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  • Is An Expensive Himax Technologies Still A Buy? [View article]
    Here's the question you have to ask, will Google use himax on it's next generation of glasses? The quality is good but does it have to be that good for the price of the glasses, can a low price alternative company not provide sufficient quality than himax? Is Google that important to the bottom line for himax that if they pull out for an alternative, how will himax be perceived, as in share prices nose diving. If Google stays with himax will they squeeze the company walmart style so that though this manufacturer has the work, it's minus any significant profit? Anyone remember laugh in, the German soldier hiding in the bushes saying "very interesting".
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  • Walking On Google Glass [View article]
    I'm not sure that I fully understand the technology behind google glass, and what I'm about to write may make that clear. If you can put a computer display in glass, like say the glass in your car window, or a table top, or a store front window, wouldn't this make a lot of devices obsolete. It would turn everything with glass into cameras, having internet access, information. You wouldn't even go into a store, you just have to ask the display window to show a product list. I'm not sure I want my coffee cup giving me pointers or endlessly displaying a video by some ad firm, though it might make smashing it more enjoyable. No the battery won't run out because it will be solar powered like my calculator. I realize that a pair of glasses requires a lot less work and cost to implant the technology, but with demands in production, the costs go down. If this is correct, that this is where that technology is going, then society stands on the brink of a major economic upheaval. And then it will go 3D. Perhaps I don't understand this correctly, the technology that is coming out of himax for google glass isn't meant for this, like helicopters weren't meant to have chain guns and sidewinder missiles, the helicopter was invented to rescue people. I can imagine the kids sitting around using google glass, but somehow when it comes to better access, with greater bandwidth as in fiber, they'll say "it's lame, not enough, not fast enough....why must I suffer this" I doubt very much they'll say "why must i suffer this", just like I doubt that for 200 bucks the glasses won't fly off the shelf.
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  • Himax (HIMX) -8.2% AH after filing an F-3 that will allow the company and top customer Innolux to respectively sell 25.5M and 25.4M shares (collectively 30% of outstanding shares) in future public offerings; no offering is planned for now. Himax's huge run-up over the last 6 months likely has something to do with the filing. Q1 results arrive on May 7. (PR[View news story]
    It's simple, Someone has it in for himax, it's been in the news in taiwan for weeks that this megalomaniac who shall not be named was going to unload all the himax shares owned by chimei under innolux. It's nice to be so rich that you can neglect your fiduciary responsibilities in order to carry out a vendetta. I'd say hold tight, have you seen ironman3, it's a two hour commercial for google glasses. This is where google can step in and scoop up a large piece of it's tech provider ensuring the stablity of operations into the future, and they'll get it all cheap.
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  • Yelp: Future King Of Content [View article]
    Funny, I just saw an article about how yelp is strong arming small business into buying advertising, they don't buy they're flooded with bad reviews. I checked out Mr. Margolis's link, and sure enough it's worst than what I previously read. Too much power in the hands of a for profit company. I may understand this incorrectly but from what I can see, the company is losing money and or breaking even but the stock is rising. Is it pump and dump, a bubble, or the world is insane. Trainer's point of why pay for advertising, when the reviews are the actual advertising is so logical, he should expect drones flying around his domicile soon. Such common sense could be a threat. Out of principle the only way I'd trade yelp, being a small business person hopefully out of their reach, would be to short the stock.
    Apr 29 01:32 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry's Stock Price Manipulated [View article]
    I'm neither long nor short on bbry, nor do I have any puts on it either. But looking at the daily chart going back one year, with a low at 6.22 and a high of 18.32, I'd say that bbry is in the midst of a correction which could stop at the 50% (12.30), 61% (11.00) or even descend down to the 78% (9.00). I doubt that it will stop at the 50% level since previous moves usually move towards the 78%. At present it has broken through the 38% level heading towards the 50%. The CCI is nearing the oversold level at -179. On a 15min chart over 20 days, the bollinger bands, with a deviation of 2, is going into a squeeze which can mean two things, consolidation or a breakout, and any consolidation is just a prelude to a breakout. CCI is at -35 for this 15min chart, if there's a breakout it looks like it will be a continuation to the downside. Sorry I don't have any charts to demonstrate this with, I'm not even sure that I can do that with comments anyway. In someways I hope I'm wrong, come Monday the stock turns around and blasts throught the top of the monitor. Of course those that are short on bbry will say I'm wrong about where I think the bottom is, if I'm right. Good luck to all.
    Apr 13 02:40 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Glu Mobile: Poised For Mediocrity In Q1 [View article]
    Definitely not a hit piece, not like the one dividend monkey did on himax yesterday. Himax had a 61% correction yesterday from it's consolidation last week to it's high this week, and monkey brains article timed it just right to win the animosity of all those who are long on the stock. I guess all the positive aspects for Gluu were taken and repeated so much so you couldn't bring yourself to do it. How can I say this, if you're long on a stock and you don't have anything nice to say, then it's best to say nothing, at least that's how I see it and I'm sure a few others. But if you're going to short it, then by all means trash away. I'm long on both GLUU and HIMAX, there's gold in them thar hills. Otherwise, well written article.
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  • Is It Time To Buy Into Windstream's High Yield? [View article]
    Win has punched through the 23%.......
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  • What If Google Glass Flops? [View article]
    Wearing those glasses I can record and transmit what I'm seeing, or rather what is in front of my face which doesn't necessarily mean I see it. Sweet! The armies of the world will love it, the police administration will make use of it. Imagine occupy wallstreet protesters when the police come in to crack heads, not a smartphone to be seen, just thousands of recorded images making history by just looking. Then of course a glass jamming device will come in handy, don't leave the police station without it. Reality tv production beware, everyone with a set and a website can be a potential star, which means nobody will be a star.

    But there are a lot of problems with it, which translates into a lot of solutions. The market loves this scenario especially with the 'that major 'hurdle' thingie', where news of the breakthrough occurs and the stock takes off faster than the lover of an adulterous wife when her cuckold returns home. In fact it's best to whine about the ups and downs of the development, for the sake of volatility in the post eureka moment.
    I hope it comes with audio.
    Mar 13 02:28 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment