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  • America's Natural Gas Highway: The Only Energy Policy That Makes Sense Starting To Take Shape  [View article]
    The planning horizon by the Wall Street players varies between one day and two months. Check the quick sale gimmicks and the flood of day and swing traders. And the coupon clippers just love their politician servants ans trust their managers.
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  • America's Natural Gas Highway: The Only Energy Policy That Makes Sense Starting To Take Shape  [View article]
    Don't you mean "get the gov't out"? They are in it up to their campaign donations!
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  • America's Natural Gas Highway: The Only Energy Policy That Makes Sense Starting To Take Shape  [View article]
    I disagree strongly on this small point. Ask Pickens or anyone who has promoted Natgas and you will find that they were shocked by the immense investment required for a real impact. And the money is hard to find since we do have a domestic oil industry.

    Easier to stay tied up in the hot spots around the world while getting further into debt and getting our people in uniform hurt or killed.

    I posted a link to another method of placing excise taxes to jack up the gasoline prices and generate revenue for a changeover.
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  • How To Trade Sirius For Big Time Profits  [View article]
    The next earnings will not be bad but the real music will start by year end if the plans work.

    Nichols for President.
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  • America's Natural Gas Highway: The Only Energy Policy That Makes Sense Starting To Take Shape  [View article]
    Infrastructure costs are the barricade which the present fuel providers use to hide behind.

    There seems a lot of noise about a reduction coming in our dependence on foreign fuel but I would not bet on it.

    The GM guys involved in the fuel cell quit when it became Gov't Motors and we now have the present administration showing no sense of economics or technology. The worst part is that they are ruining the economy by falling for more cons than a freshmen cheerleader at her first frat party. Google hydrogen cell GM cars.

    There is also a guy with a method to pay for the infrastructure changeover without taking two centuries or floating the bonds that T. Boone Pickens wants us to do. Raise gas prices and collect funds for the new pipes and production facilities for the AFV that works.
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  • The Stock Market - Increasing Risks And Potential Implications  [View article]
    Why don't you evaluate downside etfs like sds or sqqq? Having 10% in one of those kinda makes sense, doesn't it?

    Or are we headed for wild in the streets?
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  • Today In Commodities: Off The Beaten Path  [View article]
    I moved quickly to short oil and did well. The crisis is a phantom but I would not stake my life on a price plummet. I just hit holes like a running back. Good idea about hogs. Gold and silver, no longer havens, have become strange blue chip stocks without a real productive function.
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  • Commodity Trends: Short And Sweet  [View article]
    Nice, brief article. Thanks.
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  • Flow International (FLOW) FQ2 beats across the board as profit rose 22% Y/Y on significantly higher sales from its standard segment. Gross margins widened on the jump in revenue to 39.2% from 37.5%. Shares +30% AH.   [View news story]
    Share price has continued to rise. Wonder where the Feb. reports will take it?
    Jan 13, 2012. 01:02 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Undervalued Stocks Trading At Lows That Are Being Accumulated By Insiders  [View article]
    Sometimes insiders buy to keep the stock from moving to $0.02.
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  • One week after paying a fine to make allegations go away that it discriminated against minority homeowners, Bank of America's (BAC) Countrywide unit is ordered to face another lawsuit as a federal judge reverses a lower court ruling. The suit stems from a Hispanic couple that contends they were pressured to refinance their home on terms they could neither understand nor afford.   [View news story]
    I socialize with minorities and they think the whole meltdown was the result of greedy bankers and predatory loans. They never heard that the banks were "pressured" to make loans which had poor underwriting standards to help the poor and minorities. I say folks protesting with signs is pressure..and then the feds guaranteed the loans. Everyone went off a cliff.
    Dec 31, 2011. 08:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Signs Of Deflation Grow  [View article]
    Zebdoggymark, I'm not Cullen but I'm sure he would tell you that the way CPI is tabulated has changed over the years. Some feel that it has become a political tool with the worst ingredients left out. You can google this subject.

    I like Cullen and his approach but the whole exercise has limited utility. We have been "sold" the idea if hyperinflation by gold merchants and right wing radicals. Nobody ever considered that there are numerous factors involved in price levels. It was a shame that more people were not warned that there are a number of pathways to control inflation which were not available in the 1970s and this is NOT the 1970s!

    Well, excuse me while I polish my gold coin collection. Which is probably due to deep six.
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  • AMR CEO Tim Horton admits that the carrier could become a takeover target candidate from "opportunists" in a letter to employees that was more direct in tone and less defiant than previous communications about the firm's prospects out of bankruptcy. He also writes that AMR will restructure debt and aircraft leases, ground planes, and will "most certainly end the process with fewer people than we have today." Shares trade down 4.4% on the day on their inevitable path to being worthless.  [View news story]
    "AMR" may get out of it but there will be little or nothing for shareholders. I read of shares moving to $3. How any value would get by the employees and creditors is a mystery.
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  • Gold prices (GLD -3.5%) are supposedly tied to inflation, but Eddy Elfenbein believes gold's value should be based on interest rates. He finds gold acts like a leveraged short position on short-term real rates, with a break-even point at 2%. David Merkel's variation on the model projects gold reaching $3,000 in mid-2013 if the Fed stays true to its word to keep rates low.   [View news story]
    The shoe boxes are full!! Unless the whole wheel comes loose, "Gold" has had its run. People made a lot of money selling coins which will be hidden away for the next 200 years in various places.
    Dec 15, 2011. 06:42 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Bank Stocks: Now Is The Time To Buy  [View article]
    Our banking and financial stocks were hit a bit too hard all along. That is understandable in light of 2009. But things remain at a high level of goofy.

    The prediction is that the European Crisis is going to drive the US markets lower again today.This is after another solution was heralded last week. I am generally not a paranoid person. However, the yo-yo volatility of these markets makes no sense but sure does open a door for profits to those who can buy and sell fast enough.

    Our media seems to be going along with this just as they bite on all kinds of tricky programs launched by our politicians without giving us the whole story Just ask anyone where the payroll taxes are coming from to see what I mean. And the other party can be nailed, too.
    Dec 12, 2011. 07:50 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment