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  • GEVOnomics  [View article]
    Do I really have to explain this to a bunch of folks with more brains and expertise than I shall ever have?

    I don't know what is going on here. I do have a hypothetical.

    You find a way to synthesize gold! Or some hapless person did. But suppose that the gold costs more to produce than the current market sales price. Way more. You can't make money producing and selling it. What a shame.

    But you have this "MIRACLE" alchemy process and leverage on the government to buy it. So what do you do? The gov't procurement process is both playable and prestigious. Therefore, you sell to them.

    Then you sell stock. You sell lots of stock. Make some product with the dollars. Without earnings, you need to stall. In the meantime, make the stock move up and down. Sell nice puts in the stock then give mighty big positive news on options day. Etc.

    Find another company that has a revolutionary gas for cutting or something for the US, Royal or Liechtenstein Navy. Get them going.

    Finally, you make the right friends in banking and law.

    In my next installment, I shall point out the Wall Street excitement in exceeding the quote from Lenin: "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." by sending the Chinese the money to build a 21st century communications and sale structure (state of the art rope making apparatus and distribution colossus) without a clue as to what is going on or how we will ever get the money back.
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  • GEVOnomics  [View article]
    Dallas, why do people follow sources or services like Sierra? You already know. Even the remote possibility of watching a five cent or fifty cent stock zoom up to ten or twenty bucks is exciting and preys on hope. Except for the fact that it is often completely made up, or worse, planted by those with an agenda, it has entertainment value in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" game being suffered by the great unwashed of small investors. Since our lords in Washington see fit to tell us the gas mileage of autos when any fool should know that a vehicle three times as big and heavy should use two or three times the fuel, I think a regulation should require that their sources be stated or that they had records kept by CPAs for a track record. A player gets better information at the dog track than the hapless souls who come prospecting for diamonds in the stock markets with limited assets and experience. Beyond that. we need something like the real estate MAI for stocks. Goodness knows, that system is screwed up enough but there is a difference which would make it worth more in stocks and bonds. Banks would often see the guy's or gal's work on one deal for $100 million or more. Then the report got tossed in a file and forgotten. With such as Seeking Alpha and the web and cloud, you could have access to every sales pitch, er, analysis or report the guy or firm ever wrote. In my next installment I shall address the comment, "Well we HAVE 10Ks........"
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  • GEVOnomics  [View article]
    You guys should do a telethon. People WANT TO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!! You should hear the response to my comments after I took loss. I pray. I pray that those people lost more. They deserve to...LOL
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  • Goldman: Yemen, Iran deal to have little impact on oil supply  [View news story]
    I guess Rockefeller above never heard of the Bilderbergs, the International Jews, the gangsters of Wall Street, the Swiss bankers, the Vatican, the British Royal family or the famous Lizard People.
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  • Weekly ETF Gainers / Losers  [View news story]
    The Saudis and their friends are going to go through Yemen like General Sherman through the south. They will have an even more entertaining time while using the toys they bought from the US. A Toyota Tundra is no match for a F-18 or a M-1 tank. Unfortunately for the rebels, there is no rain forest to hide in. Unless Iran decides to try sub or jet attacks on tankers, the bull oil plays are a very risky bet. I don't believe Iran will be successful with such an attack, mind you, but the scare will be enough to prop prices up. Sadly, a lot of brave souls will die for naught.
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  • Inventory build pressures crude prices  [View news story]
    2harddrive -- You think Jeb Bush is gonna get in or someone else from Texas? Just kidding....
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  • Inventory build pressures crude prices  [View news story]
    Um, on March 25th 2015 at 4:30 PM Eastern US OIL is up and green in the futures and shows a nice upward chart progress for the last few days or so. I am SHORT but just thought I should point this out. LOL
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  • Best ETFs And ETNs To Play Oil Swings  [View article]
    Interesting situation. The chart analysis is about 85% for stability and a slow rise in prices. They only allow for more price reductions after a pause, at least. The experts and industry folks are calling for a very large drop early this week (3/23 to 3/26) and base it on myopic evidence with a look at their part of the product line and word from friends.
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  • Gevo's NASA Press Release Is Nice But Issues Remain  [View article]
    I meant a laudable goal. Freudian.
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  • Gevo's NASA Press Release Is Nice But Issues Remain  [View article]
    I believe that this firm has the lemonade to sell but needs to keep the rent paid and the suppliers happy. I would really love to pour over the books. I think most small investors have no idea why it crashed from $1.50 or wherever it was but .25 does show some faith and that bodes well. Some negatives: I think the warrants are at 20. NASA and other customers (and backers) have a political influence to pull for GEVO. Earnings (losses) are due for dissemination today. I note that the SP is not moving much and that is not encouraging at all. The management has had time to at least formulate a plan. Where is it ? A shame since this could be an excellent firm with a laughable goal and fine income stream And thanks for your writing, Dallas
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  • EIA Natural Gas Inventory  [View news story]
    Most excellent, Bassim. I like your thought except for the fact that we are roaring past mid-March and even with unseasonably cool weather, it will take a lot to move the price up.
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  • Natural Gas futures decline further as inventory shows a less than expected draw  [View news story]
    Correction -- The CME numbers seemed to have followed the EIA report and now show a decline of over a dime. That is substantial. Fifteen or twenty is a disaster.

    As for the report itself, go to the Energy Dept site and read it.

    We had huge inventory numbers and the mild first half help the inventories stay high.

    My problem is 1) that the feds should get numbers from within states like Texas.

    2) Nobody should have the report the night before.

    3) Additional information should be available so we don't have bears or bulls or commodity buyers operating on thin information.

    As for you burned folk:

    Ask anyone what another week or two like the last 14 days will do.

    Whether this survives contango or backwardation and etc. is another whole problem.
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  • UGAZ Capitulates On 'The Bloodbath' - It's Time To Get Long  [View article]
    You mean 50 cents or 50 dollars?
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  • Natural Gas futures decline further as inventory shows a less than expected draw  [View news story]
    I couldn't believe how the market was using the report before release. Then some competitors for Alpha used it for their bear agenda.

    The EIA has a vested (excuse me, vestige) interest in orderly markets and low prices. That is bearish.

    If you call them, they will tell you that the bear reaction is overdone and possibly questionable.

    I believe that the report is being misread and misused.

    The Texas figures got lost and they are usually vague anyway.

    The price of such things as UNG, UGAZ et al may be very wrong. The CME NG numbers are inconsistent with the report and a crunch may be coming on these prices.

    They have good people working there who will make the thing better if they have a chance.

    Call and ask them

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  • UGAZ Capitulates On 'The Bloodbath' - It's Time To Get Long  [View article]
    Emotionhigh -- There is a relationship between the fuels since they compete in commercial (i. e. utility) uses. One can be substituted for the other to generate heat. This is merely an opinion, but I wrote above that UGAZ would be at $50 or $100 if oil was still over $80. That being said, I have read that the US program of producing oil and Nat Gas is a roaring success. Even the EIA reports mention high production of oil and gas. That is the most salient influence for low UGAZ value. What will be interesting is the huge draws due to the cold East Coast and the effect on tomorrow's EIA report. Since even the bears see UGAZ as a short term and near horizon vehicle, it should fly upward. However, the price action for gas sales for March has been tepid, so maybe not. On your question, I saw UGAZ recover as oil solidified at $60 in the news. Who knows how related the events are? I don't.
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