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  • The restaurant sector will watch closely what new McDonald's (MCD) U.S. president Jeff Stratton has in mind when he takes over his new position next week. One intriguing industry take on the chain's future: "Something is going to have to happen - either changes to the marketing management, to the current agency roster or investing in their stores or all of it. The status quo is not going to work."  [View news story]
    The dour economy worldwide is the impetus for declining numbers. Marketing alterations or in-store investment will not overcome customers with very tight budgets who then drive less, or lose their job and their car. How does Mr. Stratton undo those stark realities? McD's Meals on Wheels? Personal finance restrictions among their target market is the problem

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  • Analysis Of Where The New CEO Is Steering McDonald's  [View article]
    Should "classy specialty beverages" that are way too sugary really be the focus for attracting customers short on discretionary income?

    Wouldn't putting another less sweet breakfast item or small chicken salad, or even mini fries (a proven draw) on the Value Menu give those seeking food, not drinks, even more choice be a better focus?

    McCafe should have been in place 15 years ago, when Starbucks was the gorilla in specialty coffee and the economy was on a roll.

    Now the focus should be a Value Menu boasting a variety of small portioned budget priced wholesome food. Unleash a new paradigm, Mr. Thompson.
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