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  • Should Netflix Dump Its DVD Business? [View article]
    You being a programmer should know that you cannot compare straight bit rates without consideration for codecs. However, I think your concerns are in the minority. I watch Hulu+ HD, Netflix HD, Crackle, etc on my brand new 50 in panasonic plasma and the quality is fine for me. It is definitely better than DVD quality. I have no experience with the super HD streams but most of the reviews i saw were quite good. I don't need a pixel perfect BD duplicate but if I do, I will go to redbox and rent one instead of waiting for netflix. Anyway, I have argued enough. I don't think you will convince me to be patient enough to wait on Netflix DVDs and I won't convince you streaming is the future. Enjoy the rest of your day Gary J. It has been fun. :)
    May 7 03:47 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Should Netflix Dump Its DVD Business? [View article]
    With H265, they are projecting 4K streams with less bandwidth than you quote and Netflix's superHD requires only 5Mbps for their 1080p streaming I understand there are still parts of the world that either have bandwidth caps or slow speeds but there should be significant 4G coverage in the US that can handle way more than 5Mbps streams. The price of connections is continually getting cheaper and the speeds faster as well as the compression technologies getting better. I think your timeframes are too conservative for this technology.
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  • Should Netflix Dump Its DVD Business? [View article]
    Maybe it is just the generation gap. I want my stuff instantly. I would rather get my new releases at redbox (but definitely want streaming for the same price) . The price is about the same as Netflix per disc. Why not have an unlimited streaming service, like Netflix currently has, and a reasonably priced service for new releases? The cost for Netflix streaming with new releases would most assuredly be much more than $8/mo. And Gary, that sounds very short sighted. Of course we will have blu ray quality streaming soon. Netflix is hard at work on that. I think they call it xhd. H265 and other next generation compression technologies are starting to appear.
    May 7 08:19 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Should Netflix Dump Its DVD Business? [View article]
    What is convenient about waiting 2-3 days for a movie? To me, convenient is video on demand. I do not understand why a rental at redbox or netflix costs ~$1-1.50 while to rent the same movie on amazon or vudu costs $3-$7. They should at minimum be at price parity. I agree it probably has something to do with licensing rights which makes no sense. Maybe the movie industry will get their head out of their a** eventually and realize DVD is dead the same way the music industry realized CDs are dead and embrace the digital revolution. Look how the 56 day holding period has saved their DVD sales... NOT.
    May 6 11:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Should Netflix Dump Its DVD Business? [View article]
    What effect do you think the USPS ending saturday delivery will have on the DVD business? It was hard enough now to get 8 DVDs/mo with it. Now maybe you will only be able to get 4-6 max. That also makes the DVD business less attractive.
    May 6 04:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Should Netflix Dump Its DVD Business? [View article]
    When they doubled the price for the combo package, I dropped the DVD and started going to redbox. I find it much more convenient and I can walk to 2 different ones in a few minutes. If it is something older, I can get it from the library for free. Usually have to wait a few days, the same as netflix anyway. After I ran out of second tier streaming shows to watch, I dropped the streaming. I really desire a service with new content for a reasonable price. I don't want to pay $5-6 to stream a new release movie when I can walk to 2 redboxes for $1-2. Maybe other consumers find the waiting on the USPS to be convenient but I don't. I think any potential suitor should be aware of that! By the way, redbox instant is crap. The library is terrible and it does not stream to many popular devices. Also there are many complaints about the quality. I am not sure it is even worth $4/mo given the $4 dvd credits you receive. They should not have released it yet.
    May 6 10:06 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Netflix Should Reconsider The DVD [View article]
    I would definitely prefer streaming if their library included something decent. I finally caught up on all the old TV shows and C movies in their streaming library. I have since canceled my streaming sub since it is not worth $8/mo. I get new DVD's from Redbox. I think the Instant Redbox service sounds really appealing.

    I am a current Hulu+ sub and really like it. I don't mind the commercials. I found myself even watching more stuff on crackle for free than I did with netflix's streaming. I don't really see how they could survive if they raise the streaming cost with all the people here having a similar complaint about their streaming library. Netflix would really need to provide recent/ top rate movies via streaming to justify a higher cost.
    Dec 14 12:06 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Netflix Let The Cat Out Of The Bag Early Via Press Releases [View article]
    Except it could also mean that fewer people are streaming a lot more hours... It is really hard to read in to Mr Hastings comment. Either subscriber count was up or streamed hours per user is up. I think this stock could go either way so I will sit out this earnings play. Now when does RIMM report earnings next? ;)
    Good luck all.
    Jul 24 08:39 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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