demand which pertain to the fundamentals about which you speak. And... news moves sentiment, sentiment moves prices - regardless of the fundamentals. Is your advice to just turn off our brains and donate to corporations whose leaders continue to use their lobbying power to exploit the world about which we're not supposed to think? Does this mean that I can now let go of my bleeding-heart values that once included concern for the well-being of those who produce my cereal, oil, insurance, and hemorrhoid pads? Maybe I should just relax and enjoy a drink of poisonous public water - because I'm too frugal for Fanta - and rest assured that Uncle Sam will take care of the details? Yeah... I know that dark sarcasm is unwanted in this classroom, but you might want to take a little peek at what's going on in the world.
    Sep 25, 2013. 12:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Fed's Last Waltz [View article]
    Schopenhauer... can't get no satisfaction. Perhaps we are naturally disposed to searching for sustenance. If we did not continually pursue the necessities of survival then we wouldn't survive. We are satisfied some of the time. We have ends - that we sometimes foolishly chase but that point toward the continued existence of our DNA - and then, when we acquire coveted stuff, others will try to take it and - our status will be measured by how well we defend what we have procured from those who will try to take it. The aim is to acquire and keep what others cannot possess - is it not?
    Sep 20, 2013. 08:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Fed's Last Waltz [View article]
    The doublespeak is perhaps due to having 2 different audiences: Foreign vs. Domestic. This game seems to be about squeezing as much purchasing power out of the dollar as possible before setting in motion a world-wide crisis. Bernanke may be trying to discretely warn U.S. investors while simultaneously giving a false impression to the financial leaders of the world who may wish to focus on building their economies based upon the real world of supply and demand but can't because they must create their own fantasy money for fear that the short term power of the US dollar will be used to consume the supply of genuinely valuable resources. Countries can sever ties with the U.S. and deal with the economic and/or military consequences or they can play ball and try to benefit as much as possible from the economic and military alliance. If there was any genuine possibility of tapering it would have been because other G20 nations were willing to follow along at the rate determined by the U.S., but that was never a real possibility and the media disaster of Putin and Syria along with the growing partnerships between China, Russia, and others clearly demonstrates the unwillingness of other world leaders to cower and politely forfeit their county's sovereignty. The "decision not to taper" may be a sign to Putin and other world leaders - who already know that the U.S. is not going to follow through on its offer of dovish diplomacy. I am standing by my long-held belief that "tapering" will only happen after a major world crisis. Tapering is tantamount to giving up territory - there are "red lines" being drawn: Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Slovakia - Hungary- Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Syria - Iraq - Kuwait - IRAN (no) - Afghanistan - PAKISTAN (no) - INDIA (?) and the line also branches and bends east through - Lebanon - Israel - Jordan - Saudi Arabia, Egypt - Libya - Tunisia - Algeria - Morocco is a bit of a mess. This appears to be about a lot more than new home starts and jobs reports... but large retailers will provide signals of world-wide fluctuations - signals to throw into the witches brew of fragile sentiments that follow the movements of real and/or imagined resources.
    Sep 19, 2013. 01:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    A real snake am I. Arrogant, selfish, and foolish - but at least I admit it.
    Sep 7, 2013. 08:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    I am arrogant. I like soap boxes. I blow a mighty horn. LO. I am well on my way to the loony bin with my orchestra following behind. All hail the poor and unfortunate! I don't eat fish, but I am selfish. I feed my ego by sticking up for welfare mothers and lazy brown people. I learned how from Ayn Rand. Wait? Why did Atlas shrug? And what happened to the earth? Did it roll down a hill and awaken a sleeping Sisyphus? Did Camus fish? If only The Stranger had a pole instead of a gun. Does myth make a man more moral? Thoughts are insignificant when set beside a deed. And I will gladly donate my ticket to The Apocalypse to anyone who takes comfort in closing their eyes and speaking sweet nothings to themselves.
    Sep 6, 2013. 08:40 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    Well said. What would happen to our economy if everyone was responsible and didn't live beyond their means? Self-sufficient? What about clean water, food, and electricity? Is there a big hamster wheel that I can connect to my toaster? The future me-thinks will be about community sufficiency rather than self-sufficiency or corporate teets, lest there might be no future at all.
    Sep 6, 2013. 07:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    Huh? A job is not a means for improving your living conditions? Yes... education... Is John Dewey a Communist? Who uses checkbooks?
    Sep 6, 2013. 07:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    I don't disagree with anything that you have shared and you seem like a real decent person who has kept his nose clean and worked hard. You should be proud of yourself. The outline is thus: rather than emphasizing our own accomplishments and good choices, why not emphasize that such choices do not occur in a vacuum. The environments into which we are born determine much of our futures and many young people aren't coming from supportive families or communities. Sure, some people make stupid choices - I have made more than my fair share - but I'm not going to claim that people born into poverty and abuse are as responsible for their choices as someone born into a middle class family that is perhaps not perfect but cares for one another. Since we are sharing, I work with abused and neglected teens. It makes me sick hearing people talk about their bad choices. Whomever has little sympathy for the suffering of others but is concerned with their tax burden is nothing other than... Arrogant. The outline is to show care and concern for your fellow citizens - even when they are making bad choices. The outline is to love thine neighbor as thy self. What is your outline? To keep pointing the finger at those less fortunate than you and to use it as a means for bolstering your own ego? This probably doesn't seem like an expression of love to a "neighbor," but there is love within it. All I'm saying is... for our affluence and comfort, others have suffered and are suffering still. I don't see what good it does to have negative feelings for people whom you don't know who receive assistance from the evil government. Taxation itself is not the problem. The problem is that tax money is not being well-managed by our elected leaders. All of your emphasis is downward upon an image of lazy drug-users and mothers who have babies for welfare checks. What about pay raises for the very same CEOs who have been exploiting us? Is that not more offensive than helping a young mother or an orphaned child, or even a homeless person or an elderly person who didn't make all the best choices? Transfer? How about the transfer of taxes into unemployment checks for those whose jobs have been shipped over seas? What happens to our economy when the checks stop? What happens to our communities? There aren't the same opportunities that there used to be. It's more difficult to get ahead than it used to be - even when you're making good choices. But good for you for finding a way to make a life for yourself. Now forget about me and go back to enjoying your retirement.
    Sep 6, 2013. 07:44 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    You absolutely ARE relying on the government - and so are your family and friends - because your are part of a system that has provided you with an environment that allows for your choices - good and bad.
    Sep 6, 2013. 03:12 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    "hard work and a little frugality" - Nothing wrong with that.. being nice is also important. I'll try my best:

    The American Dream is based on the rigors of 40 acres and a mule. The words "hard work" as they are being used here do not refer to actual hard work. Work, in the real world, is a force exerted through a distance, so sitting in one place, studying for example, does not equate to work - unless you include pumping neurons. Some in this thread seem to suggest that jobs that require manual labor, such as agricultural work or manufacturing, are less important or less respectable and are therefore okay to export out of the U.S. The result of such thinking leads directly to the situation in which we find ourselves. Technology and Service industries are not a whole economy. Much of the U.S. economy has been moved out of the U.S. so that corporations can maximize their profits (cheap labor, no environmental or health and safety protections, no benefits, tax loop-holes and so forth). Foreigners are the ones doing most of the hard work, not Americans. Energy conservation is a common trait shared by all humans, that's why many of you went to college - because you didn't want to work hard in the physical sense, but rather make more money while doing less manual labor. But while we all want more for less, I don't think of Americans as a culture of lazy people who expect hand-outs and are afraid of hard work - they are not just saying gimme, gimme, gimme - they are saying gimme a job, gimme fair pay, and gimme health and safety - the same things every human wants. And yes, frugality is a wonderful trait, but it hinders the greater economy. The U.S. economy grows when production levels are increasing and consumers are consuming. Since infinite expansion is not possible, however, we must have recessions between periods of growth. A stable economy spreads out the highs and lows between industries in a cyclical manner based in large part upon seasonal differences in production and consumption. Under such conditions, the traditional American values of hard work and frugality should allow for a relatively comfortable life that flows into an early retirement, but such conditions are not what we have. The healthy ebb & flow has been disrupted - I think intentionally and with much foresight. The motive: to maintain U.S. supremacy - which means control of the earth's natural resources: metals, gas/oil, wood, water, food, and ideas/technology. The bad news is how few choices we have for investing in genuinely great companies with ethical leaders. It seems we have little choice but to follow along like the little bird that cleans the alligator's teeth. Oh, but what shiny teeth they will have.
    Sep 6, 2013. 02:57 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    Take your profits.
    Sep 6, 2013. 01:27 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    What's much worse than woe is me is the arrogance of those whom have done well for themselves and the underlying belief that it was entirely their own hard work and good decision making that rendered their successes. For every financially successful person who came from poverty and did it all on their own, there are 99 people who had a lot of help from their Middle Class families. 15 likes. sad. The real band wagon here are people who are full of themselves because they have money and think of themselves as superior to those whom have less. What is the source of your work ethic? Is it to take care of the people you love or merely to think of yourself as better than others?
    Sep 6, 2013. 01:25 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    Permanent? Ha.

    "Increasing defense expenditures after the United States entered World War I led to a series of new tax laws designed to meet about one-third of the total war costs. Congress passed and President Woodrow Wilson approved four major revenue acts between 1914 and 1919 that increased the rates of personal income taxes."

    Read more:

    Yeah, but things are totally different than 100 years ago, right?

    Did you know that you can start fires with dried buffalo turds? A Ukrainian Psychiatrist taught me this. She was a refugee during her birth country's revolution about 20 years ago and saw directly, as a child, the effects of extreme poverty and war. Will you blame the government when hungry people rob your house? "A little research" will yield the undeniable truth that stability is the exception not the rule. Most North Americans are deluded. They have no sense of the violence and suffering that has plagued human history and Western Civilization specifically.
    Sep 6, 2013. 12:58 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    Meteors have hit the earth destroying nearly all life... and the sky has holes in it. Ebb and flow are nice until the Tsunami ruins the party.
    Sep 6, 2013. 12:38 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Fed Policy Has Devastated 3 Generations Of Retirees [View article]
    Steady? No. A good start and adjusting your pace throughout the race wins.
    Sep 6, 2013. 12:33 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment