• mitrado
    SPPI is not a small bio-tech with a single product in development. One day it will trade higher... and the short squeeze shall be epic! :-O
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    • Retail Investor: me just holding SPPI for the long term(3-5 years). see how this would work out
    • Grand Nagus Kelly: I've gone through many a bottle of Tums and Jack Daniels sweating this turkey. Yet I continue to trade in and out of it. It's my porn.
    • mitrado: I'm sticking to 100~200 shares for the long term but my goal is to trade a bit. There's no point in holding it all through a roller-coaster.
    • rseiter: I'm back in for 100 at 11.60 I've road the roller coaster from 11.90-ish to 12.65-ish twice so far
    • Retail Investor: $SPPI Posted some new links here -> http://stks.co/aCjZ $AAPL $AMRN $FH