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  • Buffett thanks Moynihan for $5B profit  [View news story]
    What is also not known are the details of the discussion between Buffet and Obama just prior to the issue of these preferred shares. And as I understand it, neither you nor I had the opportunity to participate. Buffet is surely an expert at some things.
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  • Are ECA Marcellus Trust Holders About To Get WHXed?  [View article]
    I also picked up that the residual value of the wells was not included in the calculation.
    What does it mean when a "1st" article by an MBA can move the market in a "small stock" almost $56,000,000? Did I get the number right? This should get an "A" for something.
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  • Can Gold Continue To Rise?  [View article]

    What a wonderful article. It is refreshing to read a simple fundamental assessment of why one should hold gold. In spite of all of the "High frequency" thinking, the manipulation or attempted manipulation by the regulators and the complicated mathematical derivatives that so much attention is paid, the end will be the same. The work is to identify the fundamental issue accurately. Your explanation, seems to me, to get very close to the issue.
    My problem is that "In the end", as John Kenneth Galbraith said "we are all dead".

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  • Closed-End Funds Trading At A Discount  [View article]
    Mr. TBill has a good point. What I would like to see is an analysis of the discount fluctuation with regard to the general market fluctuations.
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  • Questions About Dividend Spook New Flyer Investors: Why I'm Buying  [View article]
    This comes form a U.S. Tax payer.

    I listened to the New Flyer conference yesterday. I did not hear any comment about the benefit of not tendering the old shares. As I understand it, New Flyer wants to call the bond portion of the instrument next summer. Why would I want to trade the "bond" for stock now, when I have a more secure income stream of 14/15 percent on the "bond" side of the monthly distribution, for over a year. Then I get cashed out of the bond at a premium. Is that right? If they do not call the "bond", that is fine too. Even if the bond is illiquid, why not sit with it until it matures. When does it mature? If they can't refinance these bonds, after the restructuring, it seems to me that the stock price is more at risk than the the bond income stream. Does this make sense? As for the "stock" portion of the instrument, isn't it intergrated into the new stock issue?
    Jun 29, 2011. 06:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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