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  • Chicago Fed Evans' Forward Guidance And GLD [View article]

    "being pulled down further by the strong labor market report." Except of course that virtually the entire free world is well aware of the fact that 25% of the entire US workforce is out of work and these reports are outright lies. What you should be saying is the truth; the same group telling the lies, led by the FED, bank of England and a gaggle of Banks is massively manipulating the market using totally bogus paper shorts. At some point in time very soon all this will come to a grinding halt when China replaces the dollar with a gold backed Yuan. But hey if Seeking Alpha wants to keep telling fairy tales, more power to them.
    Mar 12, 2015. 04:24 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • General Electric: Has The Blueprint For A Break Up Materialized? [View article]

    corporation like GE doesn't break get broken up to better serve its common share holders. It doesn't break up out of a necessity to survive. A company like GE is broken up because a core of co-conspirators on the inside get to walk away WITH A LOT OF MONEY. 9 out of 10 times the common share holders get screwed. What share holders are usually left with is a mountain of debt and a gaggle of individual companies that cannot stand profitably on their own without the synergy of the whole. And those that could were stripped of their key components in the process. Or if it has real profit potential, the insiders take control of it themselves. Take a good look at how it all went down with GM for example. Just about everybody got screwed (even the union rank and file got screwed) But one lucky group (some of whom worked for the company before it went "bankrupt"-often a euphemism for a break up where the insiders get to unload all the liabilities and walk away with the prize) GE will be no different. A small group led by insiders and key large stock holders will when the dust settles walk away with Billions in profit and everyone else from rank and file employees to common share holders will be left holding the bag.

    This scenario has been repeated over and over for decades now. And the reason they keep getting away with it is because Washington is a revolving door where bribery is the name of the game. THERE IS NO REASON TO BREAK UP GE!
    Mar 8, 2015. 10:35 AM | 20 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Gold's Spectacular Rally Continue? [View article]

    "•Gold thriving in conditions that are traditionally unfavorable; how long can it last?"

    You have got to be kidding here. The current world situation continues to be the perfect environment for gold to rise to $4000 plus. The only reason that it has not done so over the last 3 years is because the market mechanisms controlling pricing are totally corrupt. Once company after another has been caught manipulating gold prices. The FED and a small cadre of co conspirators have directly forced prices down at every turn.

    The US and now the EU has been printing money to the tune of trillions of dollars over the last 5 years. Gold production is only up slightly while the Russians, Chinese and Indians have been purchasing more than yearly production of PHYSICAL GOLD for years. We have a very finite supply, massive real demand, printing pressing going crazy for years. And you claim this isn't favorable conditions for gold? I have to ask; are you on drugs? have you been seeing some one for dementia?

    Obviously you are neither. What you and this website have been doing for years is helping to drive down the price of gold. Guess what? the jig as they say is up. The only way for gold not to see $2000+ by spring is if those same crooked entities continue to illegally manipulate prices.
    Jan 21, 2015. 07:45 AM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold: Still Not Enough Demand For A Rally [View article]

    teller12 I realize this is a bit late as I just happened by. Anyway your accusations of conspiracy theory are all wet. You do realize that multiple institutions have admitted in court, under oath, that they were in fact rigging commodities prices, including gold? You do realize that multiple entities have admitted in court, under oath, to rigging interest rates (which of course have significant impact on both the dollar and gold) Your assertion that it would take 4 continents is a lie by omission. In point of fact it is just a small group of guys in a room or conference call that was fixing all these different rates. Now they may in fact have come from 4 continents but is was still just a bunch of guys colluding to fix prices.

    So in point of fact the whistle has already been blown, despite your pronouncement to the contrary. And LOTS of people and institutions have been "caught" just this year.
    Dec 30, 2014. 08:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Good Luck Gold Bulls (You May Well Need It) [View article]

    Given that some of the key players in the precious metals markets have admitted in court to price fixing, and other aare awaiting indictment, it really doesn't matter what the charts say, or the pundits, or even the buyers and sellers; all that matters is what those criminals in the back rooms decide each day. They arbitrarily decide whether the metals go up or down. In point of fact the entire commodities market is rigged and corrupted from top to bottom. All this posturing, market analysis and discussion is pure theatre. But you do tell a good tale.
    Dec 17, 2014. 06:17 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • So The Fed Does Have Gold: The Netherlands Just Repatriated 122.5 Tons Of It [View article]

    Obviously my foot. You logic has to be stretched pretty thin to make that assumption. But it does make for a reassuring headline doesn't it. The only thing that can be inferred from the limited quantities of gold being repatriated and the lengthy time frame it has taken to deliver it is that the FED has access to gold. When gold was above $1800 an ounce the FED DIDN'T RETURN ANY SIGNIFICANT QUANTITIES OF GOLD TO ANYONE! Now that gold prices have plummeted by a third gold is slowing being returned. Based on the evidence to date it is far more likely that the FED and US Treasury have very little gold. They are instead purchasing it secretly and only when forced to do so.

    What will happen to gold prices and the US dollar when the world at large finally understands that the US Treasury and the FED DON'T HAVE ANY GOLD RESERVES OF NOTE?

    Your article stinks. It is full of half truths, omissions, and misdirection. There has never been a independently verified audit of all of the Feds gold reserves. Internal audits where fraud is suspected are totally and completely meaningless. If the FED had the gold they would have absolutely positively no legitimate reason NOT to allow a fully transparent independent verified audit. After all if they have nothing to hide why are trying so hard to find it? Simple put the American people have a right to know. And we should simply send troops to every single reserve branch and office world wide and take it back. Assuming of course there is actually something to take........
    Nov 25, 2014. 08:58 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How We Know High Inflation Is Coming [View article]

    I realize this is an old thread but I felt compelled to comment. The notion that the United States is "waiting for inflation" is utter insanity. The question that should be asked is "when will it stop". The depth and breath of the academic mumbo jumbo, egos and frankly the arrogance on display here is truly a sight to behold.

    I recall one day many years ago asking my father if he had heard the weather forecast. Specifically I wanted to know if it was cold outside. He dryly replied "try opening the door and stepping outside".
    Nov 19, 2014. 02:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GLD - Why Gold Is So Volatile Lately [View article]

    Really? I don't think it takes a PHD in Finance or Economics to understand a rigged gold market. Gold prices have been disconnected from legitimate "Market Forces" since the US went of the Gold standard over 40 years ago. "fundamental factors" have had next to nothing to do with the pricing of Gold. This has never been more true than the last 3 years. A period that if natural market forces has been allowed to dictate pricing gold would have easily surged to $4000 or more per ounce. Your suggestion that "experts" let alone mere mortals like the rest of us don't really have a clue warrants a quiet laugh and perhaps a sigh, but nothing more. The perpetrators have begun to publicly admit their guilt.

    Now you don't suppose that the sudden upswing in prices has something to do with the airing of those admissions of guilt? No? well then we must all yield to the experts and the gurus that lead them. Common sense and the simple truth not withstanding.......(once again we have been had)
    Nov 15, 2014. 04:31 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GLD: Please Do Not Overreact - Part 2 [View article]

    Avi that is true in only the very broadest sense. When half a dozen or so men gets get together every day to fix prices of a commodity sentiment in the sense you imply has absolutely nothing to do with it. This website through its various "editorials" has been bashing gold for years now. This site has consistently claimed that the price action was market driven. Of course a lot of people called that hogwash, myself included. I have also stated that interest rates are fixed as well. As it turns out of course both interest rates and gold price have been rigged for years, if not decades. So your assertion that "sentiment" drives gold pricing is at best a deception.
    Nov 10, 2014. 03:16 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Gold Market Is Going Insane [View article]

    Your assertion that the dollar has strength is a deception at best. It is not that the dollar has strength, rather the ruling elite have the power to debase major competing currencies. And no it is not the same thing. Given that the US Federal Reserve has increased the money supply by over 1000% since 2008; without direct and constant market manipulation (fraud) gold would be trading well North of $5000 an ounce. And sooner rather than later the Chinese will say enough is enough and they will force an end to these manipulations and allow gold to rise to its real market value.
    Oct 19, 2014. 08:44 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Treasury yields jump, gold slumps after strong jobs print [View news story]

    When ever I need a quick laugh I can always, always count on the editorials spewing forth from the pages of seeking alpha about why gold prices are down or going down. The impressive level of imagination, creativity and determination on display is a constant reminder of just how powerful and dark the forces working against the people really are......................
    Jul 4, 2014. 08:03 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • No, Gold Is Not A Hedge Against A Financial Crisis [View article]

    Given that gold/silver prices have been (and continue to be) manipulated DOWNWARD at every turn your arguments fall flat. Because if they had not been manipulated downward anyone who bought in 07-08 would have since their investment rise at least 5 fold. But of course I am not stating something the author doesn't already know.

    When it comes to a hedge against a catastrophic economic collapse (like we are heading into thanks to the totally corrupt FED etc.) NOTHING BEATS GOLD AND SILVER. This is why the 1/10 of 1% have been busy buying literally TONS OF GOLD AND SILVER! This is where you will find a lot of the gold that was intrusted to the likes of the (FED which stole it all from the US Treasury- by forcing the treasury to sell when gold was $200 and ounce or less and of course every country in the world that entrusted their gold to those bums and now can't get it back) and Bank of London etc. . And this is why the German people have finally figured out that quite literally they have been robbed of their gold. People if youi store something with a company and when it comes time to get it back they say no there can only be one reason---they don't have it anymore. This single factor alone will eventually make the price of gold go up 10 fold or more.

    As for the suggestion to let the good times keep rolling and buy--no one ever made money buying at the top of the market. Why do you think the "banks" are buying trillions of dollars in equities? Because the 1/10 of 1% that owned over half of all the stocks in the world want to unload at the TOP OF THE MARKET. Central banks can keep their specific hidden enough to not spook the other half of the market (the suckers)

    Rocket Science or some esoteric form of "financial analysis" is not required here. The people in power to effect currency devaluation (the FED) and hoarding all the gold which has gone up 50 fold in value (the FED) had this in the works for decades. Does anyone honestly think that they are so good that they always make money and never lose (like Goldman Sachs trading operations- but the exact opposite of retail traders who always lose their money in the long run--just like Vegas by the way- the house always wins because it is set up that way) unless the entire market is rigged? Of course the markets are all rigged. These morons are to stupid to actually make money on a level playing field. I say stupid because by the time this is all said and done there won't be a field left for anyone to play on. But gold and silver will continue on, unlike virtually any other "investment" on the planet. Physical gold is the hedge to have. Why would anyone give their money to hold the gold - when crunch time comes those vaults will be raided by the one's with the keys. And the rest of you will be using your "gold" for toilet paper.
    Jul 2, 2014. 08:35 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GLD: Why Shouldn't It Drop Further? [View article]

    I don't know if the metals will go up or down day to day. But I do know this: no matter what is actually happening, this website will continue to bash the metals at every turn. Day in and day out I can always count on your all out assault on precious metals. The desperation and imagination that these articles display brings a smile to my face. Thanks for the laughs.
    Jun 11, 2014. 04:39 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Speculators exit gold longs [View news story]

    Yet another deceptive article designed to help push prices down. For the record the facts are this, from the June 6 COTS Report:

    Gold COT Report - Futures & Options Combined
    Totals- Long 563,549 Short 566,591
    Change 1,126 -1,196

    The biggest decline was NOT large speculators "exiting" their long positions
    but in fact Commercial investors EXITING THEIR SHORT POSITIONS!

    Though it seems to me that in reality the overall net result is a wash. This is a classic case of utilizing the omission of key facts to deceive the reader. In my humble opinion of course.
    Jun 9, 2014. 04:07 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Manipulation: What Investors Should Do Now [View article]

    Of course the law is being broken on multiple fronts. Look at the various scandals that Wall Street and the Banks that have turned out to be entirely true. Look at how many of those scandals involved gross violations of the law. In the end the problem was the governments steadfast refusal to prosecute. Instead they allowed the criminals to settle out of court.

    It was common public knowledge that many of these banks were committing fraud. So to imply that there is not massive, global manipulation of the metals because no one has gone to jail doesn't hold much water.
    Jun 6, 2014. 05:30 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment