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  • Altera Arbitrage Opportunity Still Has Value  [View article]
    Very nice insight.
    I have a question on options, if you know the answer. What would happen if i buy Jan 15, 2017 call options of strike price of $50 @ premium of $3.4 today, and the deal closes with all the necessary approvals @ the price 54, say a week later.
    Do i get paid 4$ per share of the option or i just loose my $3.4
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  • Intel's Mobile Roadmap Is Incredibly Strong  [View article]
    Ashraff, have you quantified the effect of tablet market share wins on bottom line.
    The way i see it is that 40 million tablets sales = optimistically 40*30 = $1.2billion in revenue. now diving gross margins means this will translate to say 300 million in net profits best case scenario. i think it'll likely be around 100 million in netprofits in actuality.
    this isn't going to do much for the bottom line.
    heck even 80 million tablets at 30 bucks a chip isn't going to do that great for intel either
    Nov 22, 2013. 05:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel's Mobile Roadmap Is Incredibly Strong  [View article]
    i am a big admirer of intel's cpus, but as far as mobile SoCs are concerned, while great, they have been always late to market. had baytrail (22nm mobile soc) been available at the same time or before haswell (22nm pc soc), it would have kicked the butt out of qualcomm and ARM. they haven't announced any beefed up baytrail+ like the qualcomm's 805 or like they did with clovertrail+. so while it is trading blows with qualcomm's snapdragon800 (winning slightly in cpu, and losing quite a bit on gpu) snpdrgn 805 will crush it, and it wont have an answer for that for 3-6 months! so much for a year's lead on competition on process node.
    on modem side qualcomm is clearly ways ahead with a part already announced on 20nm. Without a samsung/nokia/htc win, intc has a very tough road ahead.What's sad for 22nm baytrail, today, is that on tablets front, 28nm snapdragon 800 is suriving against it on cpu and killing it on gpu, all in the same power envelope. the whole promise of being a node ahead and hence handily beating competitors has not come through for intc chips!
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  • Intel Vindicated, Very Competitive With Apple's A7  [View article]
    caution before you compare performance out of a tablet vs that out of a phone. even if they have same chip, the tablet chip could perform better due to thermal throttling kicking in less/later.
    see anandtechs ipad air/mini/5s comparison where despite them using same chip have different performance. so relative performance comparison should mostly be left to same form factors or atleast the performance no.s should be adjusted for form factor
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  • Intel Vindicated, Very Competitive With Apple's A7  [View article]
    cube monkey,
    do you know how much more power efficient baytrail is (in %)as compared to snapdragon 800 or cyclone.
    I have a LOT of respect for anand and ashraff's work. that said, i dont think anand has said anywhere that baytrail IS more power efficient than snapdragon 800 or cyclone.
    [ I am not saying baytrail is or isn't more power efficient. i just havent seen concrete proof]
    Nov 19, 2013. 04:12 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel Vindicated, Very Competitive With Apple's A7  [View article]
    very interesting and informative observations!

    per core cyclone beats baytrail: My take - It doesn't mean anything (unless most of the smartphone/tablet apps cant make use of multicores efficiently) it's the chip's final output that matters.

    I keep hearing here and there that baytrail is more power efficient.
    but nobody provides numbers to prove so. would it be so difficult to provide the power no.s for gekkbench or any other benchmark test ?
    teh vide decode and web browsing tests from anandtech ( shows baytrail powered t100 trailing ipad air! granted it could be possibly limited by some other chip /part (display?) in t100 (see surface pro 2's power snafu due to marvell part - but i have never seen side by side comparisons which proves baytrail is more power efficient.
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  • Intel Brings Out The Big Guns  [View article]
    Ashraff, sorry forgot to thank you for the ginformative posts you do!
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  • Intel Brings Out The Big Guns  [View article]
    "While many folks like to spread FUD about this year's "Bay Trail", it is important to understand that it provides leadership CPU performance (I prove this claim in a minute...), leadership power consumption, ".

    Do you have any data to demonstrate that it has to Leadership power consumption! the only charts that I have seen so far are of Asus t100 @ anandtech on web browsing battery life and video decode battery life and either of them don't seemcrushing the competition even though Intel is on 22 nano meters
    Nov 17, 2013. 12:52 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: A Response To 'Bay Trail Trails'  [View article]
    One of the things that irks me is half of the cpu benchmark charts you showed dont show snapdragon 800.
    Also, all of this can be taken with a grain of salt, until power no.s are available. I think they really ought to display the power consumed for each of the benchmark runs.
    But i do think intel's sales of tablet chips would improve as compared to clovertrail, though whether it gains any significant tablet share, remains to be seen.
    Also, snapdragon 800 shipping in a product atleast a month before doesn't help either.
    as for smart phones, merrifield will ship with 7160 lte modem,do you know if it's single mode or multimode and if that'll make a difference. Also it will be on 40nm tsmc as opposed to 28nm from qualcomm and will therefore have power disadvantage. 7260 will probably on 28nm tsmc, but it seems from the tech news that it may be a while before we see 7260 as per anandtech.
    What i would love to see is a baytrail+ with a much better gpu.
    Oct 10, 2013. 03:29 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: A Response To 'Bay Trail Trails'  [View article]
    One more thing, if baytrail is indeed that good, why would kindle fire not release with baytrail, i think it might have to do with date of availability and already having worked on an arm based chip before. but that's a minus anyway for intc
    Oct 9, 2013. 10:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: A Response To 'Bay Trail Trails'  [View article]
    also kindle will be shipping with snapdragon 800 as opposed to bt. if bt was that good why didnt amazon opt intel ?
    probably because of less work, having previoulsy worked on an arm based chip and sooner availability of snapdragon 800.
    minuses for intc nevertheless !
    Oct 9, 2013. 10:11 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: Dude, Where's My Dividend Increase?  [View article]
    Do you know what are intel's margins. i mean i can get no.s from earnings calls and such, but what i am in particular interested is
    1. how much is BOM in (%) per chip
    2. how much money (in %) per chip gets translated into net income
    Sep 25, 2013. 09:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: Answering The Margin Question  [View article]
    "As far as the CPU goes, it's at the head of the pack in terms of performance per watt (benchmark chart courtesy of AnandTech):"
    I couldn't find anand mentioning wattage in any of the tests he ran or declaring intel as better than rest in perf/watt. it's just a speculation at this point. infact the results should favor BTFFRDwhen compared to shield type device but not when compared to a phone!
    Sep 23, 2013. 08:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment